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The Dork Knight
As Evan and Cappie's friendship grows stronger, Casey is on a mission to find out what is happening between them. When Casey tries to trick Cappie into telling her, a brawl starts between the KT's and OX's, leaving Casey with no answers. However, Casey's sheer determination leads her to follow Cappie into the Amphora Lair. Rusty, Dale and Calvin decide to take a trip to Comic-Con to take Rusty's mind off Jordan. On the way, Rusty meets an "Alien Girl" who is also going to the event. In the crowd of superheroes and Martians, Rusty manages to find her, but is too anxious for a relationship and scares her off. Rusty is struggling to let go of Jordan and decides to Skype her with a Comic-Con computer--the same computer hooked up to the big screen for the Q&A taking place with John De Lancie. Back at CRU, Ashleigh and Fisher begin dating again, but they both feel like they have to walk on eggshells around each other and continue to have trust issues.

Fight the Power
In Casey and Ashleigh's continuing struggle to bring ZBZ back to the top, Ashleigh decides a four-way mixer is the best way to gain their popularity back, but when her invite to the Gamma Psi sorority is turned down, she offers to pay the Gamma Psi's electric bill if they agree to attend. Utilizing the money ZBZ received from Founder's Day, Ashleigh goes all out for the party, including ice sculptures, caricatures and an open bar. Evan's secret about his trust fund is spreading around campus and his reputation in Omega Chi is crumbling. As a result, Evan explains the drama to Casey, who is taken back -- and yet proud -- by Evan's decision to lose his trust fund and support himself. Just as Cappie and Lana's relationship begins to grow, Cappie starts blowing Lana off for no apparent reason. So Rusty, who is trying to figure out what is missing from Cappie's love life, takes matters into his own hands and tries to bring them back together. Meanwhile, Rebecca is spending her evening at the mixer teaching the pledges how to flirt, while Calvin begins to question his relationship with Grant.

Camp Buy Me Love
Casey and Cappie get a surprise visit from Cappie's parents, April and Tobias, who proceed to invite the couple to join them on a camping trip. While at first reluctant, Casey decides to go, in hopes that they may be able to encourage Cappie to choose a major and graduate with her. But she quickly learns that his parents are free-loving hippies who think Cappie should just relax and continue to enjoy his college experience.

Lost and Founders
It is Founders Weekend at the ZBZ house and the girls decide to keep the house's decline in the rankings a secret in hopes they can hustle enough donations to meet their goals. As a result, Casey creates a plan to suck up to Doris McGovern, the wealthiest ZBZ alum, while Ashleigh and Rebecca, still feuding over the Fisher incident, starts their own competition on who can raise the most money. Jordan and Rusty double date with Calvin and Grant, but Rusty is uneasy since Grant was one of the Omega Chi brothers who taped him to a wall. Calvin tries to divert the conversation to protect Grant from an uncomfortable situation. While Jordan, still not happy at Cyprus Rhodes University (CRU), realizes her passion for photography and considers taking an internship in New York, Rusty is determined to keep Jordan at CRU and tries to help her get accepted into the school's photography program. Meanwhile, Evan and Cappie continue working at their part time catering job together. Cappie's real agenda scoring a date with sexy waitress Lana comes into play as he takes her out for a drink at Doblers, where he runs into Casey and Nate, the assistant to Doris McGovern, who is quite the hottie.

The First Last
The KTs and OXs are preparing for the Gods of Golf Tournament, the winner of which will be named the top fraternity on campus. Meanwhile, the ZBZs are disappointed to learn that the annual Greek Week has been cancelled. Casey talks to Katherine, who agrees to bring back the Greek Goddesses Pageant, under the condition that the competition focus more on strength of character and less on looks, of course.

The Wish-Pretzel
Everyone is packing their bags and heading home for Thanksgiving, but Casey and Rusty find themselves stranded at CRU when their parents leave them behind for Maui. Fortunately, for Rusty, he quickly realizes he has other friends who stayed on campus as well. Casey thinks she has the ZBZ house to herself, but Rebecca joins her after she decides not to go home either. Due to Casey's ongoing streak of bad karma, she and Rebecca decide to volunteer their time by delivering food to the elderly, but too many volunteers show up and their help is turned down. The girls decide to host an "orphan Thanksgiving" at the ZBZ house with frozen pizza for everyone left behind at CRU. Evan and Cappie are also stuck at CRU for the weekend, they see this as a perfect opportunity for them to hang out and play golf. When Cappie realizes he has the annual KT Turkey Hunt, he cancels on Evan to help his brothers follow the final clue, which leads to the OX house. Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale plan to host a Thanksgiving dinner feast, but when Rusty begins to make some headway on his engineering project, the dinner is canceled. Feeling the heat of the competition over the grant they are both fighting for, Dale struggles with his project and sneaks into the lab to read Rusty's notes. Then, the KT's step in to host the dinner, and in the spirit of the holiday, Evan is invited to join. After a surprisingly calm dinner, Cappie decides to walk Casey home, in hopes of telling her how he really feels.

All Children... Grow Up
The students of CRU are on spring break in Myrtle Beach. As Ashleigh contemplates her job options, Casey ends up being accepted into George Washington Law School. While Cappie is busy planning a romantic surprise for Casey's birthday, she worries that not making it into CRU Law could mean the demise of their relationship.

The Tortoise and the Hair
Graduation is coming. Casey is ready to discuss the future with a resistant Cappie, and the situation isn't helped by handsome Washington politician Joel, who encourages Casey to envision a potential career in politics after she volunteers to help him with his voter registration campaign at the Cyprus Rhodes campus. Rusty has been selected to appear on the cover of EW (Engineering Weekly), but before the interview takes place, an argument with Dana leads him to question his choices and his project.

Friend or Foe
One of the biggest blue ribbon competitions Songfest is approaching and the ZBZs are determined to win. But, Panhellenic president Katherine offers Casey a VP position forcing Casey to choose between furthering her position in Panhellenic or helping the ZBZs win. Katherine throws a second curveball to the ZBZs by disqualifying their dance the night before the competition. ZBZ pledge Abby offers to save the day by choreographing an all new dance and the Omega Chi and Kappa Tau rivalry heats up when the OXs fill the KT house with crickets. Cappie and Evan launch a plan in hopes of uniting their houses. Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale are feuding over their science projects they decide the best way to settle the score is a good old fashioned battle bots competition.

Take Me Out
It is the All-Greek baseball game and alliances are tested on and off the field. With the hope of winning more blue ribbon points, the ZBZs partner with the Omega Chi's, throwing off Cappie and Casey's love game by pitting them against each other. Rusty is not faring so well as pledge educator for the KTs. His headaches only get worse when Calvin asks him to spend more time getting to know his boyfriend, Grant, the Omega Chi who previously duct-taped Rusty to a pole. Meanwhile, the relationship between Evan and Rebecca is heating up, but the fact that she does not believe in love is playing with Evan's head.

High and Dry
It is a dry weekend at Cyprus Rhodes University, and Casey plans a non-alcohol party night amongst all of the houses. But when she and Evan are partnered together to patrol each of the houses for signs of any prohibited beverages, they each have a brownie at the Psi Phi house unaware of its secret ingredient causing them to hide out in the ZBZ bathroom until the effects wear off. Meanwhile, Ashleigh frantically tries to find Casey, and Fisher offers to help, making her further question whether or not she should take him back. Grant's high school girlfriend, Whitney, surprises Grant (and Calvin!) by visiting for his birthday. Calvin enlists Rebecca's help on a double date as he patiently waits for Grant to tell Whitney the truth about himself. Rusty learns that he earned a new nickname in the engineering school because of his slipping grades. He decides to approach the infamous Dr. Larsen at his book-signing event to see if he will sponsor Rusty in an experiment. Cappie joins him for moral support and attempts to flirt with the engineering girls.

Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe... Or Not
Casey and Cappie are at war over who can come up with the most romantic Valentine's Day gift. Casey also tries her hand at playing Cupid when she sets Katherine up with Rusty in an attempt to get back in Katherine's good graces. Ashleigh is worried that her new boyfriend, Pete, might be a cheater. Her insecurities are only heightened when her nemesis, Gamma Psi Natalie, starts playing with Ashleigh's head by insinuating that she and Pete are in a relationship. Evan attempts to bring out Rebecca's seemingly non-existent romantic side with a special gift. Meanwhile, Calvin is worried that the magic in his relationship with Grant is disappearing, especially after he witnesses Grant's new beauty ritual.

The Half-Naked Gun
Rusty and Jordan are awkwardly deciding when to take their relationship to the next level, when the Gotcha Game comes between them. Cappie becomes Rusty's bodyguard and Rebecca becomes Jordan's, as the happy couple battles it out so their house can win the game. Casey takes over as the ZBZ Pan-Hellenic delegate, butting heads with the president, Katherine, over the annual "Undie Run". After Katherine has the event canceled, Casey uses Evan's help to get enough signatures to overturn the decision and save the traditional event. Casey turns the run into a charity cause by donating everyone's clothes to the homeless. Meanwhile, Calvin and Grant are trying desperately to find some alone time so they can be together away from their raucous Omega Chi brothers. In the end, they decide to leave campus for a romantic dinner, but are surprised when Evan is one of their waiters.

The Big Easy Does It
Everyone else is preparing for Mardi gras festivities, except for Casey, who must prepare for the LSATs. Luckily, Joel offers Casey some solid guidance and support. While Casey continues to push Cappie to declare a major and make plans to focus on the future, he is too busy announcing the next parade at the Kappa Tau Mardi Gras party. Katherine informs Rusty that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level, while Dana, who accompanies Dale to the party, makes a confession to Rusty that she really likes him.

Pride & Punishment
The ZBZ's are still on edge when they hear their candle is responsible for the Gamma Psi fire, and Casey cracks under the guilt, putting the ZBZ house in jeopardy. Ashleigh enlists Rusty and Dale in a philanthropic "Geek Auction." Meanwhile, Rusty is an engineering star after winning the Wyatt Grant. Ashleigh uses the "Geek Auction" to help him win a date with a hot sorority girl. In addition, while fighting for the only spot available in the "Human Sexuality" class, Rebecca and Cappie try to come to terms with Rebecca's new relationship with Evan.

I Know What You Did Last Semester
The ZBZ ladies are on edge thinking they may have been responsible for the Gamma Psi house burning down. Casey, Ashleigh, and Rebecca lead their sorority sisters in an effort to hide all evidence pointing to the fact that they snuck into the Gamma Psi house prior to the big fire. Additionally, Casey struggles to hide their big secret from Cappie, which clearly puts a strain their new relationship. The Kappa Taus are all in mourning since Wade, Jeremy and Ferret were expelled because of their "joint prank" with the Omega Chis. Rusty attempts to fill Wade's shoes as pledge educator, but quickly realizes that, not surprisingly, the KT pledges are tough to control.

Your Friends and Neighbors
A professor moves next door to the KT house and starts to put a damper on the house's festivities, so they make him a pledge. However, the professor is having such a good time that he doesn't want to leave. Elsewhere, Casey struggles with her law-school application, so she seeks advice from Katherine, which hurts Ashleigh's feelings. Additionally, the Omegas discover $500 is missing from petty cash. Evan eventually comes clean to Calvin about stealing the cash.

The Day After
The events of the "End of the World" party are revealed now that the festivities are over. After learning of Max's departure, Cappie wonders if he made the right decision by telling Casey he wasn't interested in giving their relationship another chance, while Casey struggles with the aftermath of Cappie's unexpected rejection; Rebecca's late night kiss with a mystery man can't stay a secret for too long; and Rusty risks failing in o-chem and losing his honor status, while roommate Dale faces a huge moral dilemma.

Down on your Luck
Casey believes that, if they create a cool photo shoot for the Lamda Sig calendar, it could improve their house ranking. However, freshman pledge Abby leads a revolution with the other ZBZ who pledges to boycott the photo shoot. Dissatisfied with her college experience, Jordan wonders how to make her time at CRU more fulfilling. In an effort to prove his love and commitment for Jordan as well as to cheer her up, Rusty decides to lavaliere her. When Rusty divulges his plans to his KT brothers, they warn him of the Kappa Tau curse that occurs when a brother lavalieres his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Cappie helps Evan find a part time job to help his financial situation, but when he meets one of Evan's new and very attractive -- co-workers, Lana, he decides to get a job too.

Our Fathers
Casey discovers the identity of the man Rebecca locked lips with during the End of the World party and tries to keep it a secret. But Rebecca admits to the scandal herself, causing a huge fight amongst the ladies of the ZBZ house. When their fathers arrive for the Daddy/Daughter weekend, they wind up getting pulled into the drama. Meanwhile, Rusty is nervous about impressing Jordan's father who expects a jock over a science nerd. Rusty goes against Calvin's advice and tries to win him over by playing aggressively during a game of flag football leading to painful results. Upset over the loss of his virginity, Dale visits his pastor to seek forgiveness, which leads him and Cappie on a journey to explore different religions. They wind up meeting a Catholic schoolgirl, Mary-Elyse, whom both guys are interested in for very different reasons.

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