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Melinda fears for the safety of Delia when she has dreams about Delia's death. She is confused by the visions a prophet ghost shows her. She realizes that the visions are not of the future, but of the past. With the help of Professor she figures out that the ghost is trying to tell her that the fifth event will happen on May 11. She receives a phone call from an unknown caller telling her to go to a location where she finds a man with three children waiting for her.
Alex Daniels - Driver
Alisa Gerstein - Elana Petrova
Bruce Weitz - Tobias Northrop
Camryn Manheim - Delia Banks (Regular)
Connor Gibbs - Aiden Lucas (Recurring)
David Conrad - Jim Clancy (Regular)
Davide Schiavone - Stefano Donato
Gil McKinney - Naked Ghost
Ignacio Serricchio - Gabriel Rance (Recurring)
Jamie Kennedy - Eli James (Regular)
Jay Mohr - Professor Rick Payne (Recurring)
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Melinda Gordon (Regular)
Jeremy Shada - Liam Fletcher
Julian Sands - Ethan Clark
Kathleen Gati - Elena's Mother
Mario Di Donato - Italian Man
Tom Wilson - Tim Flaherty (Recurring)
Tyler Jones - Ned Banks (Recurring)
Vivian Wu - Prophet Ghost

Breen Frazier
Elle Johnson
P.K. Simonds

John Gray

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