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Michael C. Hall Is Grateful For Support During Battle With Cancer

7/24/2010 2:00pm EDT
Michael C. Hall
Cancer survivor Michael C. Hall is back on the set of hit TV drama Dexter after winning his fight against the disease earlier this year.

The actor appeared healthy and happy as he attended the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California on Friday, telling fans he's grateful to everyone who supported him through his battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The 39-year-old star said, "It's a real gift to be able to go back to work.

"One of the best things about this (disease) is that it emerged at a time when we were close to the end of shooting. I was able to treat it over the hiatus and it didn...

'Glee,' HBO's 'The Pacific' Land Massive Emmy Nominations

7/8/2010 10:26am EDT
Hit TV musical "Glee" is set to be the toast of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards after landing a massive 19 nominations.

The comedy about a group of high school students in a choir club will fight for the Outstanding TV Comedy prize against "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Modern Family," "Nurse Jackie," "The Office" and "30 Rock," which has taken home the title for the last three years.

"Glee's" leading stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele have been nominated in the male and female categories for the outstanding comedy actor awards, while their co-star Chris Colfer has received a best supporting...

'Avatar' Dominates Saturn Awards

6/25/2010 11:46am EDT
James Cameron's Avatar was the toast of the sci-fi world on Thursday after scooping a massive 10 prizes at the Saturn Awards.

The innovative epic triumphed in categories including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Music and Best Special Effects, while Cameron took home the Best Director and Best Writing trophies, as well as The Visionary Award.

The movie's stars were also honored at the event, held by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in Burbank, California. Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana led the best actor categories and Sigourney Weaver was named Best Supporting Ac...

Tracy Morgan And Betty White Get Playful In New York Magazine (Video)

5/18/2010 2:54pm EDT
Tracey Morgan and Betty White
Tracy Morgan and Betty White got a little playful for their New York Magazine photo shoot, including a role-reversal that had Tracey in a dress and Betty in a gangster outfit.

A behind-the-scenes video captured the duo as they posed in serious and playful shots for the magazine. Things got a little silly when Betty groped at Tracy's chest before saying "Just so you know, this is a one-sided game." Tracey then took off his shirt for the next photo.

It's part of a "Televisionaries" issue that also includes Modern Family, Dexter, The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad and Party Do...

'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall Is Cancer Free

4/24/2010 9:04am EDT
Michael C. Hall
Michael C. Hall has beaten cancer, according to his "Dexter" co-star and real-life wife Jennifer Carpenter.

Hall announced he was battling Hodgkin's lymphoma in January, but Carpenter tells the Associated Press her "incredibly brave" husband has returned to work and has been given the all-clear.

She says, "(He is) fully recovered."

TV DVD Spring Cleaning: How Do You Decide What DVDs To Purge?

3/13/2010 9:11am EST
For those of you too young to remember what it was like to have a video collection in the pre-digital days of VHS, lemme tell ya… It was a pain in the butt. Bulky, inconvenient plastic blocks of ridiculously fragile tape that usually held a mere two hours took up tons of shelf space and took forever to navigate. And if you wanted to own a TV show on video, the few that were commercially available would clear your bank account and fill an entire media room!

And then came DVDs. Squishing all those ones and zeroes into small, manageable, resilient discs made the concept of a video library fa...

Michael C. Hall Prepares For His Final Chemo Session

3/10/2010 2:59pm EST
Michael C. Hall
"Dexter" star Michael C. Hall will finish his long and grueling cancer treatment after one final chemotherapy session next week.

Hall has been battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma in secret, only revealing his illness to the world shortly before he collected his first ever Golden Globe award in January.

His appearance at the ceremony, wearing a hat to hide the hair loss he has suffered as a result of painful chemo sessions, provoked an outpouring of support from fans of Dexter.

And Hall insists he's winning his fight with cancer, and is close to the end of his battle, telling Us Weekly, "I'm g...

'Dexter' Plans For Its Fifth Season At PaleyFest

3/6/2010 11:05am EST
Dexter Plans For Its Fifth Season At PaleyFest
It should seem absurd that anyone would honor and celebrate a serial killer. But when he is a loving husband, father of three, and law enforcement official, it is hard not to see his good side. And the Paley Center for Media has done that not once but twice within four years now with their annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles and Showtime's hit crime drama Dexter.

The crowd and the panel gave Michael C. Hall a standing ovation when he walked out on stage on Thursday, March 4th after screening the very special Thanksgiving episode of the previous season, "Hungry Man." Though the actor skipped pr...

'Housewives' Star Dana Delany Dishes On Her Lesbian Scene With Julie Benz

2/9/2010 8:47am EST
Dana Delaney
"This is the first time on Wisteria Lane that you'll see two women doing more than just kissing. We're taking things to the next level. I get to do it. I'm very honored."

Dana Delany on her upcoming lesbian Desperate Housewives story line with Julie Benz's stripper character.

Benz, who played Michael C. Hall's onscreen wife on the serial killer series Dexter, moves into Wisteria Lane as Debbie, a stripper who is taken under the wing of Teri Hatcher's character Susan Delfino as she strives to leave the adult entertainment industry. Benz will initially appear in three episodes.

Benz was ...

Golden Globes 2010 Highlights

1/18/2010 9:43am EST
Golden Globes Recap
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Ricky Gervais, were held last night at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. A little rain didn't stop the party and the stars walked the red carpet

in their couture dresses, bling and umbrellas. The devastating earthquake in Haiti was a big topic of conversation on the red carpet as stars wore red ribbons in support and talked about their donation efforts.

Silver, purple, gray and glittery dresses dominated the carpet as the stars filtered into the awards. Lead Actress nominee Sandra Bullock looked amazing in a sheer pur...

TV Year End Recap

12/26/2009 3:00pm EST
TV Year End Recap
Ah, the year has come to an end once more. Well, actually the decade has come to an end. But enough of all that end-of-the-decade nonsense. We still have a year in TV to discuss. A year that finally saw the networks once again deliver us some new shows worth watching, a year when several cable dramas took a massive step forward. A year when Paula Abdul wasn't the worst "Idol" Judge!

Yes, it was a strange year on the small screen, but a good one all the same. Here's the best, and some of the worst, of TV 2009.

Great Performances:

Jane Lynch in "Glee"

Sure, she's been hailed...

A Starpulse Writer's Pop Culture TV Christmas List

12/19/2009 8:00am EST
Gilmore Girls
Dear Santa:

I don't believe one can ever be too old to believe in the magic and spirit of the holiday season, nor do I believe one shouldn't be able to ask for something they want. After all, if Oprah and The Secret taught us anything, it is that you have to put what you want out in the universe in order to have a shot at getting them. So keeping that in mind, here is my not-so grown-up Christmas list!

Is it just me, Santa, or is it really annoying when a studio puts out the first season or two of a favorite old show on DVD just to see what kind of response it will get but then makes...

Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade

12/18/2009 9:39am EST
Greatest Entertainers of the Decade
This week, we've brought you the Ten Greatest TV Shows, Songs, Albums and Movies of the Decade. Now it's time to roll it all into one with the Ten Greatest Entertainers of the Decade.

This was a decade where entertainment became increasingly fractured. With 500 channels 500 bazillion websites and every medium on-demand, bringing together any significant chunk of people to one thing was a true sign of greatness. In an era when nobody had to agree - making them agree took something beyond the level of entertainer we saw in the past.

With that in mind, here are the Ten Greatest Entert...

'Up In The Air,' 'Nine' Lead Golden Globe Nominations

12/15/2009 9:19am EST
Up in the Air
The 67th annual Golden Globe nominations were just announced in Beverly Hills, Calif., by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

"Up in the Air" leads the pack with six mentions, including best picture, drama. The musical "Nine" ran second with five nominations, including best musical or comedy and acting slots for Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard.

The Golden Globes, Hollywood's second-biggest film honors after the Oscars, will be presented Jan. 17 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, televised live by NBC and hosted by comic actor Ricky Gervais.


'Dexter' Season Finale 'The Getaway'

12/14/2009 9:26am EST
Dexter ends its fourth, and best season, with an absolute game-changer of an episode that could alter the entire face of the series going forward.

This episode featured a moment of revelation that this series has always teased, but never really let its main character really take an honest look at - would it be better for him to attempt his dark passenger? This entire season Dexter has relentlessly been chasing Trinity in order to quench his thirst for the kill, but it always seemed something of an unnecessary step - why does Dexter have to be the one to do it when he could foster an ine...

Ricky Gervais Talks About Hosting The Golden Globes, Who He Hopes Will Win

12/12/2009 4:40pm EST
Ricky Gervais
Actor/comedian Ricky Gervais promises to keep his Golden Globes monologue tasteful but won't be afraid of a little "gentle ribbing" at the expense of other major names.

"Any one who's younger and thinner and richer and more attractive than me; that's the ones I'm going for," he told reporters during a conference call interview Tuesday.

Gervais will host the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 17, 2010. The show will air on NBC, and Gervais, who doesn't currently use Twitter, is considering setting up an account specifically to connect with fans during the show.

"Maybe I'll...

30 Days Of Christmas Week Two: Dysfunctional Family Christmases

12/7/2009 10:59am EST
30 Days of Christmas: Week Two
There are a lot of people who feel that starting holiday festivities too early before a holiday takes some of the magic out of it and therefore eliminates some of the excitement. If you are "one of those," though, you will probably love this week's quick alternative to the dozens upon dozens of sappy, sentimental Christmas classics soon to fill your TV. This week-- the first official theme week for the 30 Days of Christmas presents to you: Dysfunctional Family Christmases!

Day Five: November 30, 2009 - Surviving Christmas

Nothing about 2004's Surviving Christm...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Hello, Dexter Morgan'

12/7/2009 8:34am EST
In the grand tradition of dramas of this decade, 'Dexter' gave us the classic "Get Everybody Where They Need To Be" episode last night.

Many loose ends were tied up in this episode. Angel and LaGuerta's ridiculous romance has led to an even more ridiculous marriage; Rita's brief flirtation with the next-door neighbor ended in a confession and Dexter's fisticuffal reaction (an act that also served to apparently put their marital difficulties to rest) and, most importantly, Trinity's daughter was finally nailed for the murder of Lundy. Of course she was the one who did the nailing, with ...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Lost Boys'

11/30/2009 8:25am EST
Simply put, last night's episode of "Dexter" was awesome. The only thing: it didn't allow much room for analysis. This episode was almost entirely self-contained with two mirrored mysteries serving as essentially the entire plot of this installment.

The first mystery featured the serial killer du season, one Arthur, aka Trinity, capturing a boy whom he would try to make his next victim. Arthur had previously been dubbed Trinity as he ostensibly killed in threes, but, as Dexter quickly realized, there is a fourth kill in his cycle: the young boy whose innocence was shattered by the deat...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Hungry Man'

11/23/2009 8:10am EST
In a very disturbing episode of "Dexter" we saw where Dexter could go were he to allow the monster to take full hold of him and allow it to torment his family.

It always seemed like Arthur had sort of the model little serial killer family set up. With the nice house, the good job, the polite children and the charitable work that had all stayed together for years this was the goal which Dexter was striving to reach, but all of that turned out to be false in this episode.

As it turns out, Arthur's family is less than happy, and he is just as much the torturous monster towards them as h...

'Dexter' Recap: Can 'Dexter' Be Saved?

11/16/2009 9:25am EST
It seemed impossible. It didn't seem like it was something he even wanted to happen. Through the relationships, the AA, the confessions to Miguel, Dexter appeared completely steeped in his quagmire of evil. A quagmire similarly inhabited by Trinity, until the elder serial killer was able to ostensibly extricate from the mire of mania with one revelatory confession.

It was this confession that finally revealed the complete story of Trinity. As a ten-year-old he watched his sister shower (a bit crazy to begin with, but nevertheless he did it) and, naturally, this led to his sister's ge...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Slack Tide'

11/9/2009 8:25am EST
There was a moment in last night's episode of "Dexter", called "Slack Tide", that could possibly the most significant moment in the history of the series. As Debra was going through the files of her father's former CI's, she becomes overwhelmed by Harry's history and leaves Dexter's mother's file on his desk.

Dexter realizes the risk this file's existence poses to him, should Debra be able to discover that Ice Truck was Dexter's brother and maybe come to understand the real monster lurking within her brother, so Dexter decides to shred the file. Before he can destroy the picture of his...

'Dexter' Recap: 'If I Had a Hammer'

11/2/2009 8:30am EST
Throughout the course of the series, Dexter has met his equal in a variety of capacities. His brother, "The Ice Truck Killer", was his equal in both his ability to kill without leaving a trace and the scope of his evil. Lila was his equal in the way she embraced her dark side and let it feed as often as it needed. Miguel Prado was his equal in the way his thirst for a sort of sick justice fueled an unyielding ambition to kill.

Now he's met a new sort of equal. An equal in a way that is probably most important to Dexter. Somebody who matches up to him, probably exceeds him, in his abi...

Our Favorite TV Villains

10/29/2009 9:38am EDT
Maryann from True Blood
Halloween is coming up fast and it's caused people to look for the best costumes, pick out the best candy, and maybe even plan to visit scary haunted houses or watch horror films to celebrate. Halloween is a great day to cuddle up with your friends and scream at your favorite flicks, but movies are not the only ones who offer up some scary characters to haunt your sleep. Television often provides psychopaths, murderers, manipulators, and demons to taunt you not just for two hours, but for seasons upon seasons of mayhem! Here's a look at some of the scariest villains on television and why th...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Dirty Harry'

10/26/2009 8:28am EDT
'Dexter' has reached new heights this season as its sought to delve beyond its gimmicky premise and use it to make a thematic statement about self and self-denial and has hit every note soundly thus far, but last night it was nice to see it take a break from the existentialism and move into the world of pulse-scintillating thriller.

This throwback to 70s cop drama started when last week's episode left off - the murder of Agent Lundy and the gunshot wounding of Debra. This unleashed a harried search for the doers of the dastardly deed.

The regular homicide cops assumed it was The Vaca...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Dex Takes a Holiday'

10/19/2009 8:35am EDT
Last night, 'Dexter' finally dove into the question its been dancing around all season - How much of ourselves do we lose as we try to fit into a family?

Of course, this series explores that question in a way much different than other series would, as a brief respite from family life finds Dexter targeting a brand new victim - this one with a plight ostensibly similar to his. He goes after a cop who staged her murdering her family to make it appear the work of a drug dealer, and has been living free and clear ever since.

A short-lived freedom, of course, as a few loose ends she left ...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Blinded By the Light'

10/12/2009 2:36pm EDT
Sometimes "Dexter" needs to take a brief break from the constant barrage of horror and inject some humor into the maniacal parade.

Last night, that long-needed humor came in the form of Dexter's newly perfect neighborhood, and with a new enemy - a potentially teenage vandal wreaking havoc on everyone's lawn and ornamental fixtures, and pretty much anything else one can vandalize.

Normally, this wouldn't even draw Dexter's attention, he prefers monsters of a more bloodthirsty variety, but with post-concussion syndrome rendering him unable to drive, he takes something of a 'Rear Window'...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Remains to Be Seen'

10/5/2009 8:42am EDT
For the first time, Dexter is no longer the mark of steely precision that's made his killing rituals so successful.

Following his car crash, itself a sign of his growing tendency towards imperfection, Dexter awoke as concussed as a thrice-sacked quarterback with an ill-fitting helmet. This left him with no recollection of the previous evening's kill, and, more importantly, no clue where he'd placed the body.

It's very strange to see Dexter at such a weak point, as his bravura control gives the series its main resting place. We can always count on Dex's precise machinations to carry ...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Living The Dream'

9/28/2009 8:50am EDT
In the season premiere of Dexter, we're greeted with an entirely different monster. One unlike any we've ever seen on the series before, with a different set of motives, codes, and responsibilities. That monster, or course, is Dexter the Daddy.

Daddy Dexter is very different from his the loner self he left behind at the end of last season. No longer can he approach life with the cold empty precision he did as he occupied a bachelor apartment. Now he has responsibilities and duties he must perform, and they are sapping his very essence. His "Dark Passenger".

The culprits in this P...

How Chelsea Cain is Eviscerating Serial Killer Fiction

9/22/2009 7:30am EDT
Chelsea Cain
Let's face it. Our culture has a disconcerting fascination with serial killers; the more perverted, maniacal, and heinous the better. Whether on or off the screen, real or fictional, we crave that which we are simultaneously terrified of, death. The more torturous and gore ridden methods ranking highest on the list. We make these figures into iconic cultural figures that blur the lines of reality. Many of the serial killer characters created by Hollywood are built around the personalities of real killers and manage to alter their crimes into entertainment. The name Hannibal Lecter is a...