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Jane and Stacy meet at PDQ, a Rodeo Drive clothing store, hoping to buy a dress that Jane found in a magazine. Not seeing her size, Jane soon realizes (and is eventually rudely told by the owner) that the boutique does not carry size 16. At the law firm, Kim tries to talk to Parker about her career track but Jane interrupts them. Parker assigns Jane's right-to-shop case to Kim. Parker meets with his friend Kevin Hanson and finds out that Kevin's daughter Jenny appeared in a naked party video and wants Parker to get an injunction against the company distributing the video. Jane and Kim discuss the case and Kim doubts that they will be able to get anywhere in court. Now in front of the judge, Kim and Jane appeal to the judge's understanding of fashion and the judge agrees to try the case. In Parker's case, a meeting at the firm with Tyler Mack, the owner of the video production company, goes awry when Jenny storms out and Kevin punches Tyler. Jane insists on accompanying Kim to jury selection and advises her on the picks. Parker insists that Jane drop the case after he finds out that one of the firm's largest clients is part-owner of the boutique. In a dream, Jane sings her closing and Judge Paula Abdul advises her to pursue the lawsuit against the boutique. Back in reality, Teri convinces Jane to stay on the case. Jane confronts Parker in the kitchen and threatens to sue him if he does not let her sue the boutique. Parker puts Kim and Jane back on the case but Jane is distracted by Grayson watching the naked party video. In court, Kim forces Jane to testify about her anger at the clothing store. Parker and Grayson meet with Jenny about the case and give her the option of moving forward, now that they have found evidence that she was not 18 years old when the video took place, but she is still reluctant to pursue the injunction. In court, Jane and Stacy model different versions of the same dress but their case seems thin until Jane decides to call the majority investor to testify. Parker and Kevin meet with the defendants again and Jenny agrees to support the case and the matter is resolved. In court, matters get out of hand for Jane and Kim and the judge closes the case. Kevin thanks Parker for his help. Jane is sad about losing the case, but finds out that the investor decided to force the store to carry Jane's size and delivers her the dress she wanted. Parker tells Jane that he was impressed with her determination. Jane thanks Kim for her help. Stacy and Teri meet Jane for drinks and enjoys the feeling her new dress gives her.
Andrea Conte - Margot
April Bowlby - Stacy Barrett (Regular)
Bob Bost - Ted Newton
Bob Harter - Alec Perlmutter
Brett Rice - Warren Gunther
Brooke Elliott - Jane Bingum (Regular)
Jackson Hurst - Grayson Kent (Regular)
Jessica Ver Steeg - Hot Model
Josh Stamberg - Parker (Regular)
Justice Leak - Marcus
Kate Levering - Kim Kaswell (Regular)
Kathy Payne - Judge Nina Hodge (Recurring)
Katie Kneeland - Gail Delmonico
Kenny Alfonso - Lawyer
Lauren Storm - Jenny
Margaret Cho - Teri Lee (Regular)
Maria Howell - Hilda Carrera
Patrick Fabian - Kevin Hanson
Paula Abdul - Judge Paula (Guest)
Robert Treveiler - Nathan Hart
Seamus Dever - Tyler Mack
Steve Valentine

Alex Taub
Craig Zadan
Dauri Chase
David Petrarca
Jeanette Collins
Mimi Friedman
Neil Meron
Robert J Wilson
Sarah Rath
Thania St. John

David Petrarca

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