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The Storm
Felicity tries to explain to Ben, but he won't speak to her. Ben is surprised to learn that his parents might be getting back together. Ben's father improves.

Felicity Interrupted

The Power of the Ex

Moving On
Both Ben and Felicity try to move on by dating other people.

Kiss And Tell
When Mr Covington learns that Ben is going to be a father, he is upset that Ben doesn't want to take responibily for his actions.

Back to the Future

Oops...Noel Did It Again
Ben's father is dying of Liver failure. Noel slips and tells Ben about him and Felicity.

Ben Don't Leave
Ben and Lauren are in a car accident and Felicity finds out that Lauren was driving drunk.

A Perfect Match
Ben and Felicicty reunite. Ben must decide his father's fate.

Your Money Or Your Wife
Felicity has a difficult time trying to find a way to pay for her tuition. Sean and Meghan run into problems concerning their families.

The Paper Chase
Feeling overwhelmed and distracted, Felicity plagiarizes a paper for her Art History term paper.

While working in the studio, Felicity gets caught in a fire.

The Graduate

When Professor Hodges fails both Ben and Trevor, they go out drinking, which lands Trevor in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Felicity takes over the class when the teacher is arrested.

The Declaration
When Felicity's father questions her future, she turns to Noel for support instead of Ben who has become focused over the summer and declares that he wants to become a doctor.

Time Will Tell

Raising Arizona
Ben decides he wants to play an active role in his child's life, but when Lauren announces that she is moving to Arizona, Ben must decide if he will follow her.

My Best Friend's Wedding
Felicity has feelings of guilt about Noel. Elena starts to wonder if she and Tracy are getting married for the right reasons.

Spin the Bottle

Future Shock
Ben finds out that Lauren is pregnant with his baby. Felicity is confused about her future.

Miss Conception
Felicity has a scare when she finds out that she might be pregnant and that Noel could be the father. Meghan's family pressures her to leave Sean.

The Last Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is held at Felicity's apartment and Ben shows up with another girl. Noel must face some of his issues when his brother comes into town.

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