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Magic Bullet

Jane wakes Stacy up and hears that Stacy's date with Fred did not go well. But Jane has bigger news to share about her dinner with Grayson. Jane had a nice time with Deb's former fiancé but obviously did not reveal the big secret. Jane heads into the office and meets with her new client who would like to sue the proprietors of Jillian Ford's too-effective diet plan. At the staff meeting, a process server serves Kim with papers from her former assistant Adam - suing her for sexual harassment. Jane meets with her client's daughter and learns the extent of her self-starvation. Back at the office, Grayson and Parker watch the evidence in the sexual harassment case and the videos do not bode well for Kim's chances. Jane and Stacy try to figure out how to tell Grayson the truth about Deb. Jane receives a note from Fred noting that he was transferred back to heaven (the "home office") after kissing Stacy. When Kim meets with the former assistant her temper gets the better of her and Parker notes that this lawsuit could cost her the career she has built at the firm. Grayson and Jane make a future date for dinner. Grayson tries to get information from Kim to support her case but she has trouble facing the fact that her character is on trial. In court, the opposing counsel undermines Jane's case by showing that the mother was complicit in supporting her daughter's diet. Grayson solicits Teri's help to find character witnesses. Conflicting testimony from Kim and Adam gets the trial nowhere but new revelations about Kim's past could sway the jury. Jane is called as a surprise witness in the diet trial and the defense reveals a video of a testimonial Jane recorded for the diet product. Jane meets with her old doctor and learns about the short-lived success she had on the Jillian Ford diet. Teri tries to ply Kim's former assistants with free booze but none of them want to help her out. Kim implores Grayson not to settle the case and trust that she is innocent. Teri learns that the bartender might have some information that could help Kim's case. Jane visualizes telling Grayson the big secret but ends up chickening out again. Jane and Stacy discuss the possible ways Jillian Ford could have lost the weight to prove her diet plan worked. Jane presses Jillian on the stand and Jillian reveals that she did in fact have gastric bypass surgery. When Adam comes in to settle the case, Grayson and Parker surprise Adam with the news that there will be no settlement and that Adam was actually trying to get an easy settlement based on an earlier case that he knew about and hoped to duplicate. The jury awards Jane's client significant damages and shuts down the diet website. Jane returns to the office and plans to tell Grayson about the Deb secret. Kim thanks Grayson for his help and they kiss for the first time. Jane sees them kiss and walks away in tears.
Alexa Nikolas - Hannah
April Bowlby - Stacy Barrett (Regular)
Ashley LeConte Campbell - Rhonda Grant
Ben Feldman - Fred (Recurring)
Brian Clark - Curtis Hunter
Brooke Elliott - Jane Bingum (Regular)
Conor Dubin - Adam Bay
Daniel Newman - Mike
Gregory Williams - Judge Warren Libby (Recurring)
Jackson Hurst - Grayson Kent (Regular)
Jason Giuliano - UPS Guy
Josh Stamberg - Parker (Regular)
Kate Levering - Kim Kaswell (Regular)
Kathy Najimy - Claire
Margaret Cho - Teri Lee (Regular)
Robert Gorman - Assistant
Sheri Stewart - Jury Foreman
Teri Polo - Jillian Ford
Tiffany Morgan - Dr. Allison Moore
Todd Denson - Not Fred
Vickie Eng - Judge Rita Mayson (Recurring)

Alex Taub
Craig Zadan
Dauri Chase
David Petrarca
Jeanette Collins
Josh Berman
Mimi Friedman
Neil Meron
Robert J Wilson
Sarah Rath
Thania St. John

Jamie Babbit

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