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Our Father
Dexter's new target is Freebo, a dope-dealing murderer, but Dexter accidentally kills a strange man he encounters in Freebo's house. Already shaken up by having broken Harry's code and killed an innocent, things only get worse when it turns out the man he killed is the brother of ADA Miguel Prado. Deb is initially given the case, but Angel takes her off it when she offends ADA Prado by suggesting his brother was a junkie.

About Last Night
Dexter and Miguel's friendship is strained. Rita wants to confront Miguel. Debra searches furiously for Anton.

Finding Freebo
Dexter and Rita have to make a big decision about their family, forcing Dexter to think about what it means to be responsible for kids. Meanwhile, Dexter and ADA Prado find themselves hunting down the same murderer, Freebo, the man accused of killing Miguel's little brother.

I Had A Dream
Dexter has a hard time distancing himself from Miguel. Rita has her own dilemma now that she knows Miguel's been seeing another woman.

All In The Family
Dexter proposes to Rita, who only wants to get married for love and not because she's pregnant. Miguel wants to tell his brother the truth about Oscar's murder, so Dexter tries to convince Miguel that he's a loose cannon who can't be trusted.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Dexter encounters a fellow predator. A murder is pinned on Freebo, but Dexter knows the truth. Dexter struggles with a growing friendship with Miguel.

Go Your Own Way
Dexter and Miguel compete for the upper hand. Miguel presents Rita with a lavish gift. Debra questions her relationship with Anton.

The Damage A Man Can Do
Dexter tries to teach Miguel the "code." Deb is closer to finding the skinner.

Si Se Puede
Dexter tests Miguel. Rita loses her job and wonders if she is meant to have a career.

Do You Take Dexter Morgan?
The investigation into Miguel Prado's slaying puts Dexter in danger from Miguel's brother Ramon. Dexter and Rita get married. Dexter faces his own mortality at the hands of the Skinner.

Easy As Pie
Dexter and Miguel have differences in selecting a new victim. Rita discovers that Miguel's wife has suspicions. An old friend asks for Dexter's help committing suicide.

Turning Biminese
Rita wants Dexter to move in with her and the kids. Dexter tracks a murderous husband to Bimini.

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