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'Girls' Recap: Hannah's Here To Help

February 23rd, 2015 10:26am EST
Girls Season 4 Ep 6
Hannah Horvath is free. For maybe the first time on Girls, she’s untethered by boyfriend or career pressures. Even her therapist comments on how well she seems to be doing. And indeed, except for a minor meltdown over perma-roomie Elijah eating all of her cereal, she does seem unburdened. Big dopey Adam ending their relationship combined with her decision to leave writing behind has opened up realms of possibility. Scary, yes. Exhilarating? Kinda.

During a lunch with her less than helpful friends, Hannah realizes what the next step in her personal and professional growth should be. Her tr...

'Girls' Recap: Sympathy For Hannah

February 16th, 2015 10:16am EST
Previously - Hannah abandoned Iowa and returned to NYC, only to discover that Adam has a new girlfriend and they live together. In Hannah's apartment.

Have you ever been dumped? Have you ever been dumped and it came as a no-warning-at-all, jack-in-the-box activated, boxing-glove-on-a-spring-to-the-face? I actually felt bad for Hannah right up until she peed in the trashcan. Then I was reminded that she tends to be kind of a childish animal. She’s like a whiny baby platypus.

We resume a couple minutes after the end of the last episode. Hannah suddenly returned from Iowa and was introduced...

'Girls' Recap: Goodbye Iowa

February 9th, 2015 8:43am EST
'Girls' Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Goodbye Iowa
Previously - Hannah and Iowa aren't working. Someone (Adam) finally told Jessa she sucks. Shosh's psychotic honesty isn't helping her career options. Marnie's dissatisfaction with being a mistress nearly sunk a record deal for her and Desi.

It's unusual to type this, but this is one of the less offensive episodes of Girls. Let me put that in a different way - the characters weren't making me sick to my stomach as a matter of course. Even the other Mr. Harvey (who hates Girls more than shoveling snow and moving combined) remarked "I actually didn't hate that episode." Go, Girls. You didn't...

'Girls' Recap: Someone Finally Tells Jessa Off!

January 26th, 2015 9:09am EST
'Girls' Recap Season 4 Episode 3: Someone Finally Tells Jessa Of
Previously - Hannah discovered that she's not exactly a revelation as a writer. And Elijah came to stay.

This episode of Girls finds the majority of the characters just talking and talking and talking these BS touchy-feely circles around everyone else as a way of masking their own selfish wants and needs. You’re like “uh, that’s pretty much the show, J.” I know, but it felt a lot more prevalent this evening.

Hannah has been in Iowa for pretty much a day when she’s all of a sudden deep into a personal crisis over writing. Maybe she doesn’t WANT to be a writer, she questions? As she tells ...

'Girls' Recap: Welcome To Iowa

January 19th, 2015 9:23am EST
'Girls' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: Welcome To Iowa
Previously - Hannah prepared to move to Iowa for grad school and leave Adam behind. Marnie found being a musician is actual work. Shoshana had awful parents. Jemma was pissed at Hannah for leaving.

"Triggering" is the title of last night's episode and it caused me to tense up for a bit before viewing. I snarked last recap that Girls is actually a horror series, but Season Two's ending episodes WERE horrific. Hannah Horvath's obessive compulsive disorder, which had only been hinted at previously, reared it's exceptionally ugly head. Remember the Q-tip? And the haircut? The t-shirt without p...

Allison Williams Praised For 'Girls' Sex Scene By News Anchor Dad

January 13th, 2015 8:16pm EST
Brian Williams Says 'No Animals Were Harmed' During Filming Of D
While millions of viewers were watching the Golden Globes on NBC Sunday evening, fans of hit HBO series Girls were being treated to a now infamous sex scene between stars Allison Williams and Ebon Moss-Bachrach in the show's fourth season premiere.

Williams' Marni Michaels and folk singer pal Desi (Moss-Bachrach) engaged in a form of oral sex during the first five minutes of the show that involved his face and her butt, and the actress explained that she had no problems with her dad, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, watching this -- or any of her sex scenes for the show. In fact, he...

'Girls' Season 4 Premiere: Everyone's Still Awful

January 12th, 2015 7:11am EST
'Girls' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Everyone's Still Awful
Girls is the only show that the other Mr. Harvey actively hates. My husband hates Girls the way you hate moving, root canals, and the RMV. It’s not that he doesn’t get the humor inherent in watching four young emotional sociopaths rampage through life in NYC. He just doesn’t find it funny.

Your faithful recapper, on the other hand, finds Girls to be a sharply written, often hilarious, more often cringe-inducing horror series that always spurs a reaction. Yes, Girls is a horror series with comedic overtones. If you approach it from that viewpoint, you won’t want to hurl something heavy at ...

'Girls' Gets Season 5 Pickup

January 6th, 2015 8:51am EST
HBO Renews 'Girls' For Fifth Season
HBO has renewed "Girls" for a fifth season. Programming president Michael Lombardo revealed the news on Monday night during the show's season-four premiere event and screening at the Museum of Natural History in New York.

The show is one of the network's darlings and received a fourth-season greenlight just days ahead of its season three premiere last January.

"Girls" has won two Golden Globe awards for best series and actress Lena Dunham, who is also a writer, director, and producer on the series. Judd Apatow and Jennie Konner are executive producers.

"Girls" centers on the humiliation...

'Birdman,' 'Fargo,' Top Golden Globes Nominations, See The Full List Of Nominees

December 11th, 2014 12:19pm EST
Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Peter Krause and Paula Patton all helped the Hollywood Foreign Press with the announcement of the nominees for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards on Thursday morning.

"Birdman," which stars Michael Keaton as a washed-up actor seeking a comeback with a Broadway play, leads the nominations in the movies category, including nods for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy and Best Actor - Musical or Comedy (Keaton).

Keatons' co-stars Emma Stone and Edward Norton are also up for Golden Globes in their respective supporting actress and actor categories. Alejandro Gonza...

'Girls' Season Three Set For January 11 Premiere On HBO (Watch Trailer)

November 9th, 2014 2:58pm EST
HBO released the trailer for the upcoming third season of hit series Girls on Friday, giving fans a glimpse of what Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her pals will be up to this time around.

The trailer starts off with Hannah in Iowa for a writers workshop, and in a video chat with pal Marnie (Allison Williams), she says, "I'm telling you, Iowa is incredible. I think we should all move here and start the revolution."

"No one is moving to Iowa ever," Marnie realistically replies; adding, "but I am so so glad that you're happy."

While things seem to be going well for Hannah, her friends back in New...

Allison Williams Shares Video Of Her First Flying Lesson For 'Peter Pan'!

August 13th, 2014 11:38am EDT
Allison Williams Takes Her First Flying Lesson For 'Peter Pan,'
Allison Williams began her training to take on the title role in NBC's live production of Peter Pan this fall on Tuesday, posting a short video of herself harnessed up and learning how to fly.

The Girls star joined Instagram on July 30, posting an image of herself as a child dressed as Pan, writing "Thrilled to be playing Peter Pan live on NBC in December. I've been rehearsing for a REALLY long time."

The actress even had a boost from her dad, NBC news anchor Brian Williams, who shared the news nationally, saying, "family members confirm she's been rehearsing for this role since the age o...

10 Things We Learned From Season 3 Of 'Girls'

March 24th, 2014 5:15pm EDT
This third season came and went and it’s easy to forget what exactly went down this year. Here are the TOP 10 things we learned from this season of HBO’s Girls.

10. Don’t look to Shoshana for any hair inspiration. She will only make you look cray

9. Don’t go to your bosses funeral and beg his wife for another job

8. Don’t just assume rehab is the solution to all your problems

7. Do partner up with a hunkie theatre whore if you’re planning to start a band

6. Don’t date anyone you meet in rehab. Especially if they’re over 55

5. Don’t take your grandparents for granted!


Recap: 'Girls' Season 3 Finale Leaves Us With A Number Of Cliffhangers

March 24th, 2014 11:30am EDT
'Girls' Season 3 Finale
In "One Man's Trash" – the season two episode of "Girls" that inspired much debate – Hannah spent a passionate weekend in the brownstone of a recently separated, very handsome doctor (played by Patrick Wilson). That such a conventionally attractive man would be interested in Hannah set a lot of viewers off. It was too implausible, they said. Too beyond the realm of reality.

I was fine with that episode – attraction and sexuality are fluid, hard to peg and define ideas – but I had a lot of issue's with last night's season three finale "Two Plane Rides." In it, we learn that Hannah has been ...

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: 'Role-Play'

March 10th, 2014 9:47am EDT
'Girls' Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: 'Role-Play'
With only two episodes left, Girls is finally confirming my fears – and its well-established theme – that all good things must end. Or at least fizzle out into an indeterminable future. After a season of mostly ups for our heroine (or antiheroine, more like it), Hannah's bubble of bliss is deflated in one sad, not-how-she-expected-things-to-turn-out date night with Adam.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The episode began with one of my favorite montages in the show's history: Hannah getting roaringly drunk with her co-workers, barfing on the sidewalk and getting hosed down in someone ...

'Girls' Star Adam Driver Reportedly Lands Role As 'Star Wars' Villain

February 26th, 2014 11:30pm EST
Adam Driver
Girls star Adam Driver is reportedly set to play the villain in J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.

The actor, who was supposed to audition for a role in the film last year but couldn't because of scheduling conflicts, has finally read for a role in the sequel and it was reported earlier on Wednesday that he was in talks to play the role of the film's villain.

But now it appears that he's gotten the role, as "Girls" co-star Lena Dunham tweeted her congratulations Wednesday evening.

"We're VERY proud of Adam Driver re: Star Wars," she wrote. "He's about to rip a hole in da force....

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: 'Incindentals'

February 24th, 2014 10:50am EST
After last week's "getaway" episode, which felt like more of a one-act play than an episode of television, this week's Girls is back to business. If you're expecting the ladies to be walking on eggshells around each other after their explosive confessions in "Beach House," don't hold your breath. What happened in the Hamptons stays in the Hamptons apparently (except Elijah is back in the friend group – thank god). Instead, if there was a theme for this episode, it would be "jobs" – both the perseverance of career and how relationships, even the ones we don't want, are hard work to maintain....

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: 'Beach House'

February 17th, 2014 12:03pm EST
The best episodes of Girls take the ladies in question out of their element and see how they react to a new environment. Last season's "One Man's Trash" – where Hannah spent a weekend in the luxurious home of a handsome doctor – has a lot in common with last night's episode, which sees the girls on vacation in the Hamptons. They're there to recharge as a friend group – a construct that Marnie dreams to life, in an effort to salvage their crumbling relationships. It doesn't take long, however, for that plan to foil, and the re-arrival of Elijah doesn't help.

Hannah runs into Elijah downtown...

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Free Snacks

February 10th, 2014 8:37am EST
'Girls' Season 3 Episode 6
Are our Girls finally growing up? So it would seem.

Let’s break it down:

Hannah finally has a reason to quip Grumpys: she lands a job at GQ. No, not as a contributing writer (as Ray so lovingly points out when she quits: “There’s no way GQ hires you as a staff writer”), but as an advertorial section assistant for Neiman-Marcus. It sounds, and probably is, menial as far as magazine jobs go, but it’s still a position at one of the highest quality publications in the world. And even though this is Hannah, meaning a breakdown of some sort is imminent, it’s nice to see her make friends with f...

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Deep Inside

January 27th, 2014 11:33am EST
'Girls' Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Deep Inside
Is it normal to be selfishly detatched when someone we're close to dies? That's the question at the beating heart of this week's Girls, which opens with the death of Hannah's beloved editor, David. David's passing means that Hannah's left to evaluate her place in the world of writing now that she's lost her most trusted ally. And if that sounds selfish – surely she should also be concerned that, you know, her good friend and mentor is dead – it is. That's kind of the point. And Hannah knows it. She spends the episode pondering why it is she feels nothing – to Adam, his sister, Laird, Ray (w...

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: The 'Girls' Celebrate Hannah's 25th Birthday

January 20th, 2014 12:38pm EST
'Girls' Season 3 Episode 3 Recap
Well, Girls certainly delights in making us uncomfortable, no?

I can't tell which is worse: Marnie forcing Hannah into an awkward rendition of "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent, or Adam's crazy sister, Caroline, crushing glass in her hand while she stands half-nude (the bottom half) in Hannah's bathroom.

But we'll get to that. The centerpiece of the episode is Hannah's 25th birthday. The party environment is a good way to get the cast together in one space and let them work off each other. Even Hannah's parents are along for the ride. And it certainly is a ride, with exactly the sort of hij...

HBO's 'Girls' Is Back… And As Refreshingly Unlikable As Ever

January 13th, 2014 11:30am EST
Detractors of "Girls" aren't going to be moved to sudden adoration for season three, which premiered as a double-feature installation last night on HBO. Hannah is still full of taxing self-pity. Shoshanna is still vacantly detached from reality. Jessa is still blunt and nonplussed. Marnie is still gallivanting through a pesky post-breakup stratosphere. Business is usual in Williamsburg. And for initiated and dedicated viewers, that's good news. Sort of. I guess.

The thing with "Girls" is that it requires a certain suspension of the typical norms of television watchability. There's nothing ...

Lena Dunham Brings New Characters To 'Girls' Season Three

January 10th, 2014 1:20pm EST
Lena Dunham at the NY premiere of Girls season three
When HBO presented the third season of “Girls” to the Television Critics Association, they also announced they signed off on a fourth season as well. Lena Dunham spoke on the “Girls” panel about what we can expect in the new season.

“I think, [in the] third season, we are finally finding room to expand the world because we’ve sort of given you their backstories,” Dunham said. “We’ve given you their lives. We never want to start a story line that we are going to kind of let flitter off. So, now, we are finding ways to introduce people who are more lasting because we are ready to kind of ope...

Lena Dunham & Producers Defend The Nudity In 'Girls'

January 10th, 2014 9:00am EST
Lena Dunham
During the Television Critics Association on Thursday a reporter asked "Girls" star and creator Lena Dunham why her character Hannah gets naked so much.

The critic said: "I don't get the purpose of all the nudity on the show, by you particularly. I feel like I'm walking into a trap where you go, 'Nobody complains about the nudity on Game of Thrones.' But I get why they're doing it. They're doing it to be salacious and titillate people. And your character is often naked just at random times for no reason."

Dunham responded, "It's because it's a realistic expression of what it's like to be ...

The Ladies Dazzle At The 'Girls' Season 3 New York City Premiere

January 7th, 2014 2:00pm EST
Girls Season 3 premiere
The third season of HBO's critically acclaimed show "Girls" kicks off on Sunday, Jan. 12. Series regulars Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams and Zosie Mamet stepped out for the premiere at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday.

Dunham opted for a sleeveless silver sequined dress, while Kirke wore a beige satin gown.

Williams popped in a pretty light blue frock, while Mamet eschewed pastels and opted for a little black dress.

In the new season, Hannah and Adam are a happy couple, one of the girls enters rehab, and Soshanna plays the field (read some spoilers here!)


'Girls' Season 3: Five Spoilers You Need To Know

January 1st, 2014 8:00am EST
Everyone's favorite girls are back this month in an expanded season of 12 episodes. The third season of HBO's "Girls" premieres on Jan. 12.

So what can we expect from the new season?

1. Hannah and Adam are back together, and they actually appear to be really happy. The show's protagonist also appears to have her sh*t together when it comes to her writing career.

"We're finding her in the best place that we've seen her yet," said series creator and star Lena Dunham. "At this moment she's really happy."

Finally! But as we all know, and Dunham confirms, that's not going to last for very lo...

First Look: 'Girls' Season 3 Full Length Trailer

November 22nd, 2013 3:03pm EST
Girls Season 3 First Look
The Emmy award winning series 'Girls' will be returning for its third season on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014. Doing some rough math, that's some two and a half months away!  

The full length trailer for the third season was originally scheduled to be released Sunday but hit YouTube earlier today.  HBO's first look trailer features the show's creator and star Lena Dunham having some breakthrough therapy moments as well as a little gravestone twerking!?!? She also doesn't seem to be a big fan of hiking.

What else do we see - Adam sitting around naked and complaining, of course, and Ray still tryin...

Tina Fey Spoofs HBO's 'Girls' In Return To SNL, Lena Dunham Approves

September 30th, 2013 11:09pm EDT
Tina Fey Girls Saturday Night Live
Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live over the weekend to host the first show of the 39th season. One of the highlights of the show featured the former 30 Rock star in a digital short spoof of HBO's twentysomething dramedy Girls, in which Fey plays new character Blerta, a woman from Albania who becomes friends with Hannah (played by Lena Dunham in the series and newcomer Noel Wells on SNL) and her gal pals.

During the spoof Fey pokes fun at Dunham by taking a shot at her age, consoling Hannah and saying, "It's okay, you are only 15."

Hannah replies, "No I'm not, I'm 24."


2013 Emmy Awards Predictions: Who Are The Favorites To Win?

September 20th, 2013 8:48pm EDT
2013 Emmy Awards Predictions

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a wild card Emmy season. Last year, Homeland was all but a lock in each of its major categories, but after a shaky second season, some strong competition from other long-running shows, and a buzzworthy new Netflix series, things are really up in the air pretty much all over the place. Still, I’ll do my best to make some predictions in the big categories. Just remember: This year, pretty much anything goes.

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men

While I’d love to see Game of Thrones’ confident t...

Emmy Nominations: 'American Horror Story' Gets 17 Noms, Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Also Dominates

July 18th, 2013 10:01am EDT
House of Cards
After picking up nine nominations, Kevin Spacey's Netflix series "House Of Cards" will be a big contender at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards. The political thriller was recognized in the Outstanding Drama Series category and picked up dramatic acting nominations for its leads, Spacey and Robin Wright. It received a total of nine nominations.

The Netflix series will be facing stiff competition from last year's big winners "Homeland" and "Breaking Bad" as well as "Mad Men", "Game of Thrones" and "Downton Abbey."

In the lead actor category, Spacey will face off against "Homeland's" Damian Lew...

Lena Dunham Tweets Her Outrage Over 'Girls' Porn Parody

May 24th, 2013 12:53pm EDT
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham has spoken out against plans to make a porn parody of her hit TV show Girls, insisting the video goes against the series' feminist ideology.

Executives at Hustler have commissioned an adult film version of the show called This Ain't Girls XXX, with porn stars taking on the characters made famous by Dunham and her cast mates.

Nonetheless, Dunham, who created the show, is adamant she can't just laugh off the porn tribute as she finds the idea deeply troubling.

On her page, she writes, "I wish I had a better attitude about the Girls porn parody. I really can never...