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Arthur Darvill Talks Going From 'Doctor Who' To 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow'

1/23/2016 11:00am EST
Arthur Darvill Talks Going From 'Doctor Who' To 'DC's Legends Of
Arthur Darvill is best known to TV fans as Rory, the boyfriend (and later husband) to Amy Pond - and then one of The Doctor's companions - on the BBC's long-running sci-fi show Doctor Who. But Darvill made his way into American television this season, and now stars in a vastly different role this season as Rip Hunter on the latest DC Comics series, DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

We spoke to the actor at New York Comic Con to discuss how working on one big genre franchise compares to another, and what his thoughts are about the time travelling (and hopefully time-changing) that Rip is up to.


The CW Releases A New Clip For 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow'

1/11/2016 11:04am EST
New Clip From 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' Premiere
We're ten days away from the premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the latest entry in the DC Comics TV universe, and so The CW has provided us with a sneak peek clip from the first episode!

Keep reading to see what happens when Legends takes a step back in time, heading to the 1970's. Hint: while it might be the era of disco, there's less dancing and more fighting.

From the executive producers of Arrow and The Flash, and taking place in the same universe as those shows, Legends of Tomorrow brings together a massive ensemble of characters - some of them heroes, some of them villains - t...

Weekend News Includes Final Season For 'Rectify'

1/11/2016 9:01am EST
TCA Buzz: Weekend News Includes Final Season For 'Rectify'
Among the announcements made over the weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour were that SundanceTV's original drama series Rectify (pictured above) will end after its upcoming fourth season and that BBC America has green-lit another spin-off series from venerable sci-fi franchise Doctor Who.

Starpulse has collected all the important news from the weekend TCA sessions in one handy place. Keep reading for more details on what's been renewed, when shows are kicking off or coming back, and what's ahead in TV's new year.


Sundance has decided to shutter its first or...

'Doctor Who' Christmas Special: Enough Banter To Keep Fans Delighted

12/26/2015 8:55am EST
'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Review: River's Holiday Return
The Doctor Who Christmas Special has become something of a tradition for sci-fi fans as a nice way to close out the holiday. With "The Husbands of River Song," which is Peter Capaldi's second Christmas Special as The Doctor, there's not as much holiday as in years past - but there's enough banter to keep fans delighted.

As if the title wasn't an indication, "The Husbands of River Song" really isn't much of a Christmas story; it's more a story that happens to take place in winter. Nor is it really a Doctor story; it's a River (Alex Kingston) adventure with The Doctor playing companion. Yet ...

'Doctor Who' Wraps Up The Season Tonight

12/5/2015 10:03am EST
'Doctor Who' Season Finale Preview: What Has The Doctor 'Hell Be
After his bone-chilling solo adventure last week, The Doctor wraps up the current season of Doctor Who tonight with "Hell Bent." What is the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) going to do now that he's returned to his home planet of Gallifrey? Especially given the prophecy bombshell he dropped? We have your preview of tonight's finale here.

"Hell Bent" is the third of a three-part story arc that began with "Face the Raven," which saw The Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) face an irreversible tragedy. Since that episode, The Doctor has been on a terrible tear, and now he's back on Gallifrey to c...

Peter Capaldi's Solo 'Doctor Who' Episode Proves Why He Was Such A Brilliant Casting Choice

11/29/2015 10:04am EST
Peter Capaldi's Solo 'Doctor Who' Adventure Is A Success
This week's Doctor Who was a solo showcase for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, after last week he said goodbye to Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald. Although Coleman still had a cameo appearance in "Heaven Sent," this episode was Capaldi's show and it proved why he has been a brilliant casting choice as The Doctor.

Realizing that he's been teleported into a glass chamber inside a mysterious castle, The Doctor spends the episode trying to sort out his whereabouts, dealing with a mysterious creature known as the Veil (played by Jami Reid-Quarrell), and processing what happened to Clara.

As Doctor W...

Jenna Coleman's Final 'Doctor Who' Airs - What Did You Think Of Her Exit?

11/22/2015 4:01pm EST
Jenna Coleman's Final 'Doctor Who' Airs - What Did You Think Of
Fans have known that Jenna Coleman would be leaving her starring role on Doctor Who since her departure was announced earlier this year, but Coleman's official exit from the show happened when her last episode was screened Saturday night.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, do not continue reading. This article contains major spoilers.

In "Face the Raven," Coleman's companion Clara Oswald and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) were contacted by an old friend, Rigsy (Joivan Wade, first seen in last season's "Flatline"). He needed their help with a mysterious tatto...

'Doctor Who' Concludes Its Two-Part Premiere

9/27/2015 11:05am EDT
'Doctor Who' Review: 'The Witch's Familiar'
After a solid opening to the new season last week, Doctor Who concludes its two-part premiere story with "The Witch's Familiar." Now trapped on Skaro, the home planet of The Doctor's longtime adversaries the Daleks, Clara and Missy continue their very uneasy partnership in hopes of rescuing everyone while The Doctor has an overdue confrontation with the allegedly dying Davros.

The former half of the story provides all of the comic relief, and there's a lot of it to be had, mostly from Missy's (Michelle Gomez) witty one-liners and Clara's (Jenna Coleman) pitch-perfect reactions. After Missy...

'Doctor Who' Recap: 'The Magician's Apprentice'

9/20/2015 9:02am EDT
'Doctor Who' Review: 'The Magician's Apprentice' On The Right Tr
Doctor Who returned to the airwaves on Saturday night, and "The Magician's Apprentice" proved that the long-running sci-fi show still has plenty of life left in it, if a few kinks to work out. With strong performances all around, the episode brought us back to the Twelfth Doctor's world convincingly - but where is he going next?

It begins simply enough. When airplanes are stopped in the sky and the Doctor can't be located to deal with this latest crisis, his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) is recalled by UNIT. It's quickly revealed that the planes have halted because of Missy (Michelle Gom...

Are You Ready For Season 9 Of 'Doctor Who'?

9/19/2015 2:04pm EDT
Get Ready For Season 9 Of 'Doctor Who' With These Videos
Sci-fi fans will be glued to BBC America this evening as Season 9 of Doctor Who kicks off tonight, with Peter Capaldi returning for his second cycle as The Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman reprising her role as his companion Clara Oswald, aka "The Impossible Girl." Before you tune in, what are some of the big things to know about the pair's next adventures through time and space?

Well, as it turns out, there are some TARDIS-sized changes afoot both on and off screen this time around. Firstly, for those who want to avoid spoilers, we'll leave you with the official Season 9 trailer:

Now, ...

Prince Harry Flirting With 'Doctor Who' Actress?

6/8/2015 1:43pm EDT
Prince Harry Gets Frisky With 'Doctor Who' Star Jenna Coleman At
Prince Harry was caught flirting with "Doctor Who" star Jenna Coleman last weekend- and now there might be love in the air! the Prince was attending the Audi Polo Match on May 31, when The Sun caught him getting handsy with the "Doctor Who" actress.

According to a source for The Sun, Harry "took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd in the sponsor's tent. It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning into him and he had his hand on her knee. From their body language it looked like they were really enjoying each other's company."

The British tabloid also published...

6 Great Canceled TV Shows That Came Back From the Grave

9/7/2014 1:06pm EDT
6 Great Canceled TV Shows That Came Back From the Grave
Ted Sarandos, chief content officer over at Netflix was quoted last month as saying that another season of Arrested Development on the streaming service was a question of "when" at this point. That's not surprising considering Arrested Development was essentially the first major show to film exclusively for the network after the company opted to bring it back from the dead after its three year network TV run came to an end.

While the Netflix angle is what made AD's rise from the grave so notable, it's not the first show to get re-greenlit after getting canceled. Here are six other great TV...

'Doctor Who' Premiere Recap And Review: 'Deep Breath' - Peter Capaldi's Debut A Success

8/24/2014 7:29am EDT
'Doctor Who' Premiere Recap And Review: 'Deep Breath' - Peter Ca
Ever since Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor, we've been excited for the new season of Doctor Who. Capaldi made us cry laughing as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and just plain made us cry as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth. And he's just as brilliant as the Twelfth Doctor.

So how do you introduce a new Doctor? Oh, hey, there's a dinosaur. That's pretty cool. Except it's stomping around Victorian-era London. Thankfully, we have something for that - the TARDIS, which the dinosaur actually coughs up. Familiar faces Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax go down to see ...

'Doctor Who': Get To Know New Doctor Peter Capaldi

8/23/2014 12:02pm EDT
'Doctor Who': Get To Know New Doctor Peter Capaldi
Tonight, Doctor Who fans will finally get to see Peter Capaldi's debut episode as the Twelfth Doctor - but how much do you know about the fantastic Scottish actor who's taking over the TARDIS from Matt Smith? To get you caught up before Twelve and his companion Clara Oswald set off on their next adventure, we've put together this quick guide on the coolness that is Peter Capaldi.

Before his casting as The Doctor, Capaldi's best-known role was as the savagely awesome political operative Malcolm Tucker in the BBC's political satire The Thick of It and its feature film sequel In The Loop. HBO...

20 Of The Coolest Aliens From Pop Culture

6/7/2014 9:00am EDT
20 Of The Coolest Aliens From Pop Culture
We have a fundamental obsession with the idea that aliens exist. In all probability they do - but we've got no actual idea what they might look like, sound like, think like or smell like. And if there's one thing the human mind does when it's not sure about something - it's create an identity from scratch. And that's what some of our most prolific directors and writers have done with some of the most beloved science fiction series in pop culture.

The result is a near infinite library of alien species that could very well be more extravagant than anything nature can produce. This library of...

The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television

3/26/2014 1:34am EDT
The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television
Sci-fi shows have a lot to offer - intriguing storylines, alien encounters, paranormal activity and, more often than not, beautiful women.

Today's sci fi is no longer geared to just nerds and homebodies. With compelling story threads, many tune in to find out what happens to the characters each week. But having a little eye candy doesn't hurt either.

Who makes our list of the sexiest sci-fi stars on television?

Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) from Almost Human (2013-)

FOX's "Almost Human" is a police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved h...

The Best And Worst Resurrections Of TV Characters

12/18/2013 11:07am EST
Family Guy
Brian from Family Guy was resurrected via some time-traveling tomfoolery Sunday night, making him the latest TV character to be brought back from the dead. We can't say we were surprised by his return, considering Family Guy might as well be called "The Stewie and Brian Show" these days. However, it did get us thinking about some of the best and worst resurrections of TV characters…

Worst: Stewie, Family Guy. Let's stick with Family Guy for our first choice. Yes, it was necessary for Stewie to come back to life due to his popularity on the show. However, when Stewie "died" in a computer pr...

Blu-Ray Spotlight: 'Doctor Who,' 'Futurama,' 'Simpsons,' 'Star Trek,' 'Wolverine'

12/8/2013 4:06pm EST
If you're a fan of the sci-fi genre, you've had a great few weeks in the home video department. Doctor Who, Futurama, The Simpsons, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Wolverine have all hit Blu-Ray since November. Here are our capsule reviews of all the new releases, so you can decide which ones deserve a place on your shelf. All hail the Hypnotoad!

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Just a few weeks after its global simulcast and special theatrical release, BBC Home Entertainment has made the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special available in a Blu-Ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. The pri...

'Doctor Who' Special Sets Guinness World Record

11/26/2013 6:03pm EST
Doctor Who
The 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who set a world record and gave BBC America some of its best ratings ever.

The episode "The Day of the Doctor" set the record for world's largest simulcast of a TV drama after it was shown in 94 countries and screened in 1,500 movie theaters. Over half a million tickets were sold by theaters airing the episode.

Tim Davie from BBC said of the award, "We knew we were attempting something unprecedented in broadcast history, not only because Doctor Who is a drama, unlike a live feed event such as a World Cup football match or a royal wedding, but because...

'Doctor Who: Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Gift Set' Reviewed

11/6/2013 2:32pm EST
Doctor Who
Just in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season, BBC Home Entertainment released Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set yesterday. How fantastic is this set? It certainly qualifies as great, but whether or not you'll want to pay its hefty price depends on what kind of a Whovian you are.

The Complete Series 1-7 set boasts all the currently available seasons of the relaunched Doctor Who, several of which are being made available on Blu-Ray for the first time, and many of them improved from their original releases. In our opinion, it's the best this series has ...

Peter Capaldi Is The New 'Doctor Who'

8/5/2013 6:04pm EDT
Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi was introduced as the next title character in Britain's cult sci-fi show Doctor Who on Sunday during special "Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor", which aired on BBC One and simultaneously on BBC America.

The actor will take over for outgoing 11th Doctor Matt Smith, who is departing the series after four years. Smith will stick around for the show's 50th anniversary episode on November 23, and will end his run during this year's Christmas special, when Capaldi takes over.

"I've had four wonderful years, been on some great journeys on and off screen," Smith said. "Part of me fe...

A.M. Roundup: New 'Doctor Who' Revealed, Raven-Symone Comes Out, '2 Guns' Tops Box Office

8/5/2013 9:55am EDT
Paula Patton's topless scene wasn't enough to get people out to the movies to see Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg's buddy-cop flick "2 Guns" over the weekend, as the film did win the weekend box office, but it only pulled in $27.4 million. The movie topped last week's number-one, "The Wolverine", which falls to number two; and "The Smurfs 2" opened in third place with a dismal $18.2 million. (story)

Actor Peter Capaldi has been revealed as the new Doctor Who. The 55-year-old star will take over for Matt Smith on the BBC's cult favorite show, becoming the 12th star to take the title rol...

The New 'Doctor Who' To Be Revealed In A Live Special August 4

8/1/2013 9:58pm EDT
Doctor Who
Big news for fans of British sci-fi series Doctor Who will arrive this Sunday.

Matt Smith, who portrayed the title character since 2010 and announced his departure from the series in June, will be joined by model Zoe Ball and the show's executive producer Steven Moffat in a live TV special revealing who will be taking over as the new Doctor on the show.

"Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor" will air simultaneously on BBC One and BBC America and on August 4 at 2pm ET in the US and 7pm GMT in the UK.

"The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who's taking over the Tardis," Moffat t...

'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith To Leave Show At End Of Year

6/2/2013 11:02am EDT
Matt Smith as Doctor Who
Doctor Who star Matt Smith has announced that he'll be departing the show at the end of the year, after four seasons as the eponymous Time Lord.

The 30-year-old star is the youngest to play the title role and the 11th actor to do so, taking over from David Tennant during the New Year's Day episode in 2010.

Smith's final show will be the Christmas special later this year, during a "spectacular exit," according to the BBC, whe the time-traveling doctor will regenerate into a new human form.

"Doctor Who has been the most brilliant experience for me as an actor and a bloke, and that largely ...

'Doctor Who's' Phil Ford on the US Debut of 'Wizards vs. Aliens'

6/1/2013 3:29pm EDT
Wizards vs. Aliens
The Hub is bringing CBBC's fantasy series Wizards vs. Aliens to the American audience. Executive producer Phil Ford, who co-created the epic adventure with former Doctor Who boss Russell T. Davies, recently connected with BFTV to talk about what we can expect from the showdown between spellcasters and extraterrestrials - and more things awesomely sci-fi.

"The pitch is in the title!" Phil told us. "It's Harry Potter meets Mars Attacks, wands versus ray guns! Sixteen year old school kid Tom Clarke is a secret wizard - when he discovers that Earth is being raided by aliens that feed on the en...

John Barrowman: Master of the Universe

5/1/2013 12:10pm EDT
John Barrowman
John Barrowman is best known for his heroics across space and time as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood. But if that's all you know him from, you don't know half of the story. A multi-talented performer for more than 20 years, able to thrill and inspire and even sing, he's well on his way to the top of the acting universe, if he's not already there.

On Arrow, you know him as Malcolm Merlyn, alias "The Dark Archer," a high-ranking member of an enigmatic organization who also happens to be the father of Oliver Queen's best friend Tommy. But, as John points out, to categorize ...

David Tennant And Billie Piper Returning To Doctor Who

3/31/2013 4:07pm EDT
David Tennant
David Tennant and Billie Piper will be reprising their roles in hit TV series Doctor Who to mark the show's 50th anniversary. 

The Scottish actor starred as the 10th Doctor with Piper as his sidekick Rose Tyler, and both will return for a one-off episode alongside current Time Lord Matt Smith and his new assistant played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. 

Executives at the BBC, which airs the show in the U.K., also confirmed Harry Potter star John Hurt will be joining the cast of the special 3D episode, which will air in Britain on November 23. 

In January, Piper denied she would be taking part i...

'Doctor Who': Steven Moffat on New Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman and Landing Neil Cross

3/30/2013 12:30pm EDT
Doctor Who
Whovians rejoice! It's time for more Doctor Who, and as fans eagerly await fresh adventures for the Eleventh Doctor and new companion Clara Oswald, BFTV stole a few minutes with series boss Steven Moffat to ask him about the ever-changing phenomenon that is Who - and how he got Luther creator Neil Cross to join the party.

This year is also the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and Moffat explained why he thinks the show has lasted for so long. "You can start watching Doctor Who at any point in its history. You don't have to catch up with the rest of it," he said. "It's a very simple myth....

TV Book Club: Jenny Colgan on 'Doctor Who' and Finding Andrew McCarthy

10/7/2012 12:00pm EDT
Jenny Colgan
A roster of solid authors have been penning BBC Books' Doctor Who novels for years. With the arrival of Dark Horizons, Jenny Colgan has brought her wit and warmth to the TARDIS. Recently, she talked about making the transition from fan to author, and also chatted about her previous work, including the novel where she sent her protagonist in search of the star of Pretty in Pink and Mannequin.

"The thrill of typing 'The Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS' was huge," she said. As for how she got the gig, "They didn't approach me, I approached them! A friend of mine called Naomi Al...

Her Universe Announces 'Doctor Who' and 'Star Trek' Apparel Lines

6/27/2012 9:00am EDT
Her Universe
San Diego Comic-Con is less than two weeks away, and that means it's time to start announcing merch and fashion for the fans. This first announcement is a big one: Her Universe has partnered with BBC Worldwide to bring its distinctive style to Doctor Who.

The company provides female fans of science fiction properties with apparel that is oriented toward them, in everything from tops to sleepwear and accessories. Not only is it female-friendly, but it's also got plenty of style.

Their new Doctor Who line will debut on July 11 - Preview Night of Comic-Con 2012 - with fashion tops that featu...