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The Ingrate
When Ray receives an honorary doctorate, he forgets to thank Debra in his acceptance speech.

When Ray and Debra start making Ally do chores around the house, Marie accuses them of treating her like a slave.

Thank You Notes
Debra finds an ally in amy to oppose Marie; Marie gets on her daughte-in-law's case to start sending thank you notes.

Party Dress
Ray refuses to buy a party dress for Ally when he finds out it costs $250.

The Nice Talk
When the MacDougals and Barones share Easter together, Ray and Pat find a connection while putting together a 500-piece puzzle throughout the night.

Raymond tells a white lie to his mother that ends up snowballing.

Ray gets upset when he finds out that Debra has been sharing their intimate secrets with her friends.

The Mentor
Robert and Ray meet a man who seems to consider Frank a mentor.

Crazy Chin

Debra at the Lodge
Debra gets a position at Frank's Lodge and starts spending less time at home.

The Surprise Party
Debra's mother enlists Ray's help in planning a surprise party for her daughter.

The Bird
The Barones spend Thanksgiving at Amy's parents' house.

Fun With Deborah
In an attempt to rekindle their fun-loving relationship, Deborah joins Ray on a golf outing.

Misery Loves Company
Amy and Robert give Ray and Debra advice on maintaining a happy marriage.

Jazz Records
Frank tells the kids how Ray once ruined his prize collection of jazz records.

Peter on the Couch
When Amy invites her brother over for dinner he becomes attached to the couch and will not leave it.

The Model
A modeling agent talks Robert into posing for head shots, but when he returns to pick up the photos, he finds that the agency has mysteriously disappeared.

Golf For It
Ray and Robert get into an argument over who will be responsible for Marie in the future.

Home From School
Michael spends an entire day watching Ray in his office downstairs when he refuses to go to school.

Sweet Charity
Ray enjoys working as a volunteer at the hospital when all his patients start to treat him like a celebrity.

Whose Side Are You On
When Debra makes fun of Ray in front of the children he realizes that his mother used ot do the same thing when he was a kid.

Amy and Marie get into a debate about whether Robert should retire from the police force earlier than planned.

The Contractor
Ray hires a contractor friend of his to replace the kitchen stove but he takes forever to do so.

Debra assures Ray that she will be on time for an awards dinner, until her hair gets caught in a curling iron.

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