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The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work
Rachel has problems when she returns to work and confronts Gavin, the person who's taken over her job in her absence.

The One With The Fertility Test
Monica and Chandler's attempt to secretly visit a fertility clinic is ruined when they run into someone they know. Ross plays Cyrano for Joey in his attempts to win over the professor they both like.

The One With The Soap Opera Party
Joey throws a rooftop party for the rest of his soap opera cast without telling his friends about it. They all find out though and Ross brings his beautiful paleontologist date who falls for Joey's charms.

The One Where No One Proposes
Confusion reigns in the wake of Joey's misguided proposal. Rachel wonders if she did the right thing by saying yes while the guys finally figure out that no one was intending to propose. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to nurse and Joey tries not to look.

The One With The Blind Dates
Phoebe and Joey plot to reunite Rachel and Ross by sending them off on potentially the worst blind dates ever.

The One With the Mugging
Joey really wants to impress a famous actor. Ross and Phoebe feel connected through having been mugged. Chandler tries his hand at a new job.

The One in Barbados
The friends support Ross as he prepares for a keynote paleontological address in Barbados. Phoebe has her hands full with two suitors, David and Mike.

The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Monica is uncomfortable with Chandler spending the holidays in Tulsa with a gorgeous co-worker.

The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner
The gang looks forward to having dinner together for Phoebe's birthday. But when the night arrives, various excuses keep the friends away and Phoebe and Joey are left all alone with a table for six.

The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song
Ross sings a strange lullaby to Emma; Chandler and Joey discover a videotape at Richard's place.

The One With Rachel's Dream
Rachel dreams of Joey. Chandler reluctantly takes Ross away for the weekend when business picks up and Monica can't step out.

The One Where Monica Sings
Monica shows off a little more than her singing when she accompanies Phoebe to the bar where Mike plays piano.

The One Where Emma Cries
Rachel seeks a way to stop Emma's constant crying. Chandler, with his own sleep difficulties, agrees to move away from the city in a sleepful daze.

The One With The Pediatrician
Rachel becomes a paranoid mother and drives her pediatrician to drop Emma as a patient due to Rachel's incessant calling.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister
Rachel clashes with her selfish sister during Thanksgiving.

The One With The Donor
Monica and Chandler sort through potential sperm donors. Phoebe runs into a man from her past at a party where she hoped to meet up with Mike. Charlie faces Rachel's wrath in taking away Joey's affections.

The One With Phoebe's Rats
Monica invites Rachel's new irksome colleague to Rachel's birthday party. Joey wants to date Emma's new nanny to Ross' dismay, while Phoebe and Mike become caretakers to a litter of rats.

The One With The Memorial Service
Ross discovers his alma matter's alumni website and, when Chandler posts a fake update for Ross, it escalates until Ross is listed as dead. Ross decides to let that slide so he can count his mourners. Phoebe has a hard time getting over her relationship with Mike and enlists Monica's help in not calling him.

The One With The Boob Job
Strapped for cash, Monica turns to Joey, but when Joey lets it drop to Chandler, he covers by saying it's for a boob job. Rachel tries to make her apartment baby-safe. Phoebe and Mike have cohabitation issues.

The One With The Lottery
Lotto fever strikes the friends and they buy tickets hoping to hit the huge jackpot.

The One With Rachel's Phone Number
Rachel gives her number out to an attractive guy and later agonizes that Ross may answer the call.

The One With The Sharks
After a conversation with Ross, Phoebe panics over the fact that she's never had a long-term relationship. Monica makes an odd discovery and fears that Chandler might have a sexual fetish with sharks.

The One With The Male Nanny
Rachel hires a sensitive male nanny to care for her baby.

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