Gideons Crossing Summary

Benjamin Gideon is an unorthodox doctor who juggles the value of new medical techniques versus the old-fashioned art of bedside manner. As chief of experimental medicine at a prestigious Boston teaching hospital that is often the last hope for critically ill patients, Gideon rules over a house staff of young doctors, instilling in them the art of medicine as he sees it.

Gideon's staff includes Dr. Aaron Boies, the brilliant, eccentric chief resident who is top sergeant under Ben; Dr. Alejandra "Ollie" Klein, a working-class crusader passionate to make a difference; Dr. Wyatt Cooper, a conflicted idealist whose marriage is threatened by the demands of his new job; Dr. Bruce Cherry, a schemer intent on playing all the angles; Dr. Siddhartha "Sid" Shandar, an immigrant with a burning desire to make it in America; and Dr. Maya Stiles, whose timid manner masks a genius for biology and a hungry ambition. Dr. Max Cabranes, a former psychiatrist, is the hospital's chief executive and Ben's best friend. Away from the hospital, Ben contends with the demands of single fatherhood; his three children are Charlie, Eli and Rose.