Family Feud Summary

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A game show in which two five-member families compete. The heads of each family are involved first. A board, with various blank spaces, is revealed. A question, previously answered in a survey of one hundred people, is read. The first player to sound a buzzer signal receives a chance to answer. If the answer was among the survey responses, it appears on the board in its appropriate ranking. Its cash amount, based on the number of people who responded that way, is revealed and placed on the board.

If the player's answer is incorrect, or not the number one response, the opponent receives a chance to answer. Whichever team's player picked the highest answer receives the option to either pass or play the category. If they play (or pass to their opponents) the object is for that team to build up the bank account by filling in the remaining blank spaces.

If they are successful they keep the money; however, if after three strikes (wrong answers) the family fails to fill in a blank, the opposing family can steal the money by correctly filing in the blank. Four such rounds are played, each involving different family members. The family that is first to score $200 or more is the winner. The series is also syndicated first run (beginning September 1977).