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Trick up your Sleeve

Every designer needs to have a few tricks up their sleeve; the designers prove this by competing in a "repair relay race." In the elimination challenge, the designers must work together to create a unified line of coats that cohesively addresses every season: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Legendary designer Norma Kamali joins Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland and Fern Mallis on the judges' panel.
Fern Mallis
Indrani - Fashion Photographer
Laura Brown - Judge
Markus Klinko - Fashion Photographer
Norma Kamali

Adam Greener
Allie Rubinoff
Allison Horowitz
Allison Kaz
Andrew Cohen
Anneka Jones
Banks Tarver
Bo Lee
Brian Nashel
Carrie MacFadden
Christian Barcellos
Danielle Harrington
Dominic Ciccodicola
Ethan Petersen
Isaac Mizrahi
Isaac Mizrahi
JD Roth
Josh Fruehling
Julie Singer
Kelly Hoover
Ken Druckerman
Lara Spotts
Nancy Garcia
Natalie Baxter
Nikki Hedlund
Rachel Tung
Randy Bernstein
Rich Kim
Richard Hall
Ryo Iino
Shari Levine
Steve Youel
Todd Nelson
Tom Borgnine

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