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'Face Off's McKenzie Westmore: Not Your Ordinary Host

3/4/2014 12:10pm EST
'Face Off's McKenzie Westmore: Not Your Ordinary Host
SyFy's Face Off may be the most unique competition series on television. It's not a talent show, it's not about crazy stunts - instead, it takes us inside the world of movie makeup to see who can create the most magic. BFTV connected with series host McKenzie Westmore last week to chat about the currently airing sixth season and her own Hollywood career - including if soaps or Star Trek has the more passionate fan base.

"When I started Face Off, I really went into it with what's meant to be will be," she told us, reflecting on the success of the show. "You just don't know. In the beginning...

A Winner Is Crowned On 'Face Off'

3/27/2013 2:50pm EDT
A Winner Is Crowned On 'Face Off'
Anthony, Kris, and Wayne face one last challenge on “Face Off” before one of them will walk away with a new car and the $100,000 prize.

The final challenge will be revealed before a live audience in Las Vegas when the guys are challenged to create two original themed characters for the aquatic show “Le Reve” - The Dream.

Each artist chooses a theme for their characters – one the dream thief and the other the victim – and the characters must 'hold up' during the show. “Le Reve” takes place in and around a million gallon water tank so the makeups must be waterproof – something the artists h...

'Face Off' Semifinal: The Boys Create Life

3/21/2013 12:32pm EDT
Face Off
The boys have reached the semifinals on "Face Off." This week they face their biggest challenge when they have to manage their time while creating a new life form.

After making a visit to the set of the new Syfy show "Defiance" the artists were challenged to take two of the more exotic aliens and produce a new life - as if the two had pro-created.

Back in the lab the guys get to work but find that going big presents more problems with time management since they have the same amount of time to complete the project. While Anthony found enough time to complete his mold by the end of day two...

Mummies Invade 'Face Off' This Week

3/13/2013 2:44pm EDT
Mumies Invade 'Face Off' This Week
This week "Face Off" meets "Evil Dead" when the five remaining guys must create an original mummified Egyptian god who has risen again after thousands of years of decay and that was inspired by the movie "Evil Dead".

With the finale only a few weeks away, the artists are beginning to feel the pressure. Eric is stressed out because it is the longest he has been away from his family.

The artists are rushed like never before with only 14 hours to complete their projects and this week they must create more than just a mask. When Michael and McKenzie Westmore make their weekly visit to the lab...

Creatures Glow In The Dark On 'Face Off'

3/7/2013 3:20pm EST
FACE OFF -- Pictured: makeup by Kris
This week the seven remaining makeup artists faced a double elimination with a double paint job when they were challenged to create an undiscovered species that could live in one of the ecosystems found on the Earth. The creature would have to have one paint scheme for ambient light and a second visible only under ultraviolet light - a bioluminescent creature.

Meagan - the last female in the competition - was not feeling well and ended up going to the hospital. It turned out that she had food poisoning. She returned for day two a little worse for wear but ready to work.

Meagan was having ...

'Face Off' Artists Take On Zombies And Werewolves

2/27/2013 1:34pm EST
'Face Off' Artists Take On Zombies And Werewolves
With only a few weeks remaining in the season the challenges and the pressure get tougher for the eight remaining makeup artists on "Face Off."

The week begins with a team foundation challenge that puts the artists not only against the clock - only two and a half hours - but a massive makeup job involving 20 models.

After gathering at a farm house, the artists learn that they will be placed in teams - Eric F and Wayne, Anthony and Meagan, House and Eric Z, and Kris and Autumn - and must transform 20 models into a hoard of flesh eating zombies all while using only the basic necessities wer...

The Artists Get 'Bug-Eyed' On 'Face Off'

2/20/2013 1:19pm EST
Face Off - Bug-eyed
This week's challenges on “Face Off” challenge the nine remaining makeup artists to create beauty and the beast when the foundation challenge pits the artists against iconic classic story book heroines and tasks them to turn the beautiful good females into bad girls.

The winner of the challenge received a very special prize for their efforts. After saying that Wayne and Eric F. had the best looks; Eric was named the winner and earned immunity from the spotlight challenge and a makeup case filled with makeup from Makeup Forever.

For the spotlight challenge the artists chose what they thoug...

Artists Slay The Giant On 'Face Off' - 'Two Heads Are Better Than One'

2/13/2013 12:28pm EST
Anthony & Autumn
It's a giant of a challenge this week on "Face Off" when the 10 remaining artists are paired up to create an original giant worthy of "Jack the Giant Killer".

After the artists meet host McKenzie Westmore at the giant redwood tree at the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park to hear their challenge - create an original giant - the artists spend a little time sketching and getting inspired before heading back to the lab to begin working. Oh, and the giant? It must have at least two heads!

The teams this week are:
Alam and Eric Z.
Kris and Eric F.
Meagan and Jenna
Wayne and House
Autumn ...

The Artists Take On Demons On 'Face Off'

1/30/2013 1:40am EST
This week on “Face Off” the 12 remaining artists will again team up to complete their spotlight challenge; but this time there's a big twist waiting for them.

Twenty-six year old special effects artist Anthony Kosar has risen to the challenge each week and taken home the top prize in every challenge. Can anyone topple the man who worked on the hit movies “Avatar” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” during his internship?

The challenge begins when the artists are taken to a desert to find host McKenzie Westmore standing next to six pitch forks with unusual names on th...

Super Heroes Come to 'Face Off'

1/23/2013 1:30pm EST
Anthony's Lava Superhero
It's super hero week on “Face Off” as the 13 remaining artists face their first solo challenge of the season. This week the challenge is even bigger because the winner will also have their creation featured in an upcoming DC Comic book.

The artists met host MacKenzie Westmore at the ComiCon in San Diego to learn their spotlight challenge for the week – to create an original super hero.

After spending some time with DC Comic creators for tips and ideas, the artists head for the lab to begin sculpting and molding their new characters. Some of the artists had trouble with their sculpting and...

'Face Off': Season 4 Premiere - Make It Reign

1/16/2013 10:26am EST
makeup by Anthony and Meagan

Season four of “Face Off” began in royal fashion when the 14 special effects makeup artists – Alex, Troy, Kris, Katie, Eric F., Meagan, Anthony, David “House”, Alam, Eric Z., Jenna, Wayne, Michael, and Autumn - met aboard the Queen Mary to learn their first challenge of the season – to create a queen to match the chosen crown and shows off who the artist is.  Oscar and nine time Emmy Award winning makeup artist and creature designer Michael Westmore judged the challenge.  Westmore joined the cast this season as a mentor to the artists giving them tips and suggestions of how best to bring...

'Face Off' Final Challenge and Grand Finale with Winner

11/1/2012 4:30am EDT
Face Off TV Series
In a two night event “Face Off” will reveal the winner for the season in a live television event after the fans choose the winner for the first time in show history; but first the three finalists will have to face a double challenge.

Before making their way to the lab the artists receive video calls from family members.

Finalists Laura, Nicole, and Derek are met in the lab by a big Halloween display and host McKenzie Westmore.  The challenge Immortal Enemies the artists must create two original characters – a demon who creates chaos in the world and a good witch to vanquish the demon.  Th...

It Gets 'Grimm' on 'Face Off'

10/24/2012 10:14am EDT
Face Off TV Series
This week on “Face Off” the four remaining makeup artists must take on the job of detective as they try to determine the culprit of the crime scenes they encounter in the woods.  How well they create their characters will determine who will move on to the finale.

The challenge this week is to create a creature based on clues left at a crime scene in the woods.  Special guest Silas Weir Mitchell gave the artists a little advice saying that different characters kill differently and the reflection of the creature can be found in the crime scene.

The artists had 30 minutes to study, film, and...

'Face Off' - Junkyard Cyborgs

10/17/2012 5:08am EDT
Face Off TV Series
This week the five makeup artists gathered in a junkyard to learn their next challenge…to create a cyborg. The catch was that they would have to use items they found in the junkyard. They had 30 minutes to find the pieces they needed before returning to the lab to create their characters.

In the lab not all was going well for every artist. Sarah could not find an appropriate concept, Laura was not happy with her concept, Derek’s mold was cracking, and Roy was annoying everyone with all the noise he was making.

After host McKenzie Westmore and head judge Glenn Hetrick made a visit to th...

"Face Off" - "Sleep Book" Comes to Life

10/11/2012 3:18am EDT
Face Off
This week on “Face Off” the six remaining special effects artists must create an original human hybrid character inspired by one of the characters from the Dr. Suess book “Sleep Book”. The characters had to appear real and capture the essence of a Suess character.

While most of the artists developed a concept for their creations and got to work bringing them to life in the lab, Alana was having great difficulty with her character. Along with missing her friend, last week’s eliminated artist Rod, Alana could not find the needed inspiration to begin sculpting her character.

On day two of ...

'Face Off' - Monster Mash

10/4/2012 12:36am EDT
Face Off
This week on “Face Off” the six makeup artists would again become seven for the Monster Challenge.

First up was the foundation challenge with a few surprises. Patrick Tatopolous returned the judge the challenge and it was not the six remaining artists who would face the challenge of creating an original Mexican Cultural Festival Day of the Dead makeup; but five of the artists who had been eliminated – Tommy, Eric, Nicole, CC, and Jason.

After saying that he was impressed and overall the makeups – that had to include items from the area – Patrick named Nicole the winner. As the winner of...

Face Off - Dishonour

9/26/2012 6:17am EDT
Face Off
This week on “Face Off” only seven special effects makeup artists remain. This week the artists face two challenges – a foundation challenge and a spotlight challenge – where they will be working solo on their projects.

For the foundation challenge the artists were challenged to create an original avante garde makeup to match the outrageous costumes worn by the models and in only two hours. This winner of the foundation challenge would win immunity and could not be eliminated in the spotlight challenge.

The winner of the foundation challenge was Roy.

For the spotlight challenge, the ar...

'Face Off' - The Superhero Challenge

9/19/2012 1:54am EDT
Face Off
This week on Face Off the artists are challenged to create Superheroes and their sidekicks. The catch to the challenge is that the artists have to create the characters to match a specific vehicle.

The eight artists were placed into pairs…
Sarah and Derek with a motorcycle and side car
Jason and Rod with a Tatra 187
Laura and Tommy with a hummer
Alana and Roy with a Dodge Charger

This week the artists had a guest consultant to give them a hand with creating their superhero characters when season two winner Rayce Bird made a visit to the show.

While the artists were in the lab working on...

'Face Off': Zombie Virus Invades Wonderland

9/12/2012 3:52am EDT
Face Off
This week on “Face Off” it’s “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Resident Evil” when a zombie virus invades Wonderland.

The nine makeup artists faced a foundation challenge with guest judge boxing champion Laila Ali. The artists had 90 minutes to convince Laila that the makeup on their models had gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring. The winner of the challenge would receive immunity and could not be eliminated this week.

Laila chose Jason as the winner of the foundation challenge.

For the spotlight challenge the artists had to create an original take on one of the characters from “Alice in Wonde...

Review: 'Face Off': Chinese Dragons

9/5/2012 7:58am EDT
Face Off: judge Ve Neill
This week on “Face Off” the artists were put into pairs and assigned to create an original take on the traditional Chinese New Year’s Dragons that could stand up to an acrobatic performance. The artists were challenged to incorporate the Chinese zodiac animals of their birth into their creations.

The teams were:

Nicole and Rod
Sarah and Eric
Alana and Laura
Derek and Tommy
Jason and Roy

After the dragons were revealed, they performed on stage and the judges – Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page – got a good close up look at each creation.

After deliberation Glenn announced that...

Review: 'Face Off' - Pirates of the Sea

8/29/2012 7:17am EDT
Face Off
Week two of “Face Off” brings more drama and a first for the show.

Last week Rod won the challenge and now must face more than just the competition…he has injured the tendons in his left wrist and hand. He has vowed to continue despite being able to use only one hand.

The spotlight challenge facing the eleven makeup artists this week was of a nautical nature when they were challenged to create an original pirate who has become one with the sea. Each artist was given a specific item as their inspiration. But this week there was an additional incentive…in a “Face Off” first the winner o...

'Face Off' - Season Three Premiere - 'Star Wars'

8/22/2012 8:06am EDT
Face Off TV Series
On Tuesday night the Syfy reality competition show “Face Off” made its season three premiere with 12 new special effects makeup artists - Laura, Nicole, Sarah, CC, Alana, Tommy, Rod, Jason, Roy, Joe, Derek, and Eric.

Each week the artists must take on challenges issued by show host McKenzie Westmore. The judging panel of Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopoulis, and new judge Neville Page will determine whom will move on and whom will be eliminated based on the artists work. After the season premiere Patrick will be leaving the show to work on a project in Bulgaria.

The season began ...

Q&A: Ashley and David Eckstein Celebrate Fandom With 'Her Universe'

3/21/2012 11:15am EDT
Her Universe
One of the joys of fandom is being able to share your passions. And thanks to Ashley and David Eckstein, that just got a lot easier (and cooler) for women.

Representing one's fandoms can be a difficult task for the female gender. I say that from experience; I'm all about showing off my allegiances. One of those happens to be to the San Diego Padres, and I went on a rant when there wasn't a T-shirt for my favorite second baseman, a certain David Eckstein. You can imagine my delight to hear that someone that I am a huge fan of was making it easier for me to represent the things I love.