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Actor Couple Solved Their Financial Problems With 'Lots Of Sex'

6/11/2015 5:15pm EDT
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick took a nasty financial loss from Bernie Madoff's 2008 Ponzi Scheme. But according to a new interview with GQ (via Fox News), the couple overcame their money woes in a very unorthodox way. They had sex!

“I don’t think there was a moment where it was like, that thing happened and then we got pissed at each other. It was sort of the opposite,” the "Footloose" actor revealed in a Q&A session on Tuesday. “We kind of went, ‘Holy s--t. Let’s... I don’t know. Let’s have sex or something. It’s free!’”

And besides, Bacon and Sedgwick are both big-name actors. Even a cr...

5 Scoops: Spoilers For 'How To Get Away With Murder,' 'Scandal,' 'Empire' And More

1/28/2015 10:57am EST
How I Met Your Mother
This TV blogger couldn’t be happier! Not only are there an impressive new batch of mid-season premieres to consume, Shondaland has finally re-opened, giving me even more delicious spoilers to share! Here are five scoops on “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Scandal,” “Empire” and more!

Liar Liar? Remember when "How To Get Away With Murder's" Conor had a full-on post-murder anxiety attack, ran back to his ex-boyfriend's house and lied that he was freaking out because of a drug problem? Did you wonder why he picked that cover story so readily? Jack Falahee dished to about his do...

John Frizzell Talks Scoring 'The Following'

5/29/2014 12:15pm EDT
John Frizzell Talks Scoring 'The Following'
Have you ever wondered who provides the creepy score for FOX's The Following? That'd be John Frizzell, the same guy who's responsible for the classic workplace comedy Office Space and the network's animated series King of the Hill. While you wrap your brain around that, BFTV sat down with John recently to discuss what it takes to score a TV episode.

What brought John to The Following? "Kevin Williamson is the key," he told us, referring to the show's creator and executive producer. "I've worked with Kevin a lot over the years and Kevin told me about this show...He was listening to a lot of...

'The Following' Season 2 Finale: The Living

4/29/2014 9:50am EDT
'The Following' Season 2 Finale:  The Living
An excellent, nerve-wracking, powerhouse Season 2 finale of The Following, in which, against all odds - almost no one significant dies.

So, as the series goes to black until next year, we have Joe, Claire, Mike, Max, Mark and of course, Ryan - all alive if not all well. Mike and Max are especially good, though, finally connecting in each other's arms. Claire and Ryan won't be together - her call, not his, though he doesn't object overly much - and Joe's off to prison.

All of which - none of these characters dead - is probably the biggest surprise of the finale. It was a bold move. Leavin...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 14: Twists and Deaths

4/22/2014 12:52am EDT
The Following
Well, you have to hand it to The Following: they packed this season with so many characters, good and bad, that there's always room for a shocking death of a major player, and a bad guy somewhere getting an upper hand.

Last week, we saw Lilly killed. But her twin sons are still alive and deadly kicking, and in tonight's episode 2.14, they get the drop on Claire, who has against all odds managed to survive a confrontation with Emma.

Indeed, Claire has killed Emma, and with her death, The Following loses one of its big-time sicko villains. As Emma reminds Claire and us before she dies, C...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 13: The Downfall Of Mike

4/16/2014 5:00am EDT
The Following
Well, The Following 2.13 concluded on a resoundingly tragic note, as Mike pumps bullets into Lily, to the horror of Ryan and Max.

Neither lifted a weapon to stop him. They hoped their appeal to Mike's humanity might have stopped him, and it almost did. Of course, it could be argued that what Mike did was in humanity's best interests, given Lily's propensity for dealing out death. I'm assuming here that she's indeed dead - you clearly never know for sure on The Following - and short of someone's head being blown clean off, you never know for sure on any television show.

But was Mike's pu...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 11: Lily Not Joe

4/2/2014 3:20am EDT
'The Following' Season 2 Episode 11: Lily Not Joe
A strong episode 2.11 for The Following last night, with Lily Gray and Joe Carroll both in action. And of the two psycho families, I have to say that I like Lily's better, in every way.

Indeed, in many ways, Lily is the more logical successor to the Joe of Season 1 than is the Joe of Season 2. The Season 1 Joe was secular, and went for Edgar Allan Poe when he needed a little mysticism. The Joe of Season 2 has taken over an annoying cult, has wrapped himself in its nonsense, and is even attracting the ire of another, non-murderous cult leader. I of course get why Joe thinks he has to d...

'The Following' 2.9: The Book Signing

3/18/2014 2:37pm EDT
The Following
Hey, I've been to my fair share of book signings as an author. Sometimes the event is promoted to the hilt, you drive a couple of hundred miles to attend, and the only people in the audience are a drunk who passed out on a chair and two people who work for the book store. Other times you don't give the event a thought, just show up, and you sell and sign a bushel of books. But none of that holds a demented candle to what happened to Carrie at her book signing on The Following 2.9 last night.

First, Emma shows up with a book, and asks Carrie to dedicate it to Joe Carroll. Then all hell bre...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 8: Coalescing?

3/12/2014 8:24am EDT
The Following
The second season of The Following has thus far been a little at loose ends - which is to say, a few too many threads with weakly connected villains to provide the kind of intensity we saw in the first season. Not only has Joe been resurrected, but Lily's family, itself somewhat disparate, has played a major role in the havoc until recently, and now Joe as taken up with Micah, played by Jake Weber, the guy who played another Joe, much more affable, on Medium a few years ago. Fortunately, it looks at the end of episode 2.8 that Joe Carroll may be taking over Micah's following, which could b...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 5: Turning Tides

2/18/2014 8:12am EST
The Following
One way I like to keep track of what's happening on The Following is noting, in each episode, how many of the following Ryan and any of the good guys are able to bring down. Often the only killings in the show are victims and law-enforcement. In fact, nearly an episode goes by without some innocent being killed by one of the psychos, or a cop or FBI agent wiped out by one of them.

In episode 2.5, we get a refreshing reversal. Although the young woman that Lily kidnapped to serve to Joe is indeed slaughtered by him, Dexter style, Ryan at the end of episode has taken out two of the follow...

'The Following' Episode 2 Season 4: Psycho Families And Trains

2/11/2014 12:14pm EST
'The Following' Episode 2 Season 4: Psycho Families And Trains
Family loomed large in The Following 2.4, in a whole bunch of intersecting ways.

Lily Gray, as we found out last week, is the mother of the twins, and she presides over a family that includes other psychos including Gillian - whose sheer love of killing makes her one of the most dangerous of the following we've encountered so far - and Emma, who deep down wants to be part of a family, including a mother's love, second only to her wanting Joe.

On the other side, we have Ryan and his niece Max, who, I've got to say and even though there's no need for comparisons, I'm beginning to like bette...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 3: Coalescing

2/4/2014 8:48am EST
The Following
The Following finally got down to brass tacks in 2.3 - meaning it finally set all of the pieces in dangerous motion, stripping away a main mask, and reestablishing relationships on both sides of the good and evil divide that animates the series.

On the unmasking: I was a little suspicious of Lily from the beginning, because she did she manage to survive that subway attack. And my wife pointed out that that's the way the Followers work - get Ryan to start falling in love with, or at least liking, someone, as a way of getting to him and getting him to drop his guard (See my review of last w...

'The Following' Season 2 Episode 2: Rediscovering Oneself

1/28/2014 10:21am EST
The Following
The thing about The Following is that when it works best, Hardy gets a least a few victories.  Joe and his Following still get most of them, but for the story to work, Hardy has to at least save a life, rescue a victim, once in a while.  Episode 2.2 gives us that.  Although the Following in New York City - that is, the evil identical twins - kill a couple and then have dinner with their dead bodies at a well set table (killing and then pseudo-living with the victims is the twins' motif), they don't manage to dispatch Lily Grey (good to see Connie Nielsen back on the screen last week and thi...

'The Following' Is Back For Its Second Season

1/20/2014 8:28am EST
The Following
Season 2 of The Following premiered last night. It's been advertised as even more graphic and brutal than the first season - a little hard to imagine, especially for a series shown on the still suppressed networks in comparison to cable - but in some ways it was. Not just because of the slash killing of five on the NYC subway by two guys wearing Joe Carroll masks, but even more because of the slow dancing by one of the Following with an actress he recently killed, clad now in a black bikini. Scenes like this indeed put The Following in a class of its own, going further than, say, Dexter in ...

'Under The Dome' 1.9: The New Woman

8/20/2013 8:57am EDT
Under the Dome
Leave it to Under the Dome to pull a rabbit out of a hat - or a major new powerful character we haven't seen before - in episode 1.9, with the summer series three quarters over.   Well, in all fairness, she did play an important role in the very first episode.  Barbie was talking to her on the phone when he was burying Julia's husband Peter.

This gives some plausibility to how Maxine got into the dome - she was already in Chester's Mill when the dome descended - though of course she could have been anywhere in the world on the other end of the phone connection to Barbie.  And the phone cal...

'This Week In Horror' Dissections: 'The Following,' 'Bates Motel,' 'Hannibal' – April 22-28

4/29/2013 9:12am EDT
Part II of my weekly ‘This Week In Horror’ column.  For mini-recaps of ‘The Following,’ ‘Bates Motel,’ and ‘Hannibal,’ see Part I.

So. We have one show hitting its low, one show hitting its high, and one show choosing not to air itself for fear of making people upset.

What is so different between events on ‘Bates Motel’ spiraling out of control in a good way versus events on ‘The Following’ spiraling out of control in a bad way?  There’s a fine line between brilliant chaos and just a chaotic mess.

‘The Following’ is filled with ineptitude on the part of the authorities, so shouldn’t one ...

'This Week In Horror' Recaps: 'The Following,' 'Bates Motel,' 'Hannibal' – April 22-28

4/29/2013 9:10am EDT
Bates Motel
Welcome to This Week In Horror!  In this two-part column I dissect (pun intended) the most popular blood-soaked shows on television.  Part I will be a series of mini-recaps outlining the highlights (and low-lights) of each episode that week.  Part II will be the ‘Dissection.’

But first, for the inaugural column, an introduction:

Nothing is hotter on television at the moment than horror.  Throughout the years there have been a few shining examples of much-loved horror shows (‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘The X-Files,’ ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’), but by and large the genre has been dominated by big scree...

Kevin Bacon Stays In Character While Filming 'The Following'

2/26/2013 2:45pm EST
The Following
While filming serial killer drama "The Following," Kevin Bacon stays in character all day long and only switches off when he leaves the set.

The actor plays a troubled agent hunting down murderers in the TV series and insists the dark subject matter makes it impossible to be his normal self during breaks on set.
He told Britain's OK! magazine, "I have to work on that (relaxing). The one thing I can't do is switch it off and on over the course of the day like some people can. They say cut and turn to the person and say, 'Anyway, blah blah blah, what time is lunch?' But I have to kind of s...

'The Following' Recap: 'Mad Love' (Season 1, Episode 4)

2/13/2013 7:42am EST
The Following has definitely stepped up its game after its first two episodes, both of which were rather unimpressive. With so much hype going into the series premiere, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the pilot episode had been less thrilling than I (and Fox) had made it out to be. Even so, the pilot was pretty rough. The dialogue was atrocious and nearly every scene was ripped from some other serial killer or psychopath movie/TV show.  I can only attribute the enhanced quality of the show’s writing since that time to the fact that creator Kevin Williamson must read my recaps and saw ho...

'The Following' Recap: 'The Poet's Fire' (Season 1, Episode 3)

2/5/2013 4:57pm EST
Well, that was quite a surprise, wasn’t it? After The Following’s first two mediocre episodes, last night’s installment (“The Poet’s Fire”) finally cranked up the suspense and delivered on the promise Fox had been making with its endless promos and marketing. I’ll be the first to admit that I was crazy excited about The Following leading up to its premiere and that I was seriously underwhelmed with the pilot episode which was little more than an amalgam of every other serial killer TV show or movie in recent memory. The second episode wasn’t much better, though it did drop the horrific dial...

'The Following' Recap: 'Chapter Two' (Season 1, Episode 2)

1/29/2013 3:50pm EST
My initial enthusiasm for Fox’s new serial killer drama The Following is waning somewhat after last night’s flaccid and uninspired second episode. Picking up where the premiere episode left off, “Chapter Two” is a much less tense hour of television than I had hope for. As the episode opens, we watch Jordy (Steve Monroe), one of Joe Carroll’s followers, present himself as a police officer in order to get into a sorority house. While there, he kills three of the nine girls who were home even though, as we learn later, he is barely a halfwit, according to Carroll. Even with help from other mem...

'The Following' Series Premiere Recap - Is It Worth Following?

1/22/2013 3:53pm EST
The Following
After months of hype, The Following finally premiered last night on Fox and, for the most part, the first episode did not disappoint. Created by Kevin Williamson, the brainchild behind the Scream movie franchise as well as The Vampire Diaries, The Following paints a portrait of a serial killer so intelligent and psychopathic that the cat-and-mouse game he initiates in the pilot will be enough to carry an audience through at least the first season. 

Our killer is Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), a former English professor who is an expert in Gothic literature, especially the works of Edgar Alla...

Video Interviews On 'The Following'; Premieres Tonight on Fox

1/21/2013 10:00am EST
The Following
One of the most anticipated pilots shown at New York Comic Con (NYCC) to attendees last October was The Following from creator Kevin Williamson of Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries fame.

The show follows a disgraced former FBI agent named Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who is brought back into the fold to track down the serial killer he captured who has now escaped: Joe Carroll (James Purefoy.) Carroll is obsessed with the works of Edgar Allen Poe and now seems to be tracking the one victim that got away. Hardy even has to consult with Claire Matthews, Carroll’s ex-wife, who he also had an ...

New Midseason Shows To Check Out In 2013

12/25/2012 2:00pm EST
Deception TV Series
Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone! Now that the holidays are just about behind us, it's time see what new Midseason shows are debuting. If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, maybe one of these new shows will be a welcome gift to look forward to.

Deception - Monday, January 7 at 10 p.m. E.T. on NBC

When wealthy socialite and notorious party girl Vivian Bowers is found dead of an overdose, no one is really surprised.  The heiress to the Bowers pharmaceutical empire has been tabloid fodder for years: wild, pretty, privileged… and now dead at the age of 32.  But for FBI age...