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Mother of All Grandfathers
Freddie tells Chris to borrow money from his rich grandfather for his debt.

To Have Loved Way Too Much and Lost
When Chris' girlfriend leaves him because of how many women he's been with, Freddie's concerned that Denise might follow suit.

The Search for Grandpa Four
Since all of Grandma's friends have companions, Freddie et. al try to find someone for her to try and cheer her up.

Food Critic
Freddie is thrilled that a major food critic will be reviewing his restaurant, but it turns out the critic is a guy Freddie used to beat up in high school.

Freddie Gets Cross Over George
Freddie and George get jailed for fighting in a bar.

Rich Man, Poor Girl (Pilot)
Freddie and Chris attempt to pick up women at a laundromat.

Freddie is a little overwhelmed when he takes her to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show and she brings a bunch of her friends along. Meanwhile, Allison and Grandma play drinking games while handing out candy.

After Hours
Freddie and Chris make the resturant over as an after-hours club. With Zoey away on a field trip, Sophia tries to jump start her love life.

I'll Be Homeless For Christmas

The War of the Rose
Freddie falls for a baker named Rose, whose dessert business is trampling on his own. Meanwhile, Allison has a tough time when she decides to put her resume out into the marketplace.

The Two That Got Away
Freddie takes Grandma to church to try and run into Denise so he can attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Dollars and No Sense
Freddie ignores Sofia's wishes and buys Zoey an expensive phone as a gift. When he and Chris are busted by Sofia, they are told to take Zoey to learn the value of a dollar at a soup kitchen, but instead take her to an auction, where Zoey gets an education in money by having Freddie bid on an item.

Two Times a Lady
Freddie takes Chris's suggestion to date Denise and Rose at the same time to figure out which is the better match. When Denise learns and walks out, Freddie realizes his true feelings.

Freddie and the Hot Mom
Freddie wants to date Zoey's friend's mom.

Freddie the Himbo
Freddie tries to win over Sofia's medical school dean when he's told that she would never fall for the likes of him. However, when he does, Freddie starts to worry that she's only using him for his body.

Recipe for Disaster
Two new chefs in the kitchen may not be better than one.

The Italian Job
Chris plans revenge on Freddie when it turns out that Freddie is trying to date his ex-girlfriend.

Open and Shut
When Chris's chef walks out, Freddie steps in.

The Courtship of Freddie's Father
Freddie and Sofia are conflicted when their father, whom they haven't seen in twenty-four years, visits from Puerto Rico and begins charming his way back into their lives.

The Mixer
Freddie tries to meet someone, at his Grandma's insistence, and finds that he actually likes the girl she chose for him at the Catholic Singles mixer.

Eligible Bachelor
Freddie and Chris are competing to be on a magazine cover as "Chicago's Most Eligible Bachelor."

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