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Sins of the Father
Tanya's former modeling agent makes a surprise visit with a tempting opportunity that renews her interest in getting back to the business. Lane confesses to her about killing Mook in hopes of getting her to stay. Meanwhile, Jason is determined to save the marina at any cost, so he agrees to ramp up his business with Sinclair from delivery boy of stolen goods to the guy who actually steals the items. Danny gives in to his feelings for Kelsey.

Turn Card
After hitting an all time low, Lane deals with ghostly memories of Mook. Jason and Peggy are at their wits end with the marina being shut down, as the offer from the Bradshaw is no longer valid. To make a little cash Jason takes a job as a waiter at the country club and gets invited to a high stakes poker game. With the winnings enough to help dig out the marina, Jason joins the game with Courtney as his backer. Paige takes the job with her father's company but almost instantly gets the resort project shut down by an archeological discovery.

Courtney invites Jason to spend the winter with her in Switzerland. Trevor fences off the beach, which causes Danny to organize a vigil. Sick of her father's lies, Paige quits her job with resort and then helps Jason land a deal that gives him the money he needs to get the marina back from the bank. Overwhelmed by their conquest, Jason and Paige make love in the car. Later, while everyone is celebrating on the beach, Erin shows up, unseen.

The Next Life
Summer comes to a close. Paige accepts Jason's offer to spend the winter with him in Texas. Both Paige and Jason apologize to a brokenhearted Courtney. Soon it's Paige who becomes brokenhearted when she learns that Lane killed Mook. While the Bradshaws rally together to protect Lane, Tanya holds him accountable for ruining both their lives. She refuses to get back together with him or help him run away, urging him to go to the police. Lane decides to go to the police and leave Tanya the money. Meanwhile, Erin surprises Danny by showing up and saying she wants to get back together. However, Danny is no longer sure that is what he wants.

On the eve of a multi-million dollar deal the Bradshaw's are not taking any chances in sealing the deal. But things go from bad to worse when the investors arrive in Falcon Beach. Paige and Nathan are stranded on the eve of a huge presentation, while Lane sees this as his opportunity to shine. Lane seizes the opportunity of Paige going MIA to step-up at the office to wine and dine the important investor with a little help from Tanya. Not sure Tanya is the right choice Trevor begins fearing the worst for the weekend visit. But can Tanya pull it off and convince the investor to go with the Bradshaws or is her worldly charms no longer effective?

Thirteen Minutes to Midnight
On a night out, everyone tries to unwind and have fun but everything goes awry. Courtney misses her friendship with Paige and can't stand being snubbed. Nathan and Jason keep each other on edge. Lane and Adrian's animosity towards each other leads Tanya to drink. Paige unsuccessfully tries to prove she's over Jason. With tensions high for all, a bar brawl breaks out during Talent Night at the Sunset Bar.

Permanent Collection
The prize for Falcon Beach's annual scavenger hunt is a new truck, and Danny and Jason team up to win it. Meanwhile Danny tries to keep his application to college a secret. A thaw sets in between Jason and Paige. Tanya finds herself caught between bad-boy Lane and good-guy Adrian. And Trevor makes a final, public effort to win Ginny back.

Strawberry Social Reject
Paige makes a new adventurous friend, Courtney. Jason prepares to go with Paige to the Strawberry Social. Trevor must use the only angle he has left, Paige, when Jason and his mother refuse to sell the marina. Unfortunately, Jason believes it when Trevor tells him that Paige wants him to sell, so he yells at her and storms off. Danny struggles with the loss of his daughter and Erin's unpredictable behavior. He tries everything he can think of to connect with Erin, even enlisting the help of Adrian.

Trevor tries to reel Paige into the family business by saying that with her help they can offer the Tanners a fair package for the marina. Even though she is still stinging from her break-up with Jason, Paige only wants what is best for him and working for her father may be the best way to get that. Lane takes great offense to Trevor's attempts at bringing Paige to work for the company and wants no part of the new deal with the Tanners. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Lane decides to call Mook to do some sabotage work. However, when things go awry at the marina, Lane ends up killing Mook. Meanwhile, Tanya begins her community service by teaching modeling.

The Music Video
With Tanya's life in Falcon Beach hitting a dead end and her relationship with Lane not looking much better, she jumps at the chance to take part in a music video. But dealing with a high maintenance director and strenuous working conditions, she starts to regret her decision. That is until she gets the chance of a lifetime to direct the video. Meanwhile, Danny joins the anti-resort protestors. Paige becomes suspicious of Danny's intentions and believes that he planted the artifacts for the archeologists.

After the Fall
After losing Nationals, Jason wants to find another way to save the marina. Unfortunately, Trevor Bradshaw wants to turn it into an eclusive resort development. Jason is determined not to sell it. Then Paige comes to town and Jason doesn't know if she's there for her dad or for him. Tanya faces possible jail time. Jason wants to help her but wonders what it means to their relationship if he does. Meanwhile, Danny and Erin are living with her parents and are miserable. He buys a car and convinces Erin to go back to Falcon Beach with him. However Erin goes into labor on the road.

Lovers and Cheaters
Jason and Peggy sign the marina over to the bank. Trevor gloats, but soon Page catches Lane embezzling. She learns the resort is being built on her father's lies and that the local investors are at risk of losing everything. Tanya begins to get sick with stress over Lan's secret. She finds solace when she goes to see Adrian. Meanwhile, Jason seems to be moving on, but Courtney is afriad it's not with her.

The Spins
With her trial just around the corner, Tanya is trying to come to grips with the possibility of going to jail. Nevertheless, when Nathan, the Bradshaws personal lawyer, comes to offer his services pro bono Tanya sees a ray of hope. Unfortunately this means she has to lie and disappoint everyone who cares about her. Will Tanya decide to do right by those who stood by her or will she just save her own skin? Meanwhile, Erin's behavior becomes more extreme. After finding her taking care of a baby-doll and in the process of walking away with another woman's baby, Danny realizes that he may be in over his head.

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