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The Power of No
Ray tries to improve his love life by rejecting Debra's advances.

PT & A
Ray is chosen to tell Debra that the members of the PTA have a problem with the way she dresses.

Angry Sex
Ray uses Debra's frustrations as motivation for her to have sex with him.

Tasteless Frank
Marie worries about her cooking skills when Frank decides his lasagna needs salt.

Debra's Parents
Ray and Debra's parents all gather together at their house for Thanksgiving.

A Date for Peter
Amy's parents ask Ray to give Peter help with his dating life.

Marie helps Debra try to deal with Ray's messy habits.

The Finale
As Ray undergoes a minor surgery, complications briefly arise, making the family reevaluate their relationships but just a little. As they take their final bows, its clear that life will go on as normal for the Barone family.

Ally's F
When Ally comes home with an F on her math midterm Debra and Ray are shocked.

Boys' Therapy
The women ask Ray and Frank to go with Robert to one of his therapy sessions.

The Faux Pas
Ray's sense of humor comes back to bite him when the family doesn't like something he said to one of his kid's friends in an effort to make a joke.

Robert becomes angry with Ray after Ray tells him that his wife talks too much.

The Home
Frank and Marie tell the rest of the Barones that they are moving to retirement home; they sell their house to Amy and Robert.

Not So Fast
Ray and Debra learn that the retirement community wants Frank and Marie out of there immediately. So, Robert and Amy are forced to let them move in again.

Pat's Secret
Robert is surprised when he catches his mother-in-law, Pat, in the process of concealing a big secret from her family.

A Job For Robert
Marie starts to treat Robert better than Ray in the hopes that Robert and Amy will get interested in having a grandchild for her. But after Marie gives Robert a basket of seductive gear, Robert start to find himself only able to think of Marie when looking at the basket.

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