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The One Where Chandler Gets Caught
Rachel and Phoebe spot Chandler sneaking around with a blonde. The group of friends mull over their shared past.

The One Where The Stripper Cries
Joey's appearance on the $100,000 Pyramid is mired by inability to get his partner prizes. The stripper Monica and Rachel hire for Phoebe is a bit of a surprise letdown and he breaks down when they reveal he isn't attractive. Chandler and Ross attend their college reunion and learn who kissed who back then.

The One With The Late Thanksgiving
As Phoebe and Rachel take Emma to a baby beauty competition, Ross and Joey attend a hockey game and all four arrive late to Monica's Thanksgiving extravaganza, earning her wrath. Monica and Chandler receive word on their adoption.

The One With Phoebe's Wedding
A winter storm affects Phoebe's wedding. Monica takes control, much to the chagrin of her friends.

The One With Princess Consuela
Rachel's seat is ill-placed at a job interview right next to where her boss is eating. Phoebe contemplates a name change. Joey worries about Monica and Chandler leaving the city and makes friends with the girl who lives in the house they go to look at.

The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-Sits
Rachel hopes that letting her sister Amy babysit will give her a chance to grow up and be responsible even though Ross thinks it to be a bad idea from the start. Mike tries to surprise Phoebe with a proposal. Joey writes a recommendation letter to the adoption agency for Monica and Chandler.

The One Where Joey Speaks French
The lie that he speaks fluent French on his acting resume bites Joey when he's asked to do so for an audition. Monica and Chandler entertain the visiting mother to their child and wonder about the father's identity. Rachel worries after her father suffers a heart attack and turns to Ross for some "comforting."

The One With The Birth Mother
A potential birth mother mistakenly believes Monica and Chandler to be a reverend and a doctor, respectively, and the couple are so anxious about the adoption that they don't want to set the record straight. Rachel helps dress Ross. Joey is in danger of losing his lunch when he dates a friend of Phoebe's who likes to steal food from him.

The One With The Cake
Emma's first birthday party is celebrated with an x-rated cake. Ross tries to right the cake situation and leaves Joey behind to make sure no one makes a break for it.

The One Where Estelle Dies
Ross tries to help Rachel secure her old job. Phoebe tries to keep the fact that his agent has died from Joey. Monica and Chandler find more than they expect in the house next door.

The One After Joey & Rachel Kiss
Ross stops a session of intimacy with Charlie so that he can clear it with his friend Joey who, unbeknownst to Ross, is currently trying to snog Rachel. Monica's new hairstyle turns off Chandler. Upon their return from Barbados, Phoebe dumps Mike's girlfriend for him.

The One With Ross's Grant
Ross has to contend with Charlie's ex in an attempt to secure a paleontological grant. Phoebe's artwork scares everyone.

The One With Ross's Tan
Joey and Rachel prepare for their first date, but find they have a problem being intimate with each other. Monica and Phoebe try to get around talking to an old "friend" who insists on speaking in a fake British accent. Ross's attempt at fake and bake goes horribly awry.

The Last One
Monica and Chandler receive a bit of a surprise when they become parents to twins. Ross realizes that he loves Rachel and doesn't want her to leave so he enlists Phoebe to race to the airport and confess his feelings. Joey gives Monica and Chandler Chick Junior and Duck Junior, but loses them in the foosball table.

The One Where Ross is Fine
In an effort to show that he's okay with Joey and Rachel dating, he invites them and Charlie over for fajitas only to prove that he's really not okay when he drinks too many margaritas. Frank Jr. stops by the Central Perk to try and convince Phoebe to take one of the triplets, but then finds he can't part with any of them. Chandler and Monica visit a couple who have adopted a boy, only to have Chandler tell the child that he was adopted and let the cat out of the bag.

The One With The Home Study
Monica and Chandler's plans for adoption may be foiled by one of Joey's past flings. Phoebe and Mike try to recind a charitable donation. Ross elects to help Rachel overcome her swingset phobia.

The One With Rachel's Going Away Party
Rachel slights Ross as she gets ready for her life in Paris when she neglects his personal goodbye. Monica obsessively puts together her possessions in preparation for a move to the suburbs. Monica and Chandler are visited by the mother of their child.

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