The Doris Day Show Summary

Dissatisfied with the congestion of the big city, Doris Martin, a beautiful widow and mother of two children, relinquishes her career as a singer and returns home to her father's ranch in Mill Valley, California. Her attempts to raise her children -- and her involvement in local community affairs -- are comically depicted through the 1968-69 season.

Feeling the need to assist with the growing expenses on the ranch, Doris acquires a job in San Francisco as an executive secretary to Michael Nicholson, the editor of "Today's World" magazine. Stories through the 1969-70 season relate her home and working life. With occasional reporting assignments and difficulty commuting from the country to the city, Doris relocates to San Francisco and rents Apartment 207, over Pallucci's Italian Restaurant, at 965 North Parkway.

Episodes of the 1970-71 season depict Doris's misadventures both at home and at work.

In the 1971-72 and 1972-73 seasons, the series format changed to depict the working and romantic life of Doris Martin, a beautiful bachelorette and general news reporter for "Today's World" magazine.