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Who Do You Think You Are?
Tami and Coach Taylor look into day care for Gracie, but find themselves having a tough time letting go. Meanwhile, Lyla Garrity starts working as a deejay on a Christian radio station and, despite being ridiculed by Tim Riggins, she is able to strike a chord with him. Elsewhere, Matt Saracen discovers that he is actually in love with his grandma's at-home nurse, while Brian "Smash" Williams learns that those close to him may not be ready for interracial dating.

Let's get it on
Coach Taylor returns to Dillon, Texas as a head coach, a father and a husband. After too much time away from Tami and his new baby, Taylor decides that Dillon High is the place for him to coach football. It will not be an easy homecoming for Taylor. He has to deal with a disheveled team, led by the conflict between quarterback, Matt Saracen, and star running back, Smash Williams. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins turns to Lyla for help in changing Jason Street's mind about experimental surgery. Also, Landry finds out that the only thing he does actually control in his life is football.

Bad Ideas
It is the first day of school at Dillon High and with new beginnings comes a lot of changes. Tami's new life as a mother of a newborn and a teenager proves to be very tough, especially with the separation from Coach Taylor who continues his coaching job at TMU. Matt Saracen is slowly watching his "perfect" life slip away, while best friend Landry tries to embrace his newer, better lifestyle despite a recent event that really changed his life. However, the new school year proves to not be bad for all as Brian "Smash" Williams is constantly being praised by coaches, scouts, and fans.

Humble Pie
Brian "Smash" Williams' confrontation at the movie theater turns from bad to worse as charges are pressed against him. Smash must now decide whether he must swallow his pride and apologize or stand up for what he believes is right. Elsewhere, Jason Street finds a new career. Tami is hired by Coach Taylor as the girl's volleyball coach and turns to Tyra for help. Meanwhile, Tim faces tough times as he tries to express what he is feeling to Lyla.

Are You Ready for Friday Night?
It is the first Friday night for the Dillon Panther football team and things do not go as expected. Brian "Smash" Williams and Matt Saracen continue to have problems on and off the field that get the best of them. Coach Eric Taylor returns to see his old players and old team in shambles. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins faces a scary situation that results in him reaching out to the last place on earth he would ever expect. Jason Street investigates alternative options for his paraplegic lifestyle.

The Confession
Landry confesses to the murder of Tyra's assaulter, but continues to struggle with his conscience. Elsewhere, Jason Street contemplates his new future, as Herc sets him up with an online dating service. Meanwhile, as the Taylor's prepare for baby Gracie's christening, tension continues to grow between Tami and Julie.

How Did I Get Here
Landry decides to come clean with his father, and forces his dad into a situation where he must choose between being a father or a cop. Tami's sister, Shelley, comes to help Tami out with the baby. Tami's more free-spirited sister Shelly stirs things up in the Taylor household and makes Tami question her choices in life. One of the ways she shakes things up is by selling the need to live a green lifestyle, even in a less-than-progressive town like Dillon, Texas. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins is kicked off the team and must prove to Coach Taylor that he truly wants to be a part of the team.

Leave No One Behind
Matt Saracen reaches a tough point in his life where nothing seems to really matter to him anymore. Meanwhile, Tami Taylor's relationship continues to grow with Tyra and Julie becomes very jealous. Landry may have a new potential love interest that could shake up his relationship with Tyra. Elsewhere, Brian "Smash" Williams begins his three game suspension and turns to Coach Taylor for advice.

There Goes The Neighborhood
A tornado hits the Dillon county area damaging Laribee high school, a rival high school. Coach Taylor reluctantly welcomes Laribee, who will now share Dillon's weight room, football field and lockers. Meanwhile, Julie and Tami Taylor are still adjusting to Tim Riggins living in their house during a tough transition period. Lyla struggles with the fact that her mom is going to get remarried. Elsewhere, tension builds between Landry and Tyra as they try to further their relationship as a couple with the murder incident now behind them.

Seeing Other People
Brian "Smash" Williams goes on his first recruiting trip that lives up to everything he hoped for until an unexpected incident takes place at the end that will change his mind about the school. Matt Saracen asks his cheerleader girlfriend for an open relationship. Meanwhile, emotions escalate in the Taylor family as Tami explodes on a young teacher that she feels is getting too close to Julie, while Eric explodes on Tami about her relationship with a different associate of theirs at the school. Tyra is asked by her former attacker's brother to meet in person and make amends, but she is afraid to face him so Landry goes in her place.

May the Best Man Win
Brian "Smash" Williams is determined to get a football scholarship to college despite the recent events that have transpired. However, Brian is very shocked when the most unlikely place offers him what may be the opportunity of his life. Tami Taylor runs into her ex-boyfriend from high school, a big real estate mogul, and he decides to stay in Dillon for a few days. A few days proves to be too long as Coach Taylor begins to feel a bit jealous. Elsewhere, Jason Street hears the biggest news of his life since his accident and must decide if he is willing to change his life completely. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins continues his pursuit of Lyla by getting his own radio show at the Christian radio station. Lyla seems to be enjoying her current relationship with her Christian boyfriend as she goes with him to meet his family.

Jumping the Gun
Brian "Smash" Williams is facing a lot of pressure as many major colleges are looking for a verbal commitment to their program and he has his heart set on one. Elsewhere, tension is still high between Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins, with regard to Julie, and Tim does not know where to turn. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor is feeling the stress as he prepares the Panthers to take on Laribee High School in the biggest game of the season. Back at home, Tami Taylor and her sister continue to see things differently, which eventually leads to the Taylors asking her to leave.

Last Days Of Summer
With summer coming to an end, the defending state champions Dillon Panthers look to continue their success despite a lot of changes taking place. Eric Taylor begins his career as head coach at TMU and immediately discovers the hardship of being separated from his family, as Tami Taylor heads into labor with their second child. Meanwhile, Tyra Collette is revisited by from someone in her past who will alter her life forever. Best friends Matt Saracen and Landry Clarke battle with new lifestyles for which neither seems ready.

Tim Riggins and Jason Street head to Mexico as Street hopes to explore experimental surgery. Riggins, concerned about Street, turns to Lyla Garrity who is busy trying to help a newcomer to Dillon. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor makes a huge career move that will change his life. A big development in a police search instills more trepidation in the lives of Tyra Collette and Landry Clarke.

Brian "Smash" Williams' day has arrived. He will soon be facing a tough decision, as he finds out his college football options with the first official day for college recruiters to talk to the premier high school players. Coach Taylor addresses the recruiting day with the players, but has his attention on a new player. With all the "Smash" hype, Matt Saracen is enjoying his new cheerleader girlfriend, but is finding himself more and more attracted to his grandma's live-in nurse. Meanwhile, Julie, jealous of the Saracen situation, turns to a new teacher to confide in. Tami brings together Lyla and Tyra to run the annual "Pantherama" event.

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