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Pimp My RV
Jackie wants to redecorate the RV, but Glenn is jealous of a mysterious hitchhiker.

Fatal Direction
Jackie buys a navigation system for Glenn since he keeps getting lost. The navigation system falls in love with Glenn, causing Jackie's life to be in danger.

We've Created a Mobster
Tired of his patients welshing his payments, Glenn heads out to ask for his money and ends up getting a proposition from a gangster to join his business. Unknowingly he gets himself involved with the mafia.

Rock and Roll (AKA Band of Old AKA Band of Mothers)Band of MothersBand of Old
It's Jackie's fortieth birthday. However, she feels she has accomplished nothing. She decides to join her favourite 80's band.

Little Miss Backstabber
Courtney enters a beauty pageant in order to make Jackie happy. Meanwhile, Conor fakes blindness to get closer to a girl.

Skate, Rattle and Roll
Jackie joins a roller derby team to de-stress herself. Courtney sells cheese steaks that are made of dog food to make some easy money.

Halloween Hangover
Jackie decorates the RV for Halloween. Meanwhile, Courtney learns that Wendy has a crush on Conor and Glen decides to eat his first piece of candy.

The Tooth Shall Set You Free
A serial killer is released from prison causing Glenn and Jackie to worry about their safety.


Save the Tooth
Glenn wants to help save his childhood park, so he takes the family in the RV to join in the protest demonstration, but runs into trouble with the law.

Amish Anguish (Pilot)
Glenn tries to teach a lesson to his technology-obsessed family by stopping for few days in an Amish village.

Mom Dated THAT Guy?
While in Los Angeles, the Martins stay with Jackie's ex-boyfriend Dr. Gary Ross, who is now a wealthy plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, Conor does poorly on a game show.

A Bromantic Getaway
Conor goes on a journey with his spirit guide, while Jackie gives the family some tips on green living. Meanwhile, Courtney learns to open up.

Korea Opportunities
After Glenn digs into Wendy's secret past as a gymnast, he has to face a powerful North Korean man in order to get Wendy back.

Obama-Nation (Hail to the Teeth)
Courtney wins a trip to the White House after writing an essay. However, Glenn gets upset when he finds out that the topic of Courtney's essay about who she admires the most is Millard Fillmore, instead of himself.

From Here to Fraternity
Conor decides his father isn't a superhero, but a nerd. Meanwhile, Glenn and Jackie attend their college reunion where Glenn tries to prove Conor that he is not a nerd.

Deck the Malls
Glenn forces each of his family members to find a job at Mall of America, after they go on a shopping spree with his money. However, with the holiday season upon them, they find a simple job too much to handle.

The Grossest Show on Earth
Conor feels that he is a loser and in order to cheer him up, Glenn and the family decide to visit a roadside circus.

Vegas Strip
Glenn resorts to stripping to pay off all his financial debts, while Conor forms an unlikely friendship with a secret agent he meets at an anti-smoking seminar.

Funshine, U.S.A.
The Martin's have been living in their RV for a year and Jackie is sick of it. She asks Glenn to move them into a real home and tells him about Funshine, USA, a place where they can send their children to good schools. However, when they arrive, they discover the neighborhood is not quite what they are expecting.

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