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Kelsey Grammer Is 'Very Happy' With New Girlfriend

August 10th, 2010 10:00am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer has moved on from his marriage split and is "very happy" with a mystery new lover, according to his publicist.

The actor's wife Camille Donatacci filed for divorce earlier last month, citing "irreconcilable differences" and has asked for primary physical custody and child support for their daughter Mason Olivia, eight, and son Jude Gordon, five.

Following the break-up, Grammer denied rumors he was seeing a "dirty blonde" - explaining that the girl he had been seen on 'dates' with was his daughter from his first marriage, Spencer.

However, the star's rep has confirmed Gr...

Kelsey Grammer Wants 'Frasier' Profits Kept Out Of Divorce

July 15th, 2010 12:06am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer has filed court papers asking a judge to ensure his estranged wife cannot lay claim to his profits from hit TV show "Frasier," because he has sole financial interest in the series.

The actor wed Camille Donatacci in 1997 but the former Playboy model filed for divorce earlier this month, citing "irreconcilable differences."

She has asked for primary physical custody and child support for their daughter Mason Olivia, eight, and son Jude Gordon, five, but she will face a battle for spousal support - Grammer has urged the judge not to award the claim.

He filed legal papers in ...

Kelsey Grammer's Wife Files For Divorce; Seeks Primary Custody Of Their Kids

July 1st, 2010 3:40pm EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer's actress wife has filed for divorce after almost 13 years of marriage.

The "Frasier" star wed former Playboy model Camille Donatacci in August, 1997 and they have two children together - daughter Mason Olivia, eight, and son Jude Gordon, five.

Camille Grammer's lawyer, Neal Hersh, filed a petition for divorce in a U.S. court on Thursday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

She is seeking joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their kids, and she is also asking for spousal and child support, according to

The couple was last photographed out together...

In Honor Of Fathers Day: 10 Best TV Dads

June 19th, 2010 4:00pm EDT
Mike Brady, Hank Hill, Cliff Huxtable
Since Father's Day is this Sunday, we wanted to take some time to honor some of the best TV dads of all time. So, loosen your belt, crack open a beer, plop down on the recliner and check out which fantastic fathers made our Top 10!

Ward Cleaver, Leave It to Beaver - Ward, as played by Hugh Beaumont, was THE prototypical middle-class suburban dad of the late '50s and early '60s. He was an all-American guy who worked hard all day, appreciated his wife and acted as the moral compass for his sons, Wally and Beaver. Even though the world has changed a great deal since LITB aired, Ward's influen...

Kelsey Grammer's Wife Camille Works The Street At The Premiere Of 'La Cage Aux Folles'

April 19th, 2010 1:10pm EDT
Camille Grammer
You know that thin line between sexy and prostitute? Kelsey Grammer's wife Camille Donatacci just crossed it. Hot pink high heels, a tight black dress, and major cleavage makes her look like she's ready to earn some money.

Camille showed off her look at "La Cage Aux Folles" broadway show opening in New York City last night. Her husband plays a nightclub owner in the production.

Kelsey left his family behind in Hawaii when he landed the role because he couldn't balance fatherhood with his grueling rehearsal schedule. He explained, "To be quite honest, up front I said I won't be able to be ...

Kelsey Grammer Ships Family Off To Hawaii

April 2nd, 2010 8:48pm EDT
Kelsey Grammer left his family behind in Hawaii when he landed a role in Broadway's "La Cage Aux Folles" - because he couldn't balance fatherhood with his grueling rehearsal schedule.

The former "Frasier" star is training hard for the song and dance show, in which he will debut as nightclub owner Georges when the production opens next month.

But he admits he couldn't work grueling 12-hour days and still be a dedicated dad - so he asked his wife to head to Hawaii, where the family owns a home.

He says, "So far the family's doing fine. They're in Hawaii and I'm here in New York. To be quit...

Q&A: Kelsey Grammer Talks ABC's New Series 'Hank,' His Health And More

September 28th, 2009 10:00am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer should mean gold for any TV series. His long run on Cheers and Frasier is legendary, and he keeps popping up as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons. It didn't quite work out for Back to You, but that certainly wasn't his fault. His new show, Hank, could be the next winner in his stable.

Hank is a disgraced Fortune 500 honcho who has to adjust to small town sitcom life. Moving back home with his family provides a culture clash with Grammer clinging to the sort of highbrow luxuries familiar to Frasier Crane. Reality provides the humor.

Over the summer, Grammer presented the new...

Learn More About SyFy's New Drama And 'BSG' Spinoff 'Caprica'

August 20th, 2009 10:07am EDT
Long ago, in a popular culture period far, far away, to watch or read science fiction was synonymously tied to the then derogatory term of 'geek'. Now that stereotype has somewhat weakened. One of the many reasons for this change was the Ron Moore reimagining of 'Battlestar Galactica' in 2004. 'BSG' was a hit not just amongst the typical sci-fi fan base, as it is most commonly discussed as a space opera, but to more non-traditional fans. When 'Heroes' debuted on NBC it was a break in network format. Many questioned why it was not to air on the sister channel, then, Sci-Fi, and spurred d...

Move Over NBC, USA Is Stealing Your Glory

July 10th, 2009 12:02pm EDT
In the world of television, the big networks - NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX - are typically considered to be the "A" team, or the major leaguers of TV stations. Now they have a bit of competition.

The network we are most confused by is NBC. NBC used to be a ratings powerhouse with its "Must See TV" marketing campaigns. Weeknights were appointment television nights for millions of viewers tuning in first in the genesis of it all, the 1980s with Hill Street Blues, The Cosby Show, Cheers, and LA Law. The 1990s came in strong with ER, Friends, Frasier, Mad About You, Seinfeld, and the last of...

Get Behind-The-Scene Insight Of 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' With Michael Welch

July 1st, 2009 10:24am EDT
Michael Welch
Michael Welch -- who plays the oh-so-not-lucky-in-love Mike Newton from the international sensation "Twilight Saga" -- joins us to discuss the upcoming new theatrical chapter, "New Moon," as well as his acting history including his new film starring the late David Carradine and what it's like to work with Norm MacDonald when he was twelve years old.

Michael Welch: Hey, Mike. How are you doing, man?

Mike: Good. This could get confusing considering that you, your character, and myself all have the same name.

Michael Welch: (Laughs) Right. I know.

Mike: How did you get involved wit...

Some Recent TV Spinoff Successes And Failures

May 12th, 2009 11:29am EDT
Boston Legal
With an eagerly anticipated Gossip Girl spinoff in the offing, as well as a number of other spinoffs and remakes, the 2009-2010 television fall schedule feels awfully familiar. Unfortunately, there's no rhyme or reason as to whether these spinoffs actually fly. For every Frasier, there is a Joey. The winners are shows that garnered critical acclaim and/or cult status. The losers are shows that destroyed the integrity of beloved characters and were generally poorly written and conceived.

Some of the more recent TV spinoff successes and failures:


Frasier - Who would ...

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

December 15th, 2008 10:30am EST
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most encouraging and funny annotations were made on the latest stories on PETA vs. (fill in celebrity name) story, a couple of Fashion WTF’s, and another Booty battle, as well as a Story about Bobby Brown’s alter-ego.

Topic Highlights = There were some welcoming and pleasant remarks made about Emmanuel Lewis and the television show Frasier however, there was no love or affection for Michael Jackson or Pres...

Underrated/Overrated 'Saturday Night Live' Weekend Update Anchors

October 20th, 2008 12:48pm EDT
Kevin Nealon
Last week and for the next few, "Saturday Night Live" will move its oldest property, "Weekend Update" to primetime.

It seems we can no longer call the cast the Not-Ready-For-Primetime Players as they bring their cornerstone segment to a timeslot previously occupied by shows like "Frasier" and "Friends". This gives SNL a chance to enter the mainstream in a way it never has before, and with the endless wave of news (both straightforward and comedic) "Weekend Update" is the perfect vehicle to bring late night to primetime.

Unfortunately, those who don't like to stay up late are forc...

The News Hits The Fan In 'Back To You'; Season One On DVD Oct. 14

October 3rd, 2008 5:30pm EDT
Back To You
Breaking news . . . the first season of the uproarious workplace sitcom Back To You Season One debuts on DVD October 14thfrom Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Directed by James Burrows, the multiple Emmy® Award-winning force behind Friends and Cheers, Back To You follows two bickering co-anchors Chuck Darling (Kelsey Grammer; Frasier) and Kelly Carr (Patricia Heaton; Everybody Loves Raymond) who share a past and are now forced to share an anchor desk.

Ten years after conquering Pittsburgh TV, Chuck returns home after a disastrous career turn in Los Angeles. Desperate ...

Being Green Is Great, But Is Hollywood Taking Recycling Too Far?

September 26th, 2008 10:20am EDT
Jerry Oconnell
Is there such a thing as a show-a-holic? A glimpse at the TV guide shows certain names keep cropping up time and time again attached to new shows. Could certain actors be addicted to starring on TV? And will they do anything to keep working whether the show is a quality one or not?

Isn't addiction classified as doing something to the point of excess, even after the point at which the person knows it's not healthy for them anymore? If the answer is yes then there are a few actors working today who show signs of needing serious career detox and rehab.

Case in point: the new TNT ser...

Spotlight On Movies That Became Musicals

August 28th, 2008 10:30am EDT
The Little Mermaid
Fans of movie musicals know that most of their favorites, like "Grease," "West Side Story," "The Sound of Music," and "Oklahoma!" were adapted from popular Broadway plays. However, the trend in recent years has been to flip that formula around by taking a big-screen hit and trying to turn it into a small-stage sensation.

Disney has had great success with its theatrical adaptations, starting in 1994 with the critically-acclaimed "Beauty and the Beast." The hits kept coming with stage productions of "The Lion King," "Mary Poppins," and, most recently, "The Little Mermaid."


Slideshow: Whatever Happened To These TV Stars?

August 14th, 2008 8:45am EDT
Matt LeBlanc
There are some TV stars that keep acting. Take Ted Danson, for example. Since "Cheers" ended in 1993 he has starred in several series, including his latest (for which he garnered an Emmy nomination), "Damages." But there are some TV stars that disappeared from our beloved TV screens. Click through our slideshow to see which ones we're talking about:

Party of Five star Neve Campbell

More Neve Campbell Pictures

Campbell has appeared in films here and there and had a three-episode arc on Medium.

Lost star Maggie Grace

More Maggie Grace Pictures

Favorite Fictional TV Hangouts

May 29th, 2008 11:58am EDT
What would our favorite shows be without a common ground, a "hang-out" if you will, to bring all of our favorite characters together? There have many fine fictional establishments over the years but of course a few stand out amongst the scrap heaps of Central Perks and Bada Bings. It does seem a lot of the best hang-outs seem to be a bit New York-centric so we tried to give this as much of a regionalized flavor as possible (sorry MacLaren's from "How I Met Your Mother", maybe next time).

5. The Maxx - "Saved by the Bell"

Nothing sums up the quintessential teenage hangout quite li...

'Bubble' TV Shows That Should Be Saved (& Safe Shows That Should Be Killed)

April 9th, 2008 2:30pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
With the distant memory that was the writers' strike slowly fading from the minds of TV viewers, everyone is preparing for the return of their favorite shows. Well, you better take the time to enjoy them because they might not all be coming back in the fall.

Although television will see more returning favorites than usual come September, there are a few shows in jeopardy. Following are the top five shows with uncertain futures and the already safe shows they should replace:

Save Jericho (CBS)

With a fanbase that literally sent peanuts to save this show, CBS gave it a second cha...

Top TV Sidekicks

April 1st, 2008 2:00pm EDT
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Who does a hero turn to for support? How does a tough as nails cop lighten up a little? Who do fan fiction writers pair up with their main characters to create some truly disturbing story lines? The answer to all these questions is sidekicks.

Without sidekicks, lead characters would simply have nobody to talk to. So Starpulse has decided to honor some of the sidekicks that have made television a little more enjoyable:

Rhoda Morgenstern

Sidekick to Mary Richards

From: The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977)

Portrayed by Valerie Harper

Before Romy and Michele had a reunion...

When Enough Is Enough: Worst TV Spin-Offs

February 26th, 2008 2:21pm EST
Saved by the Bell: The New Class
The logic behind the spin-off is very sound. Take a beloved character or concept from a pre-existing series and create an entire new show. You have an established character or brand and thus a built-in fan base. It makes perfect sense, no?

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is not quite that simple. Certainly there have been spin-offs that attracted both fans and critics and managed to create a legacy all their own. Shows like "Frasier," "Angel," and "The Jeffersons" instantly come to mind. But for every successful spin-off, there have been dozens of miserable failures...

Best Of The Furry & Fuzzy: Top Supporting Animal Characters On TV

February 14th, 2008 12:00pm EST
Spot from Star Trek TNG
Expressive, talented and (relatively) well-behaved animals have held an important place in American television since its inception. Most of the time, these animals make guest or recurring appearances, although there have been a few shows that focused on a non-human main character.

Shows that instantly come to mind in the latter category include old favorites like "Lassie" and "Mr. Ed." This particular list will not include the title characters from those two shows, nor will it include any other animals/shows where the "star" of the series was not human.

No, instead we have d...

The Stars Of 'Cheers' & 'Married...With Children:' Where Are They Now?

January 16th, 2008 11:19am EST
Married…With Children
In the 80s, viewers tuned in to two series that featured some of the most popular theme songs on television: "Married...With Children" and "Cheers." What happened to the stars of these popular shows?

Cheers (1982-93)

Who can forget the words from the opening sequence: Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got/Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot/Wouldn't you like to get away?

For 11 great years we watched regulars Carla (Rhea Pearlman), Norm (George Wendt), Cliff (John Ratzenberger) and Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) come into the Cheers ...

Fashion Review: Some Stars Pop On The Red Carpet, Others Not So Much

December 18th, 2007 10:40am EST
Keira Knightley
We love reviewing celebrity fashion here at Starpulse and, of course, the best place to catch celebrities at their best and worst is on the red carpet.

Celebrity Goodies

At the Chanel Winter Show on Dec. 6, the beautiful Ms. Lily Allen charmed us with her quirky style by sporting yet another one of her very girly dresses. We adore her satin navy blue number with a faux shawl-like detail at the shoulders. We are also totally feeling the star accent at the waist. What can we say; she is certainly our fair lady!

At the same event, Claudia Schiffer kept it simple, but still ve...

New TV On DVD, Dec. 11

December 11th, 2007 8:00am EST
In Lost season three, the power of the island to both heal and destroy comes into sharp focus, the lines between good and evil are blurred, and loyalties are challenged when the survivors of the crash become tangled within the lives of the Others. Also on DVD: season one of Dirt, season two of Big Love, season three of Beverly Hills, 90210 and season ten of Frasier.

Fox Debuting Pair Of Shows About TV News: One A Sitcom, The Other Unscripted

July 24th, 2007 8:40am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - Fox is rolling out two ''news shows'': a sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton as fictional news anchors in Pittsburgh, and an unscripted show starring a former bikini model-turned-anchorwoman in Texas.

Unveiled at a Television Critics Association gathering here this week, both series are meant to deliver laughs - and ratings - but not necessarily headlines. That makes Grammer's job a whole lot easier.

''Based upon my knowledge of most television newscasting now, it has nothing do with the news anyway,'' Grammer said at a Sunday session. '...

Celebrity Birthdays, May 27

May 27th, 2007 3:00am EDT
Paul Bettany
Happy Birthday to British TV Chef Jamie Oliver (1975), Outkast half Andre 3000 (1975), late TLC singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (1971; d. 2002), "The Da Vinci Code" actor Paul Bettany (1971), "Shakespeare in Love" star Joseph Fiennes (1970), Oakland A's slugger Frank Thomas (1968), Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell (1968), comedian Adam Carolla (1964), "Frasier" actress Peri Gilpin (1961), actress Linnea Quigley (1958), Crowded House singer Neil Finn (1958), Siouxie and the Banshees frontwoman Siouxie Sioux (1957), WWE star Eric Bischoff (1955), Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn (1945), actor Br...

New TV On DVD, May 15

May 15th, 2007 8:00am EDT
The War At Home
The War at Home tackles a problem faced by millions of parents of the early 21st century: how can one who was raised in the "anything goes" 1970s and 1980s, with no barriers, boundaries, or taboos, suddenly be expected to discipline their own children and set down ground rules without coming off as a hypocrite? Season 1 is now on DVD. Also in stores: "Martin" season 2, "Wings" and The Rockford Files season 4, ER season 7 and Frasier season 9.

Celebrity Birthdays, April 18

April 18th, 2007 3:00am EDT
Maria Bello
Happy Birthday To "Arrested Development" actress Alia Shawkat (1989), "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" actress Melissa Joan Hart (1976), "A History of Violence" actress Maria Bello (1967), late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien (1963), "Will & Grace" actor Eric McCormack (1963), "Frasier" actress Jane Leeves (1961), "Less Than Perfect" star Eric Roberts (1956), "Strange Brew" actor Rick Moranis (1956), prolific actor James Woods (1947), bluesman Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and "Fantasia" conductor Leopold Stokowski (1882; d. 1977).

Celebrity Birthdays, April 3

April 3rd, 2007 3:00am EDT
Amanda Bynes
Happy Birthday to "She's The Man" star Amanda Bynes (1986), "90210" actress Jennie Garth (1972), Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach (1968), comedic icon Eddie Murphy (1961), "Frasier" actor David Hyde Pierce (1959), prolific screen actor Alec Baldwin (1958), Tie A Yellow Ribbon singer Tony Orlando (1944), Vegas mainstay Wayne Newton (1942), actress Marsha Mason (1942), "Pillow Talk" actress Doris Day (1924), "The Godfather" actor Marlon Brando (1924; d. 2001), and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" author Washington Irving (1783; d. 1859).