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Now Playing: The Green Hornet's world premiere Man of Steel News Pop: Dark 'Man of Steel' Groomed to Reboot Superman Film Franchise
2013-06-14 Superman News Pop: Can Superheroes Save the Hollywood Box Office?
2013-06-14 Entertainment News Pop: The Wanted's Nathan Sykes: I Had a Panic Attack Before Vocal Surgery
2013-06-13 Movies News Pop: 'Man of Steel' Takes Aim At 'This Is The End'
2013-06-13 Star Trek laser finds mark at auction
2013-04-07 The Life and Career of James Franco
2011-08-04 Jay Chou big winner at music awards
2011-04-11 Sci-fi comedy Paul debuts in London
2011-02-08 Sheen in rehab, Superman revealed
2011-01-30 Seth Rogen's shock discovery
2011-01-25 China welcomes Green Hornet stars
2011-01-18 007 Makes A Comeback
2011-01-17 "Green Hornet"stings box office; Zsa Zsa recovering
2011-01-16 Cameron Diaz gushes over Hornet co-star!
2011-01-16 Seth Rogan is a geek!
2011-01-16 MovieWatch - Exclusive - Green Hornet, The
2011-01-14 Seth Rogen Jimmy Kimmel 011311 YT
2011-01-14 The Green Hornet - Cast Interview
2011-01-13 The Green Hornet - Exclusive Cast Feature
2011-01-13 The Green Hornet - Clip - Fight In The Hood
2011-01-12 The Green Hornet - Clip - I'm The Hero, You're My Sidekick
2011-01-12 The Green Hornet - Clip 1
2011-01-12 The Green Hornet - Clip 2
2011-01-12 Green Hornet premieres in LA
2011-01-11 The Green Hornet's world premiere
2011-01-11 The Green Hornet - Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz
2011-01-10 SNTV - The Green Hornet drops into theaters
2011-01-04 New Movie The Green Hornet
2011-01-01 The Green Hornet ready to buzz
2010-12-28 Cameron Diaz Caught in Big Crowd at Staples Center
2010-12-27 The Green Hornet

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