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Those Kinds Of Things
Dexter attends his 20 year high-school reunion, planning to get revenge on the former prom king. He is led to question spirituality and his son's legacy while investigating a grisly murder with seemingly religious overtones. Debra becomes a hero.

Once Upon a Time
When an ex-con named Brother Sam is brought into the station to help solve a murder, Dexter suspects the supposedly devout man hasn't changed his ways at all. Debra's new fame following her off-duty arrest leads Matthews to offer her the job of Lieutenant, but things with Quinn deteriorate.

Smokey and the Bandit
Dexter starts a relationship with an old man in a retirement home, suspecting that he may be the Tooth Fairy, a serial killer Dexter was fascinated by as a child. Debra has trouble adjusting to her new position as Lieutenant, and LaGuerta continues to exert her influence on the department.

A Horse of a Different Color
When Harrison gets sick, Dexter leans on Brother Sam for comfort and spiritual advice. Debra gives her first press conference, and despite LaGuerta's attempts to derail it, Debra's brash style works to her advantage. Doomsday claims another victim.

The Angel of Death
Debra bristles at being forced to undergo post-shooting therapy, but is surprised to find it might be an outlet she needs. Dexter continues his search for the Doomsday Killer, and follows a promising lead. Quinn and Batista visit Professor Gellar's former university, where Quinn gets a little too close to a witness.

Just Let Go
Debra is furious when she finds out that Quinn slept with a witness in the Doomsday case. Dexter carries out a personal vendetta.

Dexter heads to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from his past. Debra continues to struggle with her new job as lieutenant while leading the hunt for the Doomsday killer.

Sin Of Omission
Dexter relies on some advice from Brother Sam to help solve a case. Debra clashes with LaGuerta over the investigation of a call girl's death.

Get Gellar
Dexter finds a surprising helper in his mission to kill the Doomsday Killers before the police can find them. Debra has a breakthrough with her therapist.

Ricochet Rabbit
Dexter tries to determine the next victim of the Doomsday Killers. Debra begins to think she relies too heavily on Dexter.

Talk To The Hand
Dexter hatches a bizarre plan to catch the Doomsday Killers. Debra and LaGuerta's feud over the call girl's death escalates. Debra's therapist makes a brash observation.

This Is The Way The World Ends
Dexter and the police close in on the Doomsday Killers, trying to stop them from committing their final murder. Debra grapples with her emotional turmoil.

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