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'Mad Men' And 'Mildred Pierce' Lead 2011 Primetime Emmy Nominations (See List)

7/14/2011 10:19am EDT
Mad Men
Hit drama Mad Men looks set to dominate the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards after scoring 19 nominations, including Best Drama.

Mad Men star Jon Hamm will go up against the likes of Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Hugh Laurie (House) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, while his co-star Elisabeth Moss will battle for the lead actress prize against Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Kathy Bates (Harry's Law).

The Outstanding Drama Series category will be a closely-fought affair - Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Friday Night Ligh...

'Dexter' Star Julie Benz Engaged

6/27/2011 10:34pm EDT
Julie Benz
Actress Julie Benz is to wed again after accepting boyfriend Rich Orosco's proposal over the weekend.

The former Dexter star's beau of four years was so confident the actress would say yes he organized a surprise engagement party for his wife-to-be and 60 guests. reports the proposal took place in the backyard of the home Benz shares with Orosco in Los Angeles.

Benz tells the website, "The proposal was simple and beautiful, and then I was shocked by the pop-up surprise Mexican fiesta engagement party. What girl doesn't want to be serenaded by a Mariachi band surrounded by clos...

10 Disappointing TV Season Finales

5/25/2011 11:00am EDT
May sweeps is coming to an end and many TV shows are concluding the season with shocking and unexpected finales. Season finales are best known for their dramatic moments and thrilling cliffhangers, making them memorable episodes for many viewers. But sometimes they are so disappointing and unbearable to watch, viewers would rather forget about them than to remember their horrible plots or storylines. Here are a list of season finales that have left viewers scratching their heads and trying to figure out what they just watched.

The Sopranos: "Made In America" (Season 6)


People That Aren't Doing It: Non-Romantic TV Relationships That Work

4/14/2011 12:00pm EDT
Hawaii Five O
(*Firstly, if you don't get the joke in the title, visit Failblog. I'll wait.)

There's been a tremendous response to my Tuesday article about the reasons why I'm not excited about TV romance. It's been really awesome to hear from fans of various shows and pairings, who wrote in with their own opinions and ideas, and helped create a great discussion of the topic and the issues surrounding it - most importantly, with respect for me and for each other.

As is natural and perfectly fine, there were some people who disagreed with my lack of enthusiasm. One reader suggested that romantic r...

Top 10 Current TV Character Crushes

2/14/2011 12:30pm EST
Fairly Legal
It's Valentine's Day, and that means love is in the air (for some of us, anyway). It's also a perfect time to pay tribute to the fictional men who've made my heart melt this TV season, for one reason or another, or oftentimes several. These are ten guys who, if they were real, would have no problem getting my phone number.

Warning: there are spoilers for certain series. Each show is listed in each character's heading. If you're waiting for the DVD's, I'd advise skipping those particular sections.

Before I get too mushy, here's the criteria for making my list:

1) They had to be from...

'Grey’s Anatomy' + 'Lost' - Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved = 'Off The Map'

2/10/2011 11:40am EST
off the map cast
Which is not necessarily a bad thing: The first time I watched “Off The Map,” I dismissed it as just another sexy doctor show produced by TV superstar Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes created “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” redefining our idea of medical dramas and prime-time soap operas. Rhimes didn’t create “Off The Map” (that credit belongs to Jenna Bans, who is a producer and writer on “Grey’s”), but she is executive producing it. And her influence is all over this new show.

At first, I amused myself by looking for character counterparts to my (I’ll admit it) beloved Seattle Grace doc...

What Can We Expect To See In Season 4 Of 'Californication'?

1/6/2011 10:29am EST
Californication Season 4
So, “Californication” is returning soon, and everyone’s favorite blind-in-one-eye leading man David Duchovny reprises his role as the perpetually creatively-blocked novelist Hank Moody. And I bet you real money he’s going to be having sex with people this season. Lots of sex. That he’ll feel bad about later.

Actually, that’s the entirety of “Californication.” Hank Moody has sex, feels bad about it later, then does it again. But gosh if he isn’t just so darn loveable.

I know the show is about that cycle. I know the show is supposed to be about how Hank Moody is a sex addict, and how he’s t...

2011 People's Choice Awards Winners!

1/6/2011 8:17am EST
The stars of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" were the big winners at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart missed out on early honors as Johnny Depp won the Favorite Movie Actor a year after he was awarded the first Favorite Movie Actor of the Decade Award at the 2010 event.

Pattinson and Stewart also missed out on the Favorite Movie Star Under 25 Award - to Zac Efron.

But then the movie vampires took over, winning four big awards, including the night's Favorite Movie honor and Favorite Movie Actress (Stewart).

Eminem also claime...

'Shameless' Advance Review: This Dysfunction Isn't Fun

1/3/2011 10:08am EST
Starting next week, Showtime's Sundays leave Dexter behind to feature the return of Californication and two new series, Shameless and Episodes. I'll be previewing all three for you over the next few days, beginning with Shameless, which you may have seen when the network previewed twenty minutes of its first episode after the Dexter finale.

In case you didn't, though, here's the gist: it's yet another American version of a British television series. The original has a pretty impressive pedigree - it was created, produced and partially written by Paul Abbott, who's responsible for some ...

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: January

1/1/2011 9:08am EST
Josh Duhamel
2010 was an incredible year in the world of showbiz, with the usual headline-grabbing antics, scandal, sleaze, celebrity births, star weddings, and bitter break-ups.

Here, WENN takes a look back at 2010...


Matthew McConaughey became the first new celebrity dad of 2010 when he and Camila Alves welcomed baby Vida into the world, but they weren't the only couple celebrating births. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell experienced the joys of fatherhood all over again, while supermodel Claudia Schiffer and actress Monica Bellucci were bursting with excitement after announcing their pregnan...

Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter Separated Back In August

12/17/2010 5:24pm EST
Jennifer Carpenter
Married Dexter co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter separated over the summer - four months before they announced plans to divorce.

The actors, who play brother and sister on the hit drama, confirmed earlier this week they had split after two years together.

Carpenter moved to officially end the marriage on Thursday, when she filed divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court, and the documents reveal the pair actually parted ways back in August.

She lists the date of separation as August 9th, 2010, citing "irreconcilable differences," reports The actress is askin...

Julia Stiles 'Had Nothing To Do With The Split Between Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter'

12/17/2010 10:07am EST
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles has blasted reports she is romantically involved with her "Dexter" co-star Michael C. Hall, insisting she had "absolutely nothing to do" with his marriage split from Jennifer Carpenter.

The actress joined the cast of the hit crime drama earlier this year and bonded well with leading actor Hall.

But she has shot down rumors their friendship has become anything other than platonic following the news of his divorce from Carpenter, who plays his onscreen sister in the drama.

In a statement released to E!'s Marc Malkin, Stiles says, "I have absolutely nothing to do with...

These Might Be Explanations For The 'Dexter' Finale

12/14/2010 9:58am EST
Dexter Season 5 Finale
If you're like me, you may be still kicking Dexter finale around in your head. Or critiquing it to your friends. Or just wondering what just happened. Well, in the spirit of her somewhat vague answers before the final episode, exec producer Sara Colleton has come back with some possible clarifications for "The Big One" in separate interviews with two different sources. I'm not sure how much these will help put those nagging questions to rest for you, but at least you can hear it straight from the people responsible.

Obviously, don't keep reading if you haven't seen the finale, but if ...

'Dexter' Stars Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter File For Divorce

12/13/2010 11:00pm EST
Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter
Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, stars of the hit Showtime show Dexter and real-life couple, have decided to end their brief marriage.

An exclusive statement from their publicists to Entertainment Weekly said, "Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce."

The stars met on the set of the show, on which they play brother and sister, and were married on December 28, 2008. A year later Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, but made a full recovery merely months later and was given the all-clear by his doctors to go back to w...

'Dexter' 5.12 'The Big One' Review

12/12/2010 9:56pm EST
Dexter left off with Lumen in the clutches of Jordan Chase, and Jordan in everyone else's crosshairs. It didn't reach the shock and awe value of the season four finale, but it certainly was a good one.

Dexter is determined to save Lumen like he couldn't save Rita, and ends up as Jordan's second captive at the scene of his very first crime. Jonny Lee Miller is at his creepy, disturbing best here; I'm going to need to watch a lot of Eli Stone to get this one out of my head. When he calls Dexter "no different than the idiots who show up at my seminars," you just have to laugh at how l...

Sara Colleton Plays Coy About 'Dexter' Finale

12/11/2010 7:39am EST
Everyone's talking about the Dexter finale, and there's no shortage of people trying to ferret out what's going to happen as the serial-killer series counts down to the end of season five (which airs Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT). In a "relatively spoiler-free" interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the sometimes coy executive producer Sara Colleton drew out the tease a little longer with some interesting answers to some burning questions. All we really know for sure is that Sunday's episode allegedly "is going to emotionally tie in everything that was unleashed last year."

"He couldn't sa...

'30 Rock' Scores Trio Of Nods For Writers Guild Awards

12/9/2010 9:01pm EST
30 Rock
Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey's hit comedy 30 Rock has landed a trio of nominations for the 2011 Writers Guild Awards.

The sitcom will compete with Modern Family, Glee, Nurse Jackie and The Office for the best comedy series title, while 30 Rock has landed two mentions in the comedy episode category.

Martin Scorsese's hit show Boardwalk Empire has scored critical acclaim with nominations for new series and drama series, which will see it go head-to-head with Mad Men, Dexter, Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, which is another triple nominee alongside Modern Family.

The shortlists for the f...

TV On Blu-Ray: Sorting The Argument

12/6/2010 11:00am EST
Ever since TV shows began to be released on Blu-Ray, I've heard the same chorus of cries over and over again: "Why isn't there a Blu-Ray? I won't buy it until it's on Blu-Ray!" I always found myself wondering, "Is it really that big a deal?"

I decided to find out for myself.

Before I begin, a disclaimer is warranted: as you know if you're a regular reader of my TV on DVD column, I am not an audiovisual engineer or technical expert. That said, I do have the eye of someone who's watched way too much TV over the last quarter century, a reliable Blu-Ray player, and a brand-new 40" tele...

'Dexter' 5.11 'Hop A Freighter' Review

12/5/2010 10:01pm EST
Counting tonight, there are only two episodes of Dexter's fifth season left, so it's no surprise that last week saw Dexter and Lumen fall into bed together and Jordan Chase reach new heights of creepiness. Now, however, it's time to move all the pieces into place for next week's season finale. Next-to-last episodes can either be filler, or fantastic. In this case, it was pretty fantastic.

Post-their romantic interlude, Dexter and Lumen are discussing how they're going to take down Jordan when he realizes that they're being watched. He believes it's Jordan, but finds the equipment has ...

Desmond Harrington Previews His 'Dexter' Future

12/3/2010 2:54pm EST
If you know me at all, or have been reading my Dexter coverage, you'll know that I'm a hardcore Desmond Harrington fan. Have been ever since Ghost Ship eight years ago. So, needless to say, the wild speculation on the fate of his character, Detective Joey Quinn, on Showtime's serial-killer drama has made things around these parts more than a little uncomfortable. The man himself isn't reassuring me any, either.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Desmond lets us know definitively that "Quinn is in trouble. I'm definitely in trouble." Well, it can't get much more clear than that, at ...

Jessica Lowndes Showed Off Her Cupcakes On Her 22nd Birthday

11/16/2010 11:00pm EST
Jessica Lowndes
On Saturday night, Jessica Lowndes from the hit TV series "90210" reveled with party goers as she celebrated her 22nd birthday at PURE Nightclub inside of Caesar's Palace.

The young star along with 12 of her closest friends started the night off with dinner at Social House inside Crystals at CityCenter. The energetic group was the life of the party as many onlookers gazed over at their table to get a glimpse of the beautiful actress. Lowndes dined on Executive Chef Joe Elevado's delicious Tuna Tataki, Shrimp and Pork Lumpia, Rock Shrimp Tempura and assortment of sushi. Following the main ...

31 Days Of Horror: 'Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer' (1986)

10/21/2010 4:51pm EDT
Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
If there’s one thing that horror movies do well, it’s their uncanny ability to make murder and mayhem appealing. We fear for the characters as they get stalked by some unnamed killer, but as soon as the hammer (or the axe, or the machete, or the chainsaw) falls that fear manifests into wild cheers. It’s pretty rare when you come across a character in a horror movie who you actually feel bad for when they’re offed. Nine times out of ten the characters deserve it anyway, be it out of their own cosmic douchery or out of their own stupidity (DON’T. GO. OUTSIDE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING.). Consequentl...

Christina Hendricks Needs A Smile Makeover While Sofia Vergara Has Great Teeth

9/1/2010 10:30am EDT
Christina Hendricks
Sofia Vergara has landed another prize from her night at the Emmy Awards on Sunday - for best teeth.

The lovely Latina has landed celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin's first Emmy red carpet smile prize after showing off her dazzling white, perfect teeth.

Austin, the author of "5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How The Stars Get That Perfect Smile & How You Can Too," has named the "Modern Family" star at the top of her list of "radiant smiles", closely followed by "Glee's" Matthew Morrison, Eva LaRue and Stephen Moyer.

Veteran actor John Lithgow, who picked up a guest acting honor f...

'Mad Men' & 'Modern Family' Win Big At Emmys; See Full List Of Winners & What They Wore!

8/30/2010 1:53am EDT
Hit drama "Mad Men" and comedy newcomer "Modern Family" were the toast of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night, winning the evening's top honors.

"Mad Men's" win for best drama series marked the third consecutive time the 1960s hit took the prize, seeing off competition this year from "Breaking Bad," "Dexter," "The Good Wife," "Lost" and blood-sucking vampire series "True Blood."

Best comedy series winner "Modern Family" topped "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Nurse Jackie," "The Office," "30 Rock" and "Glee" for its big win. The show's Eric Stonestreet took home the night's first prize...

'Dexter' Producers Talk Season Five Guest Stars

8/29/2010 11:00am EDT
Dexter Season 5
Everyone’s waiting for the return of Dexter after the shocking finale of last season. Dexter himself will have plenty to deal with, but now he’ll be joined by some new characters. Four guest stars this year include Peter Weller, Jonny Lee Miller, Shawn Hatosy and Julia Stiles.

“We have four bits of very strong casting that are characters that come in and interact with Dexter's journey this year,” producer Sara Colleton said. “It's going to be a very interesting experience to see Dexter bounce tennis balls from them.”

Last year’s big guest star, John Lithgow, was a powerhouse. This quarte...

2010 Emmys: Who Should Win & Who Will Win

8/28/2010 1:00pm EDT
2010 Emmys
It’s a transitional year for the Emmys, meaning this is one of the more exciting races in recent memories. The flood of new nominees (brought on by a stellar development slate) means that we can no longer rely on the predictable Emmy voting to determine winners. Instead, this is a year where we can see many newcomers emerging and starting a whole new slate of predictable nominees.

Yes, that was a little cynical, but it’s the sad truth of the Emmys – habits are hard to break for the voters. Luckily, this year the virgin nominees have afforded them an extensive choice for brand new habits.


Celebs Opt For Short, Strapless Dresses At Creative Arts Emmys (Photos)

8/23/2010 8:19am EDT
Mary Rajskub
Mary Lynn Rajskub ("24"), Melanie Brown ("Dance Your Ass Off") and Kristin Chenoweth ("Pushing Daisies") walked the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmys looking lovely in similar styled dresses. Mary opted for a pink frock with ruffles, while Kristin wore a dark blue jeweled dress. Mel B was elegant in black.

Betty White picked up her fifth Emmy on Saturday - walking away with a trophy for her work hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Neil Patrick Harris picked up trophies for his work at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards last June, as well as for his guest role on "Glee."

Anne Hathaway's vocal t...

Betty White Wins Fifth Emmy

8/22/2010 5:27pm EDT
Betty White
Veteran actress Betty White picked up her fifth Emmy on Saturday - walking away with a trophy at the 2010 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for her work hosting "Saturday Night Live."

The "Golden Girls" favorite has enjoyed a huge career resurgence over the last 12 months, and was the subject of a campaign to get her to front the hit comedy sketch show.

And her fans' dedication was worth it - White won the prize for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her appearance on the show in May.

Another host who went home a winner on Saturday was Neil Patrick Harris - he picked up ...

'The Expendables' Boasts An Action Movie Dream Team

8/11/2010 2:00pm EDT
All across the country, fans of the explosive action movies of the 80s are about to have their thirst for old school ass kicking quenched by “The Expendables” whose cast is a veritable dream team of action stars. On August 13, testosterone junkies will have their fill of macho dialogue and gratuitous explosions. In order to be appropriately prepared for what will be a glorious disaster of cheesy filmmaking, here’s a quick rundown of the cast.

Co-writer and director Sylvester Stallone heads the cast as the leader of a group of mercenaries who travel to South America to overthrow a dictator,...

Michael C. Hall Discusses Revealing His Cancer Diagnosis

7/30/2010 11:00am EDT
Earlier this year, Michael C. Hall revealed that he’d been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Fans have been showing their support for him, but it became the most personal at San Diego Comic Con. It validated Hall’s decision to go public with his treatment.

“It was really gratifying,” Hall said at the Showtime/CW/CBS party during the Television Critics Association fall press tour. “When I find out about it I didn't imagine that I would share it at all. I thought that I could just get through the treatment but there came a time when it really made sense to just let it be known that it was s...