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Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too
Larry finds himself in the grip of performance anxiety when he gets the lead lion position, but when he can't pull the lever for a trick, he's replaced by the white tiger in the Today show.

One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend
Larry is put on a diet by Siegfried and Roy when he gets stuck in a hoop. Larry tells Snack that he ate Snack's new girlfriend to spare his feelings when she decides to leave him.

Sarmoti gets frustrated with Larry after he tries to milk a leg injury for all it's worth.

Larry tries to help out his son, who gets picked on in school, by claiming to know Donkey (from Shrek). His plan backfires when he then has to produce Donkey for his son's class. Siegfried and Roy try to take on a old fashioned, Grandma-run bed and breakfast for polluting the Strip.

What's Black and White and Depressed All Over? (Pilot)
Larry and Kate try to help a male panda romantically with Siegfried and Roy's resident female panda, but their intervention backfires when the male panda falls for Kate.

Road Trip
Once again Larry forgets his anniversary, but can't apologize because Siegfried and Roy send all the female cats to a spa weekend.

And the Revolution Continues
When Sierra rebels against her father and befriends a political lobster, the only way Larry can win back her trust is to rescue the lobster from the plate of Barbara Streisand.

Catnip and Trust
Larry and Kate find their daughter in possession of catnip and worry about her possible habit. During their investigation, Larry and Kate accidentally take a dose of catnip themselves just before a big interview for Sierra to get into an advanced school. Siegfried and Roy decide to hit a 7-11 and pick up a Big Gulp.

The Thanksgiving Episode
Cheryl invites the Turkey's to spend their annual festival of betrayal (aka: Thanksgiving) with her family to aide her campaign for PTA president.

Larry attempts to be thrillseeking and prove Kate wrong by stealing a television but he puts the neighborhood in an uproar in doing it. Sarmoti tries to teach Hunter the ways of the lion and Hunter takes it too far.

Sarmoti Moves In
Siegfried and Roy decide to move Sarmoti in with Larry's family, pushing Kate over the edge.

Stage Fright

The Siegfried And Roy Fantasy Experience Movie

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