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The Key
Amy orchestrates a meeting with a journalist to share some incriminating emails from work; Jeff encourages Amy to find more explosive evidence.

Revenge Play
Amy and Tyler meet with Jeff at a jazz club; Abaddonn's breach of security is exposed; Krista has a complication with her pregnancy.

Follow Me
Amy becomes inspired to use social media to spread her message of change, and attends a gathering of liberal intellectuals at Jeff's invitation. Dougie learns who hacked into Abaddonn's system, but has second thoughts about reporting the breach to HR. Amy has a chance Run-in with Abaddonn CEO Charles Szidon.

The Ghost is Seen
In an effort to dig up dirt on Szidon, Amy, Tyler and Dougie, sho's still irate over being betrayed by management, take turns trying to befriend Eileen, the CEO's assistant. Eventually agreeing to join the trio for drinks after work, Eileen takes a shine to Tyler, who ends up with a guilty conscious when the two start dating.

All I Ever Wanted
In the giddy afterglow of finding "gold" in Szidon's personal emails, Amy lets down her guard with Jeff, and indulges herself in daydreams of building a perfect life with a dashing journalist. The dream comes to an abrupt end when Levi unexpectedly returns from rehab in Hawaii.

No Doubt
In hopes she will drop her crusade against Abaddonn, Tyler gets Eileen to arrange a meeting for Amy with Szidon, who turns out to have more compassion than Amy expected. Dougie goes off the rails after getting official word about Congentiva's future. Amy confides in Kirsta about the Abaddonn expose, and has a tense meeting with Levi.

Higher Power
Amy receives a letter from Levi; Levi escapes for a night of debachery; Levi decides to return to rehab.

Agent of Change
On the verge of bringing down Abaddonn, Amy warns Tyler to prepare himself for the inevitable fallout. She also tells her mom about the expose, but Helen's reaction is not what she expected. When Szidon gets wind of her intentions, Amy wrongly points a finger at Krista, who has just given birth. As the crisis reaches its denouement, Amy is intercepted by HR and taken to meet Szidon and Abaddonn lawyers for a final reckoning.

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