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Hilary Duff: 'It's A Boy!'

10/14/2011 3:00pm EDT
Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie
Spoiler alert! While some celebrities prefer to be coy about the gender of their expected newborn, Hilary Duff was all-too happy to reveal on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she's having a boy.

The 24 year-old said on the daytime talk show, "I haven't told anyone yet. I wanted to tell you first. I just found out. It's a boy! I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time." She also revealed she's about four months along in her pregnancy.

She said that the experience of being pregnant is "kind of like a little alien has taken over your body. You just don't quite feel normal. But it's cool."


Nicki Minaj Surprises Little Girl Who Became Internet Sensation For Covering Her Hit 'Super Bass' (Video)

10/12/2011 8:35pm EDT
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj made a special visit to comedienne Ellen DeGeneres' show on Tuesday to surprise two little girls who have become YouTube.com sensations by performing her song "Super Bass."

Eight-year-old Sophia and her five-year-old cousin Rosie, from Essex, England, have become Internet sensations after their video performance picked up over six million views and Minaj, who tweeted the link to the footage of the adorable duo to her Twitter.com followers, was so impressed she agreed to meet them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But no one told the girls, who were left stunned when the star walked...

Ellen DeGeneres 'Fine' After Suffering Chest Pains

9/27/2011 8:23am EDT
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres was caught up in a health scare on Monday after suffering chest pains during a production meeting.

The comedienne was planning ahead for her hit daytime talk show on the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles when she started complaining of problems.

TMZ.com reports the Burbank Fire Department dispatched a crew to the scene just before noon local time and DeGeneres was checked out by paramedics.

Feeling fine hours after the medical emergency, DeGeneres sent a statement to WENN, revealing the problems started at home on Sunday night.

She writes, "I woke up in the middle of th...

Kelly Clarkson Has A Crush On Kyle Chandler

9/24/2011 10:30am EDT
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson has fallen for Emmy Award winner Kyle Chandler after reading all about the actor in a recent Men's Journal magazine.

The singer tweeted a photo of the cover of the men's publication after reading all about Chandler before a doctor's appointment and asked followers for more information about the "Friday Night Lights" star, but she now accepts a romance is not meant to be.

She explains, "I found out he was married, so I can't stalk him now. He's hot... They don't make 'em like that anymore."

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, Clarkson had a special message fo...

Wanda Sykes: 'I Had A Double Masectomy'

9/23/2011 2:00pm EDT
Wanda Sykes
In an Ellen Degeneres Show interview set to air Monday, Wanda Sykes revealed that she found out she had breast cancer when she went into surgery for breast reduction.

She joked, "I had real big boobs and I just got tired of knocking over stuff." After her reduction, lab work by doctors revealed that she had early stage breast cancer. Instead of going in for regular check-ups, Sykes opted for complete breast removal so the cancer would not spread.

"I had the choice of, you can go back every three months and get it checked. Have a mammogram, MRI every three months just to see what it's doin...

Ellen DeGeneres Says Ashton Kutcher's Prosthetic Manhood 'Looked Real'

9/15/2011 9:07am EDT
Ellen DeGeneres
Lesbian comedienne Ellen DeGeneres reveals Ashton Kutcher was wearing a prosthetic appendage when he stripped naked on her talk show on Monday.

His private area was pixelated on TV.

She explained, "I've been asked by so many people... It's the most realistic looking thing... I mean, it's been a while, but it looked real."

In a recent poll asking Americans which star they'd prefer to spend time with in the event of a power outage of at least 48 hours, a whopping 21 percent of people said they'd prefer Ellen over other TV talk show hosts.

Ashton Kutcher Likes Taking His Clothes Off On 'Two And A Half Men' Set

9/13/2011 9:36am EDT
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher recently talked about stripping on the set of his new sitcom "Two and a Half Men."

He joked with Ellen DeGeneres, "I can't be nude at my house because my stepdaughters are there. It's, like, the only place I can be nude is at work, and it's great."

CBS recently released the show's snazzy new opening, and Ashton channels his inner Dean Martin for the theme song.

"Two and a Half Men" returns to CBS for season nine on Sept. 19.

After Hurricane Irene Most People Would Want Ellen DeGeneres To Entertain Them If They Ever Lost Power Again

9/8/2011 7:20pm EDT
Ellen DeGeneres
Millions of Americans along the east coast of the U.S. were affected last week as Hurricane Irene tore through their towns and cities, wreaking havoc with high winds & flooding and ultimately cutting off power to nearly six million people for several days.

While many were set apart from the outside world with no telephones, cell phones or internet service, people had to find a way to pass the time without their everyday amenities. And if it happened again most say they'd want daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to be there with them.

Ellen was tops in a recent poll by GE Generator Syst...

Lady Gaga Clarifies Her Backstage Meltdown

4/28/2011 2:11pm EDT
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has opened up about the backstage meltdown which saw her crying on camera before she took to the stage at a show in New York, explaining she was "nervous" and found the experience "overwhelming".

The 25-year-old singer was seen breaking down in tears in documentary footage recorded in her dressing room at Manhattan's famous Madison Square Garden venue.

She wept as she opened up about her insecurities, saying, "I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school. I gotta (sic) pick myself up and I have to tell myself that I'm a superstar every morning so that I can get throu...

Christina Aguilera Opens Up About Super Bowl Fumble (Video)

4/26/2011 7:54pm EDT
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera sat down with Ellen Degeneres today to discuss her new show, her love life and her flub of the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl back in February.

But the singer is over her little mishap now and ready to move on with her new show The Voice, which debuts tonight on NBC.

Reflecting on her shining moment in front of millions of people on live TV, Christina tells Ellen, "I took in the moment a little bit too much... shoot me for appreciating the moment... but I was like, here I am at the Super Bowl, singing for a team and in front of, you know, the world."

The sin...

Robert Pattinson Saves Ellen DeGeneres' Underwear For 'Special Occasions'

4/21/2011 9:02am EDT
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson ran out of underwear while shooting the last "Twilight" movie "Eclipse" and had to wear boxer briefs gifted to him by chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The British hunk picked up a pair of Ellen pants when he was a guest on her show and when he found himself without a clean pair to wear for one fight scene - and he admits his trousers kept slipping down to reveal the "Ellen" waistband.

Appearing on DeGeneres' show on Wednesday, the actor told the comedienne, "I save your ones (underwear) for special occasions, so they very rarely get brought out.

"I was doing the last Twil...

Pia Toscano Talks 'American Idol' Departure, Dodges Boyfriend Questions On 'Ellen'

4/15/2011 1:00pm EDT
Pia Toscano
Pia Toscano was on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her untimely departure from American Idol - but Ellen Degeneres couldn't help herself from asking about Pia's alleged boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas!

"I'm so angry, I really don't understand it," Ellen said. "I think you have such an amazing voice."

Pia responded, "The night before I said to my parents, 'I don't know why - I have this feeling that I'm gonna be at the bottom tomorrow. So don't be upset.' And sure enough I was. I just had a feeling the entire time that it could be my time to go."

"I hope people ...

Fans Ask Hayden Panettiere About Her Sex Secrets

4/13/2011 8:23am EDT
Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere is often left blushing by fans' interest in her personal life.

Hayden, 5'2" tall, is dating boxing giant Wladimir Klitschko, who stands at 6'6", and she admits the little-and-large factor appears to fascinate the public - especially when it comes to their sex life.

She explains, "He is quite a big bigger than me and I get the prudish people coming up to me [saying], 'Does it work?' I'm like, 'Yeah... we find a way.' Where there's a will, there's a way."

Appearing on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress adds, "They're very conservative people most of the time; the...

Katie Holmes Wears A Mask To Bed

4/3/2011 1:35pm EDT
Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes isn't always the best bed partner for husband Tom Cruise - because she insists on wearing a facemask between the sheets.

The actress admits her beauty comes with a price - and her husband suffers more than most men.

Appearing on Friday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Batman Begins star revealed, "SK2 does these masks that are in a little package. It's white and you stick it on and then it kind of goes into your skin the whole night to the point where in the morning it's kind of dry and yucky and you just pull that part off and you're hydrated.

"I said (to Tom) I apologize but it...

Carson Daly Fuming Over Britney Spears' Interview Demands

3/30/2011 1:21pm EDT
Carson Daly
TV/radio host Carson Daly has voiced his anger after Britney Spears' representatives made a series of "insane" demands ahead of a planned chat with the pop star, insisting he is "shocked" she is not allowed to "do a normal interview."

The Toxic hit-maker is currently promoting her new album, Femme Fatale, and she was scheduled to sit down for a talk with Carson on 97.1 AMP Radio this week.

Carson has now revealed Spears' managers demanded the interview be pre-recorded and submitted for their approval - and he's taken to the internet to fume about the move, insisting the singer's reps are ...

Ryan Phillipe's Mom Still Grills Him About His Love Life

3/11/2011 5:30pm EST
Ryan Phillippe
Actor Ryan Phillippe dreads having his love life splashed across the tabloids, because he faces tough questioning from his sick mother whenever she reads a new rumor.

The Cruel Intentions star has been linked to Amanda Seyfried in recent months and he admits his mom Susan is always quizzing him for information about the gossip - even when she's ill.

He tells Ellen DeGeneres, "My mother, who recently had surgery, she's not in the best of health. She's recovering. She spends all day in front of the computer. Every other day or so, I'll see her name come up on the (phone) caller ID and pre...

Lock of Justin Bieber's Hair Sells for $40,000 on eBay

3/2/2011 10:41pm EST
Justin Bieber
A lock of Justin Bieber's hair sold for a whopping $40,668 on eBay today, all of which will be donated to charity.

The clipped hair, which the "Baby" singer gave to talk show host Ellen Degeneres last week as a belated birthday gift, was put up on the auction site to raise funds for The Gentle Barn, a California animal rescue center.

The winning bidder will also get to attend Ellen's show the next time Bieber's booked to appear on it.

Ellen Tweeted her gratitude to Bieber earlier today, saying "Thanks @JustinBieber! My birthday gift raised over $40,000 for @GentleBarn. How fast can you g...

Lock of Hair Justin Bieber Gave to Ellen DeGeneres for Sale on eBay

2/24/2011 11:57pm EST
Justin Bieber
Bids for a single lock of Justin Bieber's hair have reached $7,000 (at press time) in an online auction.

The pop superstar cut his famous hair over the weekend and he is offering his locks to various charities in an effort to help them raise money.

And one lot has already proven to be a big success on eBay.com.

The hair up for grabs on the auction site was given to chat show host Ellen Degeneres during a taping of her show on Tuesday.

Bieber told DeGeneres, "I'm giving pieces of it (hair) to different people. We're doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity yo...

Justin Bieber Wears Purple Underwear & Sings Lady Gaga With James Blunt on 'The Ellen Show' (Video)

2/9/2011 11:00pm EST
How do I know @JustinBieber wears Ellen underwear? He showed ...
Justin Bieber guested on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show on Wednesday bearing a gift, making a superfan's day, and wearing a pair of purple 'Ellen' branded underpants.

The "Baby" singer also joined the host and British singer James Blunt to speculate what Lady Gaga new single, "Born This Way," will sound like.

The new Gaga song doesn't debut on the radio until Friday and the three stars shared their thoughts on what it's going to sound like - based only on the song's lyrics, which were released January 27th by Gaga via her TwitLonger page.

Ellen kicked things off by playing piano and ...

Jennifer Aniston Confronted Perez Hilton Over His 'Mean' Blog

2/2/2011 6:34am EST
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston convinced celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to tone down his "mean" comments after confronting him during a chance meeting at a gas station.

The showbiz writer vowed to stop taking aim at particular celebrities on his infamous website after a spate of teenagers committed suicide across America last year as a result of high school bullying.

Hilton appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and promised to stop posting jibes at stars, and Aniston reveals it was her stand-off with the blogger which prompted him to change.

The Friends star tells DeGeneres, "I ran into Perez Hilton in...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Already Has Her Wedding Rings Picked Out

1/25/2011 11:36am EST
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Romantic Jennifer Love Hewitt is so eager to wed she has already picked out her Tiffany rings. The actress admits she has selected three bands at the top jewelers in the hope it will make her future husband's choice easier.

Appearing on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hewitt says, "I feel like I'm doing the guy a favor. I feel women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we're not very good at nailing that down for them, and I feel like I don't want to be upset if he picks a bad ring."

And the actress reveals she lets her man know about the rings whenever a relationship is g...

P!nk's Parents Heard Pregnancy News On The Radio

11/27/2010 4:00pm EST
Pop star P!nk was devastated when details of her pregnancy leaked to the press early - because her parents heard the happy news on the radio.

The singer is expecting her first child with husband Carey Hart, and baby rumors surfaced online at the beginning of the month before she had told her close friends and family.

And Pink admits she subsequently chose to go public with her pregnancy news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after her parents found out through the press.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "We wanted to wait and not talk about it for a while. But the world started talking about i...

Madonna Proposes An 'Experiment' To End Bullying

11/9/2010 8:35am EST
Madonna has offered up a practical solution to stamp out bullying - she's encouraging fans to give up gossip for one day to eradicate cruel teasing.

The Papa Don't Preach singer has spoken out against bullying after a number of American teens allegedly ended their lives over hateful taunts from classmates. Madonna is convinced students can eradicate the problem if they stop gossiping about their peers, and she is urging everyone to try it for one day.

Appearing via satellite on The Ellen DeGeneres show, she says, "I think it would be interesting for everybody to try one simple experimen...

Justin Bieber: 'There Are So Many Haters'

11/3/2010 8:08am EDT
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has fallen victim to online bullies since he shot to fame, but he's determined not to let the vicious jibes get him down.

The Baby hit-maker opened up about his bullying experiences during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he told the presenter he tries to brush off the hateful comments with humor.

He says, "Everybody goes through bullying. Everybody has, even me. On my YouTube page there are so many haters. They just say crazy stuff. Like, I'm not mad. I'm 16 years old and I don't have chest hair and I'm not angry about it at the moment. That will come. People are...

Half-Naked David Beckham Plays Hidden Camera Prank On Masseuse - Watch It!

10/28/2010 2:00pm EDT
David Beckham Shirtless
David Beckham and Ellen Degeneres decided to play a prank on a masseuse when he stopped by Ellen's show. The masseuse was shocked that her next client was David, but that was nothing compared to his bizarre behavior!

Beckham wore an earpiece during the encounter so that Ellen could feed him funny things for him to say and do. After convincing the woman to "connect energetically," he insists that she doesn't use thumbs during the massage, and then sings the Birthday Song while she works on his back!

David gets props for being able to keep a straight face despite the ridiculous things he ...

Greyson Chance Performs Debut Hit 'Waiting Outside The Lines' On 'Ellen' (Video)

10/26/2010 2:00pm EDT
Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance probably didn't think he would be performing in front of a national TV audience with a record contract when a video of him playing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi hit the web.

Millions of YouTube hits later, Greyson will appear on Ellen Degeneres' show today at 4 PM to debut his single "Waiting Outside the Lines" for record label eleveneleven.

Here's the video, via PopEater:

Lady Gaga called her protégé "sweet and talented." She added, "I'm so excited that you covered Paparazzi... Just keep following your dreams and work really hard and stay away from g...

'Soldier Of Culture' Kanye West Shows Off Diamond Teeth On 'Ellen'

10/20/2010 12:00pm EDT
Kanye West Diamond Teeth
Kanye West was on Ellen Degeneres' show to talk about his new album and how his life has drastically changed since his infamous incident with Taylor Swift last year. On a lighter note, he also got to show off some "teeth bling!"

Kanye says of the fallout from the Taylor Swift incident: "I left America. I stopped doing music all together. It was the first time that I got to stop since my mom had passed. I had never stopped and never tried to even soak in what all had happened.

"It was time to take a break and develop more as a person as a creator and focus more on my thoughts and my idea...

Harry Hamlin Denies Robbery Was A Publicity Stunt

10/9/2010 2:00pm EDT
Harry Hamlin
Harry Hamlin has fired back at reports the break-in at the Los Angeles clothing store he owns with his wife Lisa Rinna was a publicity stunt for the couple's new reality show and books.

The TV stars were promoting their new show "Harry Loves Lisa" and their books on a New York breakfast show when they first received word their store Belle Gray had been burgled in the early hours of Monday.

Hamlin actually took the call from an assistant while he was on air on TV news show "Today," and revealed $100,000 of goods had been stolen.

The media was immediately cautious to report the tale becaus...

Bullies Lit Jenny McCarthy's Hair On Fire, Threw Pies At Her

10/6/2010 8:36am EDT
Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has joined the bullying debate after hearing about a spate of school suicides, brought on by years of teen torment - revealing she was once the target of thugs.

The sexy star recently "evaluated" her own years of torment in Chicago, Illinois after reading up about the tragedies of Seth Walsh, Asher Walker, Billy Lucas and Justin Aaberg, who all took their lives rather than face the bullies ruining their lives - and she realized she was once just like them.

Recalling the terror of her abusive youth on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show in America, McCarthy said, "I would have gi...

Nicki Minaj Urges Gay Fans To Stay Strong And Fight Against Bullies

10/2/2010 1:15pm EDT
Nicki Minaj
Rap newcomer Nicki Minaj has reached out to her gay fans and urged them to stand up to bullies, insisting suicide is "never the answer."

The "Your Love" hitmaker was left devastated after learning of four separate incidents in which gay American teenagers had taken their own lives after being bullied for their sexual preferences.The tragic death of one boy, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, hit the headlines this week when he jumped off the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey after his roommate allegedly videotaped him having sex with another male and posted the footage on t...