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'Downton Abbey' Recap: Sex And Drugs (Rock ’n Roll Hasn’t Been Invented Yet)

January 26th, 2015 10:57am EST
'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Sex And Drugs (Rock ’n
Tony Gillingham (Tom Cullen) doesn’t understand how a lady can sleep with a man, then not want to marry him; Thomas Barrow (Robert James-Collier) returns to Downton a heroin addict; and Robert, Earl Of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) has a freak out at dinner.

Thomas is back, and as Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) puts it, “Charming as ever, I see.” Not only is the valet still surly, he’s looking ill and constantly MIA. When Thomas steals a spoon from the kitchen, everyone suspects he’s cooking in his room (a DA no-no), but Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) oddly enough keeps coming to Thomas’s rescue with excus...

'Downton Abbey' Recap: Bed Hopping Is In Their Blood

January 19th, 2015 9:45am EST
Apparently, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) showed Tony Gillingham (Tom Cullen) more than "a glimpse of stocking."

Mary's living in sin with Tony (if only for a week in Liverpool) may be appalling for 1924, but it’s not new – at least not to Mary’s grandmother, Violet, Dowager Countess Of Grantham (Maggie Smith), who knows from scandalous love; nor to the Robert, Earl Of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), who suspects wife Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) of cheating.

Mary and Tony are still on holiday, but it’s Mary’s last day. As their post-coital breakfast arrives, Tony must slip into his adjoining roo...

'Downton Abbey' Recap: A Baby For Edith/Birth Control For Mary

January 12th, 2015 11:35am EST
'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: A Baby For Edith/Birth
“Downton is catching up with the times we live in,” says Mrs. Hughes.

“That’s exactly what I am afraid of,” replies Mr. Carson. (FYI: The two heads of the downstairs crowd are now a couple.)

The modern innovation that’s dragging DA into the 20th century kicking and screaming is the “wireless,” aka the radio. Lady Rose (Lily James) wants her Uncle Robert, Earl Of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) to buy one so she can listen to her favorite tunes and dance around the castle. He’s against “people sitting around a box listening to other people talk.”

Cora, Countess Of Grantham (Elizabeth McGover...

'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Premiere: The Aristocrats Are Back

January 5th, 2015 11:52am EST
Downton Abbey Season 5
The phenomenon that is Downton Abbey returns with a premiere episode that literally and figuratively sets their world on fire.

The twenties may be roaring (it's officially 1924), but it’s still the 19th century in the Crawley home – though for how long? The Labor Party has taken over the government and the new Prime Minister is a working class Joe – a far cry from the upstairs/downstairs values of DA. In fact, unlike Downton Abbey, other grand homes are cutting back on those in service, primarily because people no longer want to be maids and butlers, but desire to work in shops and factori...

'Birdman,' 'Fargo,' Top Golden Globes Nominations, See The Full List Of Nominees

December 11th, 2014 12:19pm EST
Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Peter Krause and Paula Patton all helped the Hollywood Foreign Press with the announcement of the nominees for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards on Thursday morning.

"Birdman," which stars Michael Keaton as a washed-up actor seeking a comeback with a Broadway play, leads the nominations in the movies category, including nods for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy and Best Actor - Musical or Comedy (Keaton).

Keatons' co-stars Emma Stone and Edward Norton are also up for Golden Globes in their respective supporting actress and actor categories. Alejandro Gonza...

Check Out George Clooney In 'Downton Abbey'

December 2nd, 2014 9:38am EST
George Clooney Appears In 'Downton Abbey' (Watch!)
We finally have a sneak peek of George Clooney's appearance in "Downton Abbey." The actor is starring in a mini-episode of the hugely popular period drama to raise money for British TV network ITV's annual Text Santa charity telethon.

According to ITV's synopsis: "It's Christmas at Downton and Lord Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) seems to be facing financial ruin once again. He's beginning to wonder if his family may be better off without him but divine intervention in the form of a very special heavenly body gives him a view of what life would really be like without his guiding spirit."

'Downton Abbey' Christmas Album Announced

October 4th, 2014 11:30am EDT
Downton Abbey
Who knew that the cast of "Downton Abbey" was so talented? Several castmembers are working on a Christmas album inspired by the hit British series.

The project will reportedly feature songs by stars including Elizabeth McGovern, who sings in the band Sadie and the Hotheads.

The album will be released by Rhino Records and will be titled "Christmas at Downton Abbey," according to The Sun.

Meanwhile, George Clooney will appear in a "Downton Abbey" charity film alongside his "Monuments Men" co-star Hugh Bonneville. Clooney filmed several scenes for the project, which is part of ITV's Christm...

George Clooney To Appear In Beloved British TV Series...Sort Of

September 11th, 2014 2:11pm EDT
George Clooney
George Clooney will appear in a "Downton Abbey" charity film alongside his "Monuments Men" co-star Hugh Bonneville.

Clooney has already filmed several scenes for the project, which is part of ITV's Christmas fundraiser, Text Santa. It's set to air in the United Kingdom in December.

The actor will reportedly play an American wedding guest.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper, "This is the biggest moment in Downton history and shows it's now the biggest drama in the world. All the plans have been shrouded in secrecy because George was determined for his role not to leak out... George...

'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' Dominate The 2014 Emmy Awards (Photos & Winners List)

August 26th, 2014 12:23am EDT
'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' Dominate The 2014 Emmy Awards (P
AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad dominated the 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards on Monday night, taking five awards during the 66th annual event.

The series picked up its second consecutive win for Outstanding Drama Series, and its three main stars, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn all landed awards in their respective acting categories (see list of winners below). Cranston won his fourth Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy, while Paul took home his third Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Gunn her second consecutive Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series...

'Downton Abbey' Pokes Fun At 'Water-Bottle-Gate' And Promotes Charity

August 17th, 2014 1:00pm EDT
'Downton Abbey' Pokes Fun At 'Water-Bottle-Gate' And Promotes Ch
As humans were not perfect - as was pointed out in a recent Downton Abbey promo photo flub that went viral earlier this week – we all make mistakes. Having the ability to laugh at yourself shows not only that you have a sense of humor but is a sign of maturity.

The cast of Downton Abbey showed just those attributes and more. After the embarrassing Instagram photo incident, where a plastic water bottle was noticed on mantlepiece, the cast responded by poking fun of the incident while promoting a good cause, the charity WaterAid UK.

"After seeing the reaction the picture caused earlier this...

'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Photos Include One With A Glaring Mistake

August 14th, 2014 9:57pm EDT
'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Photos Include One With A Glaring Mista
"We are delighted to present to you, lords and ladies, a first look at your beloved characters in Series 5 of Downton Abbey," declared the show's Facebook page earlier today.

"What stories may unfold for them in the coming episodes, what dramas await? The excitement is almost unbearable!"

One story that's currently making the rounds is the photo they released showing a modern-day water bottle in the background. Oops!

The image features the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) and Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael) standing in front of a fireplace. On the right side of the mantle is th...

Television's Dearly Departed, The 11 Saddest TV Deaths Of All Time

June 21st, 2014 11:00am EDT
Television's Dearly Departed, The 11 Saddest TV Deaths Of All Ti
For most viewers, mourning the death of a favorite television character can be almost as traumatic as mourning the death of a family member. Viewers become so close to these characters over time, that they become like family. Most times, a character death is one a fan sees coming due to illness or an episode-long situation. The deaths that are most difficult to take are those fans do not see coming. In the "spirit" of great television, we honor the dearly departed characters that never saw it coming...the 11 saddest television deaths of all time.

1. Lt. Colonel Henry Blake, "M*A*S*H"


Recap: 'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Finale

February 25th, 2014 8:32am EST
Downton Abbey
Well (spoiler alert!) at least nobody died in this year’s finale of Downton Abbey. Set around 8 months after last week’s episode, the Crawley family head over to London to occupy Grantham House for Cousin Rose’s debutante presentation and celebratory ball. Some threads of the season were tied up, while others were left dangling to no doubt be continued in season 5.

Warning: Spoilers for episode 8 (season finale) below!

Everyone’s coming to London for Lady Rose’s big day. Even Cora’s mother and brother Harold (played by the fantastic Paul Giamatti) have crossed the great pond to make ...

'Downton Abbey' Season 4: Episode 7 Recap

February 18th, 2014 7:20am EST
'Downton Abbey' Season 4: Episode 7 Recap
Sunday night’s episode was one of the better of the season as plot lines that have been building started to play out, leaving enough in question to make me eager to see next week’s conclusion.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Everyone upstairs and down are preparing for the church bazaar, which will be held on the grounds of Downton Abbey. With Lord Grantham still in the states sorting out his brother-in-law’s involvement in the Teapot Dome Scandal, the planning falls to Cora, who finally has a use this season.

Mary and Lord Gillingham

After the pig incident, Charles Blake and Mary hav...

New Characters To Bring 'More Excitement & Intrigue' To 'Downton Abbey'

February 14th, 2014 6:00pm EST
New Characters To Bring 'More Excitement & Intrigue' To 'Downton
The upcoming fifth season of "Downton Abbey" will feature several new faces, including Richard E. Grant, Anna Chancellor and Serbian actor Rade Sherbedgia.

Executive producer Gareth Neame announced the news on Friday, commenting, "The characters they play are set to bring yet more excitement and intrigue to the [show.]"

Grant will play a guest of Lord and Lady Grantham, while Chancellor has been cast as Lady Anstruther. Sherbedgia will play a Russian refugee.

Grant, who was born in the British colony of Swaziland, is known for films including "Dracula," "Penelope" and "Corpse Bride." He...

Recap: 'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Episode 6

February 10th, 2014 4:12pm EST
Downton Abbey
With only two episodes to go, last night’s Downton Abbey had some fairly predictable plot developments, and one not-so predictable moment that made me wonder briefly if we had fallen into some sort of parallel Downton universe.

Warning: Spoilers below!

This episode opens with Robert leaving on the next boat to America. Apparently Cora’s brother is in big trouble, and needs his aristocratic brother-in-law to add a bit of clout to his tarnished name. While Robert expects Bates to travel with him, Mrs. Hughes intervenes and enlists the help of Mary to get him to take Thomas instead, thus a...

'Downton' Abbey Recap: Season 4 Episode 5

February 3rd, 2014 8:21pm EST
Downton Abby
This week’s Downton Abbey centered around Robert’s “surprise” birthday party, and the arrival of yet another new character this season, Charles Blake. The love polygon downstairs took an interesting turn, and Isobel and Violet quarreled over missing knick-knacks.

Warning: Spoilers for episode 5 ahead!

Upstairs, the family is abuzz over the impending arrival of pigs, something I never thought we’d hear on Downton. But Robert’s decided to get on board with Tom and Mary’s idea to work the land, and Tamworth pigs seem to be their latest idea.

Mary is also excited by the news that Evelyn ...

Recap: 'Downton Abbey' Season 4, Episode 4 - Anna And Bates Drama Ahead!

January 27th, 2014 4:26pm EST
Downton Abbey
Well, they might as well have called last night’s episode “The Anna & Bates Show” since that plot line garnered most of the attention.  I’m on the fence about the developments made there, but more on that later.  First, the recap!

Warning: Major spoilers below!

The focus of this episode was with the downstairs staff, so upstairs, things were pretty tame.  Mary learns of Tony Gillingham’s engagement to Mabel Lane Fox.  She puts on a brave face in front of the family, but it’s clear she’s upset she missed the boat (did anyone else notice her wiping under her eyes while she was writing to co...

'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

January 21st, 2014 8:24am EST
Downton Abbey
After last week’s shocking episode, we Downtonites spent this week wondering what would become of Anna, and what would become of the show as a whole.  Fortunately, this week’s Downton Abbey seemed to be back on track, in that the “What the what?” moments were more in keeping with the usual tone of the show.

Warning: Spoilers for episode 3 ahead!

This episode picks up the morning after Anna’s horrible attack.  She’s unwilling to let Bates touch her, the reason for which we later learn from her conversation with Mrs. Hughes.  Anna feels she is “soiled” and is somehow to blame for what happe...

'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

January 13th, 2014 3:47pm EST
Downton Abbey
At the end of last night’s episode of Downton Abbey, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to approach today’s recap. Episode 2 depicted a brutal act of violence on one of the most beloved characters, making all other plot lines seem insignificant and petty by comparison.  It was a jarring note that was sharply out of tune with what Downton Abbey fans expect from the show each week.  Yes, we were dealt some emotional blows last season with the loss of two major characters, but there was something about this plot twist that seemed so terribly out of place with the rest of the series.

That ...

'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Premiere Recap – Welcome Back!

January 6th, 2014 6:30pm EST
Downton Abbey
Warning: Spoilers ahead for season 4, episode 1

After last season’s devastating finale, we’ve spent a year waiting to see how the characters of Downton Abbey would move forward without its leading man and heir, Matthew Crawley.  The season 4 premiere picks up 6 months after Matthew’s untimely demise, and at a crossroads for Mary.  As the wise Dowager Countess tells her, she must choose between either death or life.  And while she spends the first half of the episode in a grief-stricken fog, in the second half we see Mary rejoining the land of the living.  Welcome back, Mary, and welcome ba...

Former 'Downton Abbey' Star Dan Stevens Will Watch Show With American Audience

January 3rd, 2014 10:00pm EST
Downton Abbey
Former "Downton Abbey" star Dan Stevens has been so busy with his acting career, he hasn't watched any of the season four episodes.

The actor's character Matthew Crawley was shockingly killed off in a car crash during the 2012 Christmas episode.

Stevens plans on watching the period drama when the new season premieres in the United States this weekend. He explained, "I want to watch it with the American audience... It will be fun. After all, I live in Brooklyn now." 

Stevens is currently shooting "Night at the Museum 3" with Ben Stiller.

Meanwhile, Michelle Dockery, who played his on-s...

'Downton Abbey's' Michelle Dockery Meets Syrian Refugees In Jordan

December 3rd, 2013 2:39pm EST
Michelle Dockery
Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery has swapped the English countryside for the Middle East by traveling to Jordan to meet Syrian refugees.

The 31 year-old actress, who plays Lady Mary Crawley in the popular British drama, journeyed to the region last month with representatives of international charity Oxfam to meet with families who have been displaced by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Dockery visited refugee camps and met with the residents who are living in "horrific conditions".

She says, "What I have seen and heard on my trip is hard to put into words... All of the refugees I met w...

'Downton Abbey' Producers Won't Be Punished For Rape Storyline

November 4th, 2013 3:00pm EST
Downton Abbey
British TV watchdog officials have refused to take action against Downton Abbey honchos after receiving a slew of complaints following the broadcast of a contentious rape storyline last month.

Fans of the hit period drama were left  horrified on October 6th, when lady's maid Anna May Bates, played by actress Joanne Froggatt, was sexually assaulted by valet Mr. Green, portrayed by Nigel Harman, and although the attack was not directly shown onscreen, it prompted more than 200 viewers to make their feelings known to Ofcom.

Nevertheless, regulatory bosses have decided against taking the co...

Joanne Froggatt 'Really Proud' Of 'Downton Abbey' Rape Scene

October 8th, 2013 12:18pm EDT
Joanne Froggatt
Downton Abbey actress Joanne Froggatt insists she is proud of the show's producers for tackling the contentious rape storyline which sparked complaints from viewers.

The disturbing scene in which the British star's character, Anna May Bates, is attacked by Lord Gillingham's valet Mr. Green, played by Nigel Harman, prompted complaints from at least 60 fans to honchos at the ITV network and an undisclosed number to U.K. broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

Nonetheless, during an interview on British TV show Breakfast, the star reveals she is proud of the plot and insists it was brave for the show...

Emmy Nominations: 'American Horror Story' Gets 17 Noms, Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Also Dominates

July 18th, 2013 10:01am EDT
House of Cards
After picking up nine nominations, Kevin Spacey's Netflix series "House Of Cards" will be a big contender at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards. The political thriller was recognized in the Outstanding Drama Series category and picked up dramatic acting nominations for its leads, Spacey and Robin Wright. It received a total of nine nominations.

The Netflix series will be facing stiff competition from last year's big winners "Homeland" and "Breaking Bad" as well as "Mad Men", "Game of Thrones" and "Downton Abbey."

In the lead actor category, Spacey will face off against "Homeland's" Damian Lew...

J.J. Abrams Is A Huge Fan Of 'Downton Abbey'

May 24th, 2013 2:14pm EDT
Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams visited the set of one of his favorite TV shows recently -- PBS period drama Downton Abbey.

The director arranged a visit to the set while in England promoting his latest film, when he used a day off to tour the set of the hit show.

Abrams, who is set to begin work on Star Wars: Episode VII soon, tells talk show host Conan O'Brien, "I went to the set and I got to stand in the kitchen and get a picture taken, and while I was having a picture taken one of the actors walked up and joined me in the photograph."

"It's a brilliant show," he added. "...

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Makes Hilarious Turn As Lord Wolcott In 'Downton Abbey' Spoof

May 16th, 2013 11:00am EDT
Diddy on Downton Abbey
Sean "Diddy" Combs made a stunning declaration on Twitter on Wednesday. He wrote: "I have to admit that Downton Abbey is one of my favorite shows - and thats why Im so excited today."

He then posted: "MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY - my favorite show + i'll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST!"

It was later revealed that the rap mogul was promoting a cheeky new FunnyOrDie skit.

Introducing the clip, he explained: "Last week it was reported that they have cast the first black cast member...the only problem with this is I already broke dow...

'Downton Abbey' Clothing Line Coming Soon

May 1st, 2013 2:07pm EDT
Downton Abbey
The astonishing success of Downton Abbey has led producers to create a clothing line base on the early 1900s styles seen in the show.

Executive producer Gareth Nearne said, "We'll be working across an entire range of products coming out this year. From fashion, apparel and homeware and furniture to wallpapers, beauty products and stationary. Some of these things have been available since 2012 - we publish books and have made a music album, but the more complex products take time."

The producers were looking forward to sharing the fashion of the era, but had to wait until it became clear s...

Siobhan Finneran Reveals Why She Left 'Downton Abbey'

March 10th, 2013 2:19pm EDT
Siobhan Finneran
British actress Siobhan Finneran has opened up about her decision to quit Downton Abbey, insisting she was no longer enjoying work on the hit period drama.

Finneran played villainous lady's maid Miss O'Brien in three seasons of the popular TV show, but recently announced she will not be returning for the fourth series, which is currently being shot in Britain.

The actress has now revealed she decided to quit because she fell out of love with the show.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I signed up to do three series and that was all I wanted to do. I talked it through with my fam...