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The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney
PJ and Gabe think Mrs. Dabney has killed her husband, Mr. Dabney, and they try to find evidence to back up their theory... while babysitting Charlie. Meanwhile, Teddy gets jealous over Ivy's constant texting to Amy.

Study Date
Amy goes back to work as a nurse and Bob assures her everything will be fine at home. However, when Bob slips and falls down the stairs, Teddy has to take care of Charlie, and PJ has to take his dad to the hospital while they both try to keep their mom from finding out.

Baby Come Back
PJ accidentally swaps strollers with a girl named Emma, which leaves Charlie nowhere to be found. Everyone is confused when he brings home the wrong baby. Elsewhere and unaware of the baby swap, Amy and Bob have a night out together.

Double Whammy
The family anxiously waits for Charlie to start walking. Also, Teddy takes over Amy's role as school mascot.

Dance Off
Emmett hears that Teddy and Spencer are going to the school dance, so he comes up with a scheme to keep them apart.

Charlie Did It!
Charlie snatches a pair of sunglasses from a store and P.J. thinks that writing a jingle for Bob's business may launch his songwriting career.

Charlie is 1
The family looks back and remembers the day Charlie came into the world.

Butt Dialing Duncans
Teddy and PJ get new cell phones. Teddy tries to bond with Amy by going with her to attend a midnight screening of a movie. However, when her new cell phone mistakenly "butt dials," Amy overhears her conversation with Ivy and Teddy and Teddy's mother embarrasses them at the screening. Meanwhile, PJ has to do a school project with Van Brunt, the school bully.

Up A Tree
Teddy and P.J. start scheming to stop Bob from tearing down their beloved childhood tree house.

Take Mel Out to the Ball Game

Boys Meet Girls
P.J.'s romance with Madison damages his relation ship with Emmett, and Teddy agrees to help Gabe with a bully.

Kit and Kaboodle
P.J. brings Charlie to the restaurant with him when Teddy's pet sitting job gets in the way. Also, the new girl in Gabe's class catches his eye.

Teddy's Little Helper
Teddy works on getting on her teacher's good side. Also, Bob is less than pleased when he is fired from Gabe's basketball team.

Blankie Go Bye-Bye
Charlie's security blanket goes AWOL, which messes up plans for Amy's and Bob's Anniversary party.

Charlie Goes Viral
An Internet video of Charlie goes viral.

Duncans Got Talent
Spencer agrees to help Teddy out by performing a dance routine with her for the school talent show.

Kwikki Chick
Teddy and P.J. start having some sibling rivalry when they start working for Kwikki Chicki. Also, Bob has trouble tracking down a rogue mouse in his house.

Charlie In Charge
Gabe is left in charge of Charlie, which greatly interferes with his school project he has to work on with his frenemy, Jo. Meanwhile, Teddy breaks her own tooth while trying to trick PJ into going to the dentist. Also, Bob wants to do something nice for Amy, so he sets up a spa get-away. However, his plans are sullied when he's called out on a job.

Sleepless In Denver
Gabe has his first sleepover with friends, but things get scary when they watch a zombie movie. Meanwhile, Teddy is in the school play, but she falls asleep and Charlie draws all over her face before she has to go on.

Girl Bites Dog
Teddy feels bad when Charlie bites her boyfriend, so she wants to surprise him at work to smooth things over. However, she's taken aback when she sees him with another girl. Meanwhile, PJ gets a loan from Gabe in order to buy a new car, but Gabe starts to use him as a personal chauffeur.

Teddy's Broken Hearts Club Band
Teddy and Skylar produce a mean music video about Spencer when they find out he is dating them both. However, he charms Teddy and apologizes to her so she won't upload it.

Teddy Rebounds
Gabe doesn't have anything in common with his uptight new neighbor, Austin, so he tries to brush him off on Teddy. When Austin starts to fall for her, she uses his crush to make Spencer jealous.

Pushing Buttons
In a ploy to get a new bike, Gabe blames Charlie for opening the garage door and allowing for his bike to get stolen, when in reality, he sold his old bike. In the meantime, Teddy has to shoot a scene of an important moment in her life, so she chooses when Amy and Bob told her they were expecting Charlie. When Amy gets too involved behind-the-scenes, Teddy accidentally lets it slip how she really felt that day.

Snow Show, Part 1
The family takes a ski trip and Teddy goes to a psychic who tells her that she will meet her soul mate while on vacation. However, the search for her true love grows complicated when she keeps meeting and running into different boys, including Spencer. Meanwhile, Amy and Bob learn that they were never truly married due to a technicality, so Amy wants to make the best of it and have a romantic wedding. However, Bob would rather just ski. Also, Gabe accidentally runs up a room service tab, and PJ gets lost while snowboarding.

Snow Show, Part 2
While still gone on a ski trip, Teddy asks Ivy to help her figure out who she should be with after the psychic's vision said Teddy's true love is close by. So when Spencer tells Teddy he wants her back, she has to decide if he is the one the psychic was talking about. Meanwhile, Gabe and PJ try out pair's ice skating to try and win some cash, and Bob plans a surprise wedding for Amy.

Driving Mrs. Dabney
Teddy's sixteenth birthday is on the horizon and she wants to practice driving, but Bob won't let her behind the wheel. Therefore, she volunteers to drive Mrs. Dabney in order to gain some road knowledge. Meanwhile, Amy warms up to a lost dog that Gabe brings home, but she is saddened when the owner comes to claim him.

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