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Robert Young - Jim Anderson; father
Jane Wyatt - Margaret Anderson; mother
Elinor Donahue - Betty "Princess" Anderson; daughter
Billy Gray - James "Bud" Anderson Jr; son
Lauren Chapin - Kathy "Kitten" Anderson; daughter
Sarah Selby - Miss Thomas; Jim's secretary
Jimmy Bates - Claude Messner; Bud's friend
Paul Wallace - Kippy Watkins; Bud's friend
Roberta Wallace - Joyce Kendall; Bud's girlfriend
Robert Foulk - Ed Davis; Jim's neighbor
Vivi Jannis - Myrtle Davis; Ed's wife
Yvonne Lime - Dottie Snow; Betty's friend
Robert Chapman - Ralph Little; Betty's boyfriend
Tina Thompson - Patty Davis; Kathy's friend
Reba Waters - Patty Davis; Kathy's friend
Sue George - April Adams; Bud's girlfriend
Richard Eyer - Grover Adams; April's brother
Lenore Kingston - Emily Vale; Margaret's friend
Peter Heisser - Joe Phillips; Bud's friend
Sam Flint - Hubert Armstead; high school principal
Natividad Vacio - Fronk; Anderson's gardener
Katherine Warren - Neva; Jim's sister
Lynn Guild - Louise Decker; Margaret's cousin
William Hudson - Tom Goodwin; Louise's fiance, then husband
Ernest Truex - Mr Merrick; Margaret's father
Sylvia Field - Mrs Merrick; Margaret's mother
William D Russell
Peter Tewksbury
James Neilson
Eugene B Rodney
Robert Young
Dorothy Cooper
Roswell Rogers
Harry Clark
Sumner Long
Phil Davis
Paul West
Andy White
John Elliotte

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