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Hit and Run
Jane waits with Grayson in hopes that he will awake from his coma and remember seeing her true identity. Jane also takes the case of a celebrity charged with the hit-and-run of a child.


False Alarm
Grayson asks Jane to help him plan his wedding. Kim takes a case suing a plastic surgery clinic over the death of a young model who was undergoing treatment. Stacy and Fred struggle to take their relationship to the next level.

Dream Big
Jane represents a mother whose teenage son is a dwarf and is suing the sperm bank over this. Grayson represents a stripper he met at his bachelor party, but it gets awkward when his future father-in-law presides over the case. Fred tries to open up more to Stacy.

The Wedding
Jane is robbed at gunpoint while picking up the wedding rings for Grayson and Vanessa's wedding. She is surprised to be named o defend her robber in court, who pleads guilty against her advice.

Jane represents a two high school girls who want to go to their school prom as a couple. She is chagrined to learn that her relationship with Dr. Kendal is not viewed by him as exclusive.

Mothers Day
Jane's mom is arrested for using an airplane's emergency exit to escape from a plane stuck sitting on the tarmac. Deb's mother sues a casino for using her daughter's image in an ad campaign.

Jane gets assigned to work on a murder case, and realizes that old Jane used to work with and had a romantic relationship with the District Attorney. Grayson defends Stacy from a lawsuit that claims her blog inspired a teenager to rack up enormous debt.

He Said, She Said
Jane represents a cheerleader accusing a football star at Grayson's former college of date rape, while Kim helps her sister in her divorce. Jane feels awkward when she catches Deb's mother Bobbi getting intimate with Parker in his office.

You Bet Your Life
Stacy gets Jane to represent the head of her former sorority. Jane enlists Fred to take Grayson out for a good time, but things don't go the way she had thought they would.

Jane goes against her firm by representing a soil engineer who is suing one of her firms biggest clients who seek to build a school on a toxic site. Fred grows jealous of Stacy's relationship with her new co-star.

Ah, Men
Jane and Parker represent Parker's ex-girlfriend, who reveals a secret that will change Parker's life. Kim starts to fall for a single father pastor she represents for some of his unorthodox advice to his parishioners.

A law student comes to Jane for help when his fiancée gets trampled by overzealous brides during a store's big sale.

Change of Heart
Jane joins with Kim to represent a death row inmate who is trying to donate his heart to his dying sister.

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