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The Land of Confusion
Andy has concerns over Ephram's transfer to Colorado A&M, fearing Ephram's decision to be closer to Amy will have dire repercussions for his music career. Andy then tries to get Ephram an audition with Yale after Ephram despairs over his missed chances with Juilliard, hoping to turn his son's direction around. Meanwhile, Nina confesses to Andy that she's decided to propose to Jake, while Bright falls back into the arms of Ada after he and Hannah argue over their relationship's absence of sex.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Nina must choose between the two men who have acknowledged their affections for her, Andy and Jake. Delia convinces Ephram to come back to Everwood from Europe for a sudden wedding. Meanwhile, Amy and Rose are still at odds with each other, and Rose's fight with cancer has made things worse, while Bright and Hannah see each other for the first time since their pre-summer kiss.

The Next Step
Andy finds out that though Ephram is back in town, he isn't looking to move back in with the family. Bright offers Ephram the use of his and Reid's place. Ephram and Amy also reunite but must deal with the inevitable end of their relationship. Hannah worries about Bright's ability to commit when he explains his rule of only going out three times. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake's new restaurant venture has its grand opening, while Harold grows suspicious about Andy's frequent absences from the office.

Put On a Happy Face
Amy is doubly frustrated when she learns that not only is her latest attraction, Reid, gay, but she will have to put up with his and Bright's new roommate, Ephram. Meanwhile, Bright, Ephram and Hannah head to a college party, and things finally start to calm down after Nina makes her choice between Jake and Andy.

Pro Choice
Hannah's mother comes to Everwood to tell her about her father's recent death, and Bright finds himself unsure of how to be of comfort to Hannah. Ephram continues to watch Amy and Reid grow closer while denying his own feelings for her. Meanwhile, Andy tries to get a patient, in serious need of a kidney transplant, to come around to his daughter's offer to give him one of hers.

Enjoy the Ride
Reid gets out of the hospital and tries to regroup, following his suicide attempt, by asking Amy out on a date, and Amy decides to accept, coaxing Hannah into doubling with Reid's pal Nick. The double date forces Bright to confront his hurt over losing Hannah. Delia tries to rethink her Bat Mitzvah guest list when faced with the same-day birthday party of the school's most popular girl. Meanwhile, Rose and Harold reevaluate their relationship in lieu of the failed adoption process, and Nina must reevaluate her own feelings for both Jake and Andy when Jake asks her to uproot to Los Angeles.

Getting to Know You
Ephram, still smitten with Amy, realizes that he has slowly been put into the role of girl pal to her, but their feelings for one another begin to steer towards intimacy once again. The appearance of Jake's brother, Brian, leads Nina to further suspect that something troubling is going on in Jake's life. Bright attempts to help rid Hannah of her low self-esteem. Meanwhile, Andy begins to fret over Delia's fascination with her new cool-kid friends at school, and Rose drops a bombshell on Harold which has the potential to alter the rest of their futures.

Amy and Ephram try to make sense of their relationship days after sleeping with each other. Nina and Jake are also at a relationship crossroads. Ephram, meanwhile, is surprised to find himself bonding with Kyle, and Andy discovers an unflattering portrayal of himself in Irv's new book and questions everything he's ever thought about himself.

So Long, Farewell...
Hannah goes with her mother to Minnesota for several days, but not having her around has made life somber for Amy and Bright. Jake and his friend, Cliff, head out on a biking excursion that soon becomes perilous for the two of them. Meanwhile, Reid adheres to Ephram's wish that he not date Amy, while Harold decides to take a page from the book of Jake by skydiving.

Foreverwood (Part 1)
Hannah tells Nina, who is on the verge of leaving in a day or so for Los Angeles, that Andy has bought her an engagement ring. The two decide to sneak over to his house and have a peek, but Nina can't bring herself to look at the ring. When Jake discovers that Andy has purchased the ring, he has some words with Andy, who still hopes he can propose while it's not too late. Delia has her Bat Mitzvah, at which Amy is forced to watch Ephram having a good time with his new girlfriend, Stephanie, and to confront the fact that she still loves him. Hannah is accepted into Notre Dame on a full scholarship, but must make a choice between leaving Everwood and Bright or staying put and going to Colorado A&M. Meanwhile, the Abbotts grow attached to a baby that is abandoned and try to become its legal keepers, while Edna considers moving to Africa for the third phase of her life.

Ephram fumes at Bright when Bright explains to him that his one-off affair with Ada is never going to reach Hannah's ears. Ephram's confession of Bright's secret to Amy prompts Amy to also confront Bright as well about telling Hannah. Harold and Rose try to coax Andy into keeping some falsified information a secret for the sake of their adoption process. Meanwhile, Edna accompanies Irv to San Diego on a leg of his book tour, while Reid finds his medical school chances diminishing.

Connect Four
Andy, Ephram and Harold go camping together, at which time Ephram explains to the two why he came back to town. Ephram also discovers there is more to know about his gifted young piano student. Hannah tells Bright that she prefers to wait until marriage to lose her virginity, prompting him to decide whether or not he wants to dive into a relationship. Meanwhile, Reid asks Amy to go to a Halloween party, which provides more questions than answers, and Edna begins to have concerns about Jake's recent work habits.

Foreverwood (Part 2)
After a tumultuous soul-searching process, Nina decides to stay in Everwood and not to marry Jake in Los Angeles, while Edna decides to stay as well and continue to help the Abbotts raise their kids. Hannah decides to forego an education at Notre Dame and go to Colorado A&M, which will keep her close to Bright. Andy, upon learning of Nina's return, decides to finally propose to her, prompting her to happily consent. Amy, meanwhile, after admitting to Ephram that she is still in love with him, finally learns that he has never stopped loving her.

Free Fall
Nina posits that Andy and Jake could repair their damaged friendship if they went into counseling. Andy tells Ephram that Amy has possibly gotten herself a new boyfriend. After losing the mayoral election, Harold tries to help Rose with the next chapter of her life. Meanwhile, Ephram becomes more aware of the intricate world of his prodigious piano student, Kyle.

The Browns are surprised when Andy's father, Gene, pays them a visit after a fifteen-year absence from their lives. Ephram and Amy take Bright out to a bar to ring in his 21st birthday, but a dejected Bright drinks too much and ends up badly injured after crashing through the bar's front window. Upon hearing of his injury, Hannah abruptly ends her date with Nick to head to the hospital. Meanwhile, Irv and Edna delve into buying an RV for their retirement travels, while Andy is crushed by Nina's plans to move with Jake to Los Angeles.

An Ounce of Prevention
Ephram comes to believe that Kyle may be gay after a girl he helped set Kyle up with goes with him on a disastrous dance date. A troubled Ephram then decides to ask Amy and Andy for a way to proceed with undoing the damage. Meanwhile, Harold and Andy have a severe disagreement about Andy's willingness to perform a preemptive mastectomy on an 18 year-old girl who comes from a family of breast cancer patients, while Hannah tries to spice things up between her and Bright.

Goodbye, Love
After Irv dies of a heart attack, all of Everwood comes together for his funeral. Ephram decides to tell Nina that Andy secretly plans to propose with a ring before she leaves for Los Angeles with Jake. Amy reconsiders what her relationship with Ephram will be in the future. Meanwhile, Andy and Gene have a heart-to-heart talk to clear the air after Gene announces his impending departure.

Across the Lines
Andy and Jake argue over whether or not to report a drunk driver following a serious car accident. Ephram tries to get Reid to seek academic counseling, which has disastrous results. Meanwhile, Amy and Hannah find themselves continually bickering during their hang-out sessions, while Harold walks in on Rose and a cancer group member smoking their medicinal marijuana.

Pieces of Me
The pain of Ephram's past year comes flooding back to him when he begins to teach piano to a budding teenage prodigy. Andy tries to offer consultation to a man with a brain tumor and his wife. Meanwhile, Delia begins to take interest in having a Bat Mitzvah for her 13th birthday, and Harold and Rose prepare to receive the latest word on Rose's cancer.

All the Lonely People
Reid tries to kill himself after flunking out of med school. Ephram is there to get him to a hospital in time, but feels immense guilt over his failure to see the warning signs of Reid's depression. Andy and Nina have dinner together at his house while Jake is away working on setting up his treatment program in Los Angeles, but things get awkward when Nina admits she still may not be over Andy. Meanwhile, Bright tries to take the gift necklace Harold purchased for Rose and give it to Hannah as an apology for cheating.

You're a Good Man, Andy Brown
Jake returns from rehab and gets himself into a 12-step program, but Nina finds the task of helping of him along more difficult than she realized. Andy tries to act as a comforting presence for her and decides to forgo a planned online date to do so. Amy's attempt to ingratiate herself with Professor Fields forces Harold to make up information about his past. Ephram's attempts to get Kyle to reconnect with his father cause him to remember the pain of his own child. Meanwhile, Delia turns to Andy for help when she readies a speech for her Bat Mitzvah.

Lost and Found
Amy thinks about helping out at Planned Parenthood on the advice of an inspirational college professor, but her zealousness for the experience doesn't transfer to an unenthused Hannah. Andy comes to Edna's aid when she falls ill while Irv is out of town. Meanwhile, Ephram is torn up after hearing about the death of his piano teacher, Will, and Edna and Harold consider the idea of becoming legal parents to an African child.

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