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Lena Headey On Cersei's Walk Of Atonement In 'Game Of Thrones'

6/16/2015 9:56am EDT
Lena Headey's Reaction To The Humiliating Penance Walk On 'Game
Many shocking events occurred during the season five finale of "Game Of Thrones" on Sunday night, including Cersei's walk of atonement, which saw actress Lena Headey walking naked while angry peasants threw food and body fluids at her and a religious zealot kept proclaiming "Shame" over and over again beside her.

Headey opened up about filming the slut-shaming scene, brought on after Cersei confesses that she had an affair. The character is stripped naked, and her hair is shorn, leaving bloody cuts on her scalp. Then she is forced to walk the distance from her prison to her home.


'GOT' Has High Body Count In Season Finale

6/15/2015 4:06pm EDT
Who Died During The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Finale?
Game of Thrones concluded its controversial fifth season Sunday night, and the Internet is ablaze with fans reacting to the multiple dramatic scenes that played out, which included multiple deaths. Don't go any further if you haven't watched last night's episode, dear reader. Here's who (probably) met their demise.

Stannis Baratheon

When you stop and think about it, what happened to self-appointed King Stannis Baratheon wasn't that surprising. The episode opened with half of Stannis' army abandoning him and his wife committing suicide by hanging. But that's what happens when you decide to...

'GOT' Delivers A Shocking Season 5 Finale

6/15/2015 9:28am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Review: Burning Questions From The Season 5 Fi
Every season finale of Game of Thrones leaves us with an overabundance of questions that keep us awake at night until the next season finally premieres. “Mother’s Mercy” was no different. We had everything that makes for a good Game of Thrones finale: battles, introductions of interesting storylines, and shocking deaths. But there were also quite a bit head scratching moments, such as Sansa’s total lack of screen time, the whereabouts of the Tyrells, and why the Sand Snakes continue to exist.

Here are the biggest burning questions from “Mother’s Mercy:”

What’s Next for Sansa and Theon?


Prince Harry Flirting With 'Doctor Who' Actress?

6/8/2015 1:43pm EDT
Prince Harry Gets Frisky With 'Doctor Who' Star Jenna Coleman At
Prince Harry was caught flirting with "Doctor Who" star Jenna Coleman last weekend- and now there might be love in the air! the Prince was attending the Audi Polo Match on May 31, when The Sun caught him getting handsy with the "Doctor Who" actress.

According to a source for The Sun, Harry "took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd in the sponsor's tent. It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning into him and he had his hand on her knee. From their body language it looked like they were really enjoying each other's company."

The British tabloid also published...

'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 'Dance With Dragons'

6/8/2015 9:05am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Recap:  Stannis Is The World's Worst Leader An
Why Stannis is the World’s Worst Leader and Other Musings from “Dance with Dragons”

Stannis spent the last few weeks earning the hearts of the Game of Thrones viewers, only to destroy any lingering affection in a single moment. The show spent so much time building him up as somebody who would be a good leader, even if he is a bit on the boring side (or at least as his brother Renly believed.) He was endorsed by fallen hero, Ned Stark. He allies with the people of the North, including all the Starks. He actually cares about protecting The Wall. And he cares about basic grammar (or at least ...

Kit Harrington Says 'Huge Shocks' Coming On 'Game Of Thrones'

6/3/2015 12:51pm EDT
Will Jon Snow Die On Game Of Thrones? Kit Harington Says No One
Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow on HBO's Game of Thrones, stopped by AOL Build on Monday in the aftermath of the show's crazy eighth episode of the season. "Hardhome" saw Jon Snow go to battle with the White Walkers, and was widely praised as one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones to date. Harington discussed this latest development on the show duirng his interview, but it's his words about the future that got people's attention.

Harington implied that viewers shouldn't count on Jon Snow or any other of the main characters on the series remaining safe, and said that the co...

Tyrion's Words Of Wisdom And Other 'GOT' Moments From Last Night

6/1/2015 9:33am EDT
Game of Thrones
Are we watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Because “Hardhome” had some striking similarities to the latter. The White Walkers and their zombie horde, despite being brilliant showcases of CGI, feel like their part of a different show. It’s a bit jarring to go from watching politic intrigue and our favorite characters being tortured to 30 minutes of battles with zombies, giants, and otherworldly creatures. The episodes buildup never felt like it was leading to an epic battle, awkwardly placed mid-season. It’s almost as if the writers felt like they needed to feature an intense battl...

Best Moments From Last Night's 'Game of Thrones'

5/25/2015 8:54am EDT
'Game of Thrones' Review: Memorable Moments from 'The Gift'
An episode without Arya, very little Jon Snow, and an extra helping of Samwell Tarly’s gnarly sex scene? An episode where the Sand Snakes continue to be the worst written characters in the history of the television medium? What did we do to deserve this, Game of Thrones?

“The Gift” starts out slow, filling time with mind-numbingly slow stuff at The Wall, Dornish women showing their breasts for no reason other than boredom, and sex scenes that serve no narrative purpose. But at least the hanging threads in the major storylines are still interesting. Here are the most memorable moments from ...

Peter Dinklage Promotes NBC's Red Nose Day With 'Game Of Thrones' Song

5/20/2015 5:25pm EDT
Peter Dinklage
Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage has teamed up with Coldplay for a new song that will be featured Thursday night during NBC's charity benefit "Red Nose Day," which will raise money for children living in poverty.

Dinklage sings about the characters who were killed off in previous seasons, like Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon and their respective sons.

"Remember Ned Stark, he was a lot of fun, but he didn't make it past season one," Dinklage sings in the song, written by Coldplay for a Game of Thrones musical they produced for Thursday night's charity event, which airs at 8pm.

Earlier ...

Senator Calls Last Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' 'Disgusting And Unacceptable'

5/20/2015 9:09am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Outrage Continues: Senator Boycotts Show After
Senator Claire McCaskill is boycotting "Game of Thrones" after watching Sunday night's episode, which included a "disgusting and unacceptable" rape scene.

In the episode titled "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken," newlywed Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) is assulted by her new husband Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon) on their wedding night as the servant Reek, AKA Theon Greyjoy, watches.

In response to the incident, the Missouri senator tweeted: "Ok, I'm done Game of Thrones. Water Garden, stupid. Gratuitous rape scene disgusting and unacceptable. It was a rocky ride that just ended."

Ok, I'm done Game ...

How Did Sophie Turner Feel About That Final Scene In Episode Six Of 'Game Of Thrones'?

5/19/2015 4:42pm EDT
Sophie Turner and Iwan Rheon in Game Of Thrones
Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has opened up about that scene from Sunday night's episode, saying that she "kinda loved it."

Spoiler Alert: The scene that Turner is referring to, of course, is the show's final scene, in which she and Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon) have just been married and are about to consummate their marriage.

While social media and the internet have blown up and called it rape because Ramsey ripped off his new wife's dress and forced her to bend over so he could do his business -- while having his servant Reek, FKA Theon Greyjoy, watch.

Turner says that she was initi...

Has 'Game Of Thrones' Obsession With Rape Gone Too Far?

5/18/2015 8:41am EDT
Game of Thrones
Just when you thought the Game of Thrones character hadn’t dealt with enough horror, the show manages to pull out yet another horrific, unexpected scene. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” constantly built up the tension from beginning to end. It starts with a relatively sleepy set of Arya scenes, filling the middle with rising stakes for every storyline, and then ends with the overwrought Sansa scene. Most of it was very well done, save for the consistently disappointing Sand Snakes, even if the direction of Sansa’s storyline is a continuation with the show’s obsession with rape.

Here are the mo...

'Game Of Thrones' Best Moments And Other Disturbing Mother’s Day Related Results

5/11/2015 8:32am EDT
'Game of Thrones' Recap & Review: 5 Memorable Moments From 'Kill
It must be an unspoken rule in Game of Thrones that the Mother’s Day episode must always feature Daenerys playing mom to dragons, former slaves, and whoever else pops up. A couple of other mother related plots reared their heads in “Kill the Boy” to disturbing results. Brienne continues to honor her vow to the Stark mother, poor Walda Frey discovers she’s pregnant, Myranda reminds Sansa of her mom, and Roose Bolton tells his son the lovely story of the time he raped his mother. Happy Mother’s Day?

Here are the 5 most memorable moments from “Kill the Boy”

Daenerys Feeds Her Children

As re...

Key Moments From Last Night's 'Game Of Thrones'

5/4/2015 10:16am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Recap & Review: 5 Memorable Moments From 'Sons
Here are the most memorable moments from "Game of Thrones" - "Sons of the Harpy:"

Faith Militant VS Tommen

It’s almost thrilling to see every bad decision Cersei makes in her quest to destroy Queen Margaery’s life. This week she’s sunk to new lows and we couldn’t be happier. First she sends away Mace Tyrell to negotiate with the Iron Bank, leaving his seat on the council vacated and his children unprotected.

Next she reinstates the faith militant, essentially giving the Sparrows ultimate power over King’s Landing. They make quick work of their new power by clearing out all the brothels (...

'Game Of Thrones': Exciting Prospects Are On The Horizon

4/27/2015 9:00am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Recap & Review: 5 Memorable Moments From 'The
The best thing this season of Game of Thrones has done is converge some of the many characters into single storylines. With a great many characters spread all across the many lands, there’s a danger of losing focus and having too much going on. That’s always been one of the major downfalls of the show, having too much going on and not enough time to fully focus on the characters that really matter.

But this season has put characters that were adrift on a path that will see them come together. The possibilities of the future storylines with characters that normally wouldn’t interact are one...

Emilia Clarke's 'Game Of Thrones' Stand-In Is A True Doppleganger

4/22/2015 9:45pm EDT
Emilia Clarke's 'Game Of Thrones' Body Double Rosie Mac Looks Ex
Emilia Clarke's stunt double on HBO's Game of Thrones looks so much like her that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if the editors accidentally slipped a shot of her into the show.

Rosie Mac, an 18-year-old actress and model from Cornwall, England, has been standing in for the Khaleesi for the show's fifth season, and while filming the show months ago, Rosie posted a few images to her Twitter and Instagram pages that show her uncanny resemblance to Clarke.

In fact, she's become so popular behind the scenes that producers wrote a scene for her, according to Yahoo UK.

More about ...

'Game Of Thrones' Characters Reunited And Some Best Moments

4/20/2015 9:08am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 5 Best Moments From 'The House Of Black
“The House of Black and White” is an even stronger episode than the first, proving the season is definitely on track to be more than shoehorned scenes to meet quotas and dragging storylines. Every piece felt like it was progressing the story inside on continuing old threads from the seasons before. There are still some massive missteps, such as overestimating how long we’ll stomach Tyrion’s self-pity and our interest in Grey Worm, but overall it was a great episode of new beginnings and endings. Here are the best moments of the episode:

Brienne’s History of Failure

It was a bit of a sitco...

Powerful Quotes From The Mother Of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen

4/19/2015 10:00am EDT
25 Powerful Daenerys Targaryen Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'
Game of Thrones is back and Season 5 is heating up. There are many loose ends from the end of Season 4 for the show to pursue, but one plot line that has always been a fan favorite is the story of Daenerys Targaryen. The Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains, played by actress Emilia Clarke, has grown from a weak little girl at the start of the series to one of the most feared individuals in Westeros.

Here are 25 of the most powerful Daenerys Targaryen quotes from the first four seasons of Game of Thrones to get you pumped up for Season 5.

"When my dragons are grown, we wi...

'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Leak

4/13/2015 4:25pm EDT
How Much Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Just Leaked Online?
For law-abiding "Game of Thrones" fans, last night was an epic night- the much-anticipated fifth season premiere of HBO's megahit fantasy series.

But for Internet pirates, it wasn't such a big deal- because a significant chunk of "Game of Thrones's" upcoming season leaked online the day before.

It was revealed that the first four episodes of Season Five leaked online Saturday. By Sunday, they had already been downloaded almost 800,000 times!

at least HBO has a general idea of who might have leaked the episodes. “Sadly, it seems the leaked four episodes of the upcoming season of Game of T...

'Game Of Thrones': Some Amazing & Cringe-Worthy Moments From The Premiere

4/13/2015 8:20am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Best And Worst Of 'Th
It’s back! Our favorite show featuring feuding families, bloody battles of a crown, murder, mayhem, and the occasional dragon returns to remind viewer what it feels like to fear for your favorite characters on a weekly basis again. Game of Thrones is just as big a cultural phenomenon as ever, making each episode essential viewing if you don’t want to brave the next batch of heart-wrenching spoilers.

“The Wars to Come” is an interesting, if not average, way to begin the season. The episode stands alone as a fine piece of television, but as an opening for a season, it’s a bit flat. More stor...

Unforgettable Tyrion Lannister Quotes

4/12/2015 10:00am EDT
40 Awesome Tyrion Lannister Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'
Game of Thrones returns for its season 5 premere Sunday night. Many of the show's characters are well-known for their sharp wit and colorful dialogue, but there are few characters as beloved for their sense of humor as Tyrion Lannister. Actor Peter Dinklage has won an Emmy and numerous other awards for his role as the little Lannister, and it's easy to see why. When the "Half-Man" isn't getting up to no good in a brothel, he's using his great intellect to take down men twice his size.

Here are 40 of Tyrion's best quotes from the first four seasons of Game of Thrones for you to brush up on...

What Are Your 'Game Of Thrones' Hopes And Fears?

4/10/2015 12:10pm EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Wish List: Hopes And Worries For Season 5
As Game of Thrones Season 5 approaches, loyal fans may be feeling the familiar combination between excitement and dread. On one hand one of the most surprising, conniving, and entertaining TV shows is coming back. But on the other hand, there’s always a high likelihood that the characters we’ve grown to love will be demeaned, tortured, and murdered in front of our very eyes, just like every other season.

However, there’s something very different about this season. The showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have been more open than ever about diverging from the source material and surpa...

Emilia Clarke Hints At Things To Come In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5

4/8/2015 8:01pm EDT
Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones
Warning: possible season five spoilers ahead...

Emilia Clarke has a few predictions for the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones.

Clarke, who plays Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen on the show, has hinted that she'll be meeting up with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) this season in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I reckon they'd probably get along quite well," she says of the two characters, "because they're quite similar in so many ways."

The actress also commented on the possibility of meeting up with Jon Snow (Kit Harington), even though their characters are worlds ap...

Why Does Maisie Williams Watch 'Game of Thrones' With Her Drunk Grandmother?

3/26/2015 8:23am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Star Maisie Williams Watches The Show With Her
"Game of Thrones" is perhaps the least family-friendly show on television. Gather the whole family around -- parents, grandparents, young children -- and be revolted as writhing nude sex fiends are hacked apart with a broadsword.

But for Maisie Williams -- who stars in "Game of Thrones" as Arya Stark -- watching the show has to be a family affair.

As she explained to Jimmy Kimmel on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "We used to watch it with my nan, and my auntie, and my cousins, and my dogs, and the whole family, everyone."

That can get a bit awkward. Especially with Williams' 87-year-old grandma w...

'Game Of Thrones' Season Five Kicks Off With London Premiere (See Pics!)

3/19/2015 8:39pm EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Stars New And Old Hit The Red Carpet For The S
The cast of Game of Thrones -- well, most of them, anyway, gathered in London on Wednesday night for the fifth season premiere of HBO's flagship drama series.

Cast members new and old showed up, but a few big names were missing from the event. Natalie Dormer, for one, made it to the premiere, but she skipped the red carpet and snuck in; while Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage were all no-shows.

The event was held at the Tower of London, and stars Sophie Turner, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kit Harington and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau were among the nearly two dozen stars who showed up.


HBO Releases 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Poster, Two New Clips

2/28/2015 8:17am EST
Game Of Thrones Season 5 poster
HBO has released the key art for season five of "Game Of Thrones," and fans are wondering what it means.

The image features Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) looking from the bow of a ship with a fierce looking Drogon flying above him. The dragon is part of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) army, so perhaps she is closer to making her move to claim the iron throne?

The network also released two clips from the upcoming season. One features Jon Snow (Kit Harington) talking to Mance Rayder (Ciaran Hinds) about his life's work. The other

In the second clip, Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) t...

Watch: 'Game of Thrones' Season Five Trailer & Behind-The-Scenes

2/10/2015 12:23pm EST
Game of Thrones
A new trailer for the fifth season of Game of Thrones has finally arrived after it played exclusively in IMAX theaters during the one-week engagement of the showing of the final two episodes on the ginormous screen.

The two-minute teaser packed a ton of stuff from the upcoming season into it, and bootleg copies hit YouTube before HBO finally released the trailer in HD.

Related: 'Game of Thrones' Sets Season Five Premiere Date

The trailer begins with brief looks at Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) standing by his father Tywin, who lies in state; Jon Snow (Kit Harington) charging in...

When Will 'Game Of Thrones' Return To TV?

1/9/2015 4:32pm EST
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones fans will have to wait about a week longer than usual this year for the premiere of the show's fifth season.

The network revealed on Thursday that the show's highly-anticipated return will come on April 12 for a 10-episode run.

HBO also announced that two more series will also make their return on that date, "Silicon Valley" and "Veep." The two comedies will kick of their second and fourth seasons, respectively.

The network renewed Thrones for two more seasons last year and is expected to catch up to the story in George R.R. Martin's fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and...

'Game Of Thrones' Gets IMAX Treatment

1/6/2015 8:25am EST
IMAX Theaters To Show 'Game Of Thrones' Episodes, Season 5 Trail
HBO is releasing two episodes of "Game Of Thrones" in IMAX theaters later this month as well as the trailer for season five. The two-hour "movie" will consist of season four's final two episodes, which includes the action-packed Battle of Castle Black.

"Game of Thrones" will be available in 150 theaters across the country, starting Jan. 23, and will be available for one week. It's the first time a TV series has been released in this type of format.

Pamela Levine, chief marketing officer at HBO, said in a press release: "The cinematic brilliance and grand scope of the series is perfect for...

Which Shows Were Most Pirated In 2014?

12/29/2014 8:00pm EST
'Game Of Thrones' Is Most Pirated Show For Third Consecutive Yea
The award for most pirated TV series of 2014 goes to "Game Of Thrones." The HBO fantasy series, based on the books by George R.R. Martin, was illegally downloaded approximately 8.1 million times over the past year, according to

The drama has topped the list for the third year in a row.

Coming in a distant second is "Breaking Bad," about a high school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with cancer, decides to sell meth to financially support his family in the wake of his death. The show was illegally downloaded 4.8 million times. CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory"...