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A bad car accident puts the life of Michael's millionaire playboy friend in peril, but the real challenge is keeping him in hospital and out of trouble. A tennis star is training to make history, but an aneurysm puts her life at risk when she opts for postponing surgery after a major match. A visit from his ex-wife Anne brings Michael back to his past, but when he discovers she's been dead for weeks, it's apparent she's reaching out to him from the beyond to ask for his help in keeping her clinic open.

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In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose
Michael works double duty trying to save a pregnant personal friend he recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and a little boy with sickle cell disease.

In Case of Discomfort
While interviewing doctors to run the clinic, Michael helps a man who passed out, but refuses care due to lack of insurance. Meanwhile, as Michael evaluates a woman, he notices lesions on her brain that require immediate surgery, even as he doesn't know the exact diagnosis.

In Case of Separation Anxiety
Michael witnesses a bad accident whose victim is a mother trying to get her sick kids to hospital. When Michael examines her, he finds out that she was on the verge of a stroke; however, her problems increase when her daughter's illness worsens and she's in need of emergency surgery. Michael also encounters a patient who hears voices that seem to lead to a benign tumor; yet, despite surgery to remove a tumor, the only way to silence the voice is to bring in a healer.

In Case of Memory Loss
While at the clinic, Michael runs into a former football star that he performed successful surgery on years ago, and is now a shell of his former self, living on the streets. At Holt Neuro, Michael examines a patient who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In Case of Abnormal Rhythm
Michael and Kate forced to work together try to save a patient with a deadly virus. Over at Holt Neuro, Michael treats a nervous bride-to-be who is experiencing headaches; however, he notices her mother is exhibiting symptoms of a serious condition.

In Case of Loss of Control
Michael must decide if it is worth risking his practice to save a patient's life. He also tries to court Evan "E-Mo" Morris, a neuropsychiatric to join his practice after E-Mo determines a patient's diagnosis by reading her body language.

In Case of Exposure
When Michael finds out a patient with a malignant brain tumor committed a horrible crime, he struggles with whether to save the man's life. A female firefighter who appears to be disoriented is brought to Holt Neuro for evaluation.

In Case of Missed Communication
Rita's surprise Thanksgiving reunion with her son is interrupted when he has a motorcycle accident and it's up to Michael to save him. Dr. Sykora and Dr. Barnes resuscitate a patient with a DNR.

In Case of a Bolt from the Blue
While tending to patients at the clinic during a blizzard, Michael shows signs of a severe condition that requires immediate surgery. A child with a history of hypochondria comes into the clinic showing signs of being struck by lightening - in the middle of a blizzard. A woman with signs of dementia is treated.

In Case of (Re)Birth
Michael and E-Mo disagree about how to treat a patient with a brain tumor. Meanwhile, a teenage girl gives birth at the clinic and immediately runs out, leaving the baby behind.

In Case of Blind Spots
Michael saves a man from drowning and learns his identity is a mystery, until a test proves he was an alcoholic whose despair led him to drink paint thinner. Kate discovers a girl she mentors has serious issues with drugs that she has failed to notice.

In Case of Complications
A distraught woman takes the Clinica staff hostage after Michael testifies for a former patient who he believed suffered uncontrollable urges due to a brain tumor.

In Case of Co-Dependents
When a spoiled pop star comes to Holt Neuro experiencing unusual symptoms, and a young girl at the Clinica exhibits similar symptoms on the same day, it forces both teams of doctors to try and piece together their common link.

In Case of Letting Go
When Michael's high school sweetheart comes to Holt Neuro with an irreversible condition, he will stop at nothing to try and save her, until Anna intervenes. Meanwhile, Zeke deals with the news that his best friend's cancer has returned.

In Case of Heart Failure
Michael discovers that Anna and a patient in the clinic have a special connection; Michael reunites with a friend who has a rare disease.

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