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TV Cancellations, Renewals And Shocks, Oh My!

5/14/2011 3:04pm EDT
The Event
They’re goin’ down like flies.

This week, FOX tear-gassed its on-the-bubble shows, and NBC and ABC have taken similar approaches. Either pilot season has produced some very promising material, or the networks are getting violent. Either way, there are a lot of casualties.

Let’s start with the good news: Among shows in trouble, NBC’s ‘Chuck’ has been renewed for one more season, but the caveat is that it’s just one more season, and a 13-episode one at that. Still, it’ll provide plenty of closure for fans. NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ was also granted another wish from the network’s genie, with i...

Anatomy Of A TV Season: The Hits & Misses

4/15/2011 12:00pm EDT
Kathy Bates
It’s almost May Sweeps, and season finales will be upon us faster than the networks can cancel soaps. Let’s break it down, network by network, of what succeeded – and what flopped – this TV season.


Let’s start with the weakest network. After the ‘Jay Leno Show’ debacle last season, NBC is still scrambling to find original programming that will net decent ratings.

‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ has proved a disappointment, as evidenced by its massive overhaul and return to floundering ratings. The comedy ‘Outsourced’ is on the bubble, and shows such as ‘Chase’ and ‘Undercovers’ bombed ...

Fall TV: What's Surviving, What's Thriving, And What's Dying

11/11/2010 10:25am EST
Mike & Molly
We've reached a breaking point in the Fall TV season: almost everything that's still around will likely survive the season (key word: almost). It's becoming clearer which new shows are hits (hint: not many), and there are already several casualties. Let's run down the list.

The already renewed

CBS has picked up all five of their new shows: 'Hawaii Five-O,' 'Mike & Molly,' '@#$% My Dad Says,' 'Blue Bloods' and 'The Defenders.' Each show has performed admirably, but none can be called a runaway hit. CBS, though, has the least holes in its schedule and can be proud that viewership is up ...

Poplopedia: 'Detroit 1-8-7' Recap 'Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier'

10/6/2010 11:48am EDT
Detroit 1-8-7
In the opening scene of “Detroit 1-8-7,” Detective Washington returns to the precinct for the first time after being shot on his very first day. The other detectives of course welcome him in with opening arms and Detective Fitch is actually being a bit kinder to him.

The first crime scene of the night known as “Unknown Soldier,” sees Detectives Sanchez and Stone finding an army veteran murdered. Another victim is found at the crime scene and is still breathing. He is later revealed to be the victim’s father.

On the other side of town, Fitch and Washington arrive at their crime scene, "Nob...

Poplopedia: 'Detroit 1-8-7' Recap: 'Local Hero/Overboard'

9/29/2010 12:25pm EDT
Local Hero Overboard
Detectives Stone and Sanchez arrive on the scene of a murder. The other officers assume that it is another gangster that has been gunned down in the streets, but Stone corrects them letting them know that the victim is Calvin Gibbs – a college football player who is considered a local hero.

Meanwhile, Detective Fitch makes his way to the hospital to visit Detective Washington who was shot by a suspect at the precinct in the last episode.

Washington worries that his reputation of getting shot on his first day in the precinct’s homicide unit will precede him. Fitch tries to reassure him wit...

Poplopedia: ABC Is The Go-To Network This Fall For Exciting New And Returning Shows

9/24/2010 12:30pm EDT
Detroit 187
We’ve got some good news, some bad news and some greater news. The bad news is that summer is over although you’ve probably realized that already. The good news is that fall brings with it a bevy of new television programs to entertain us while we are stuck inside, hiding out from the nippy weather.

The greater news is that ABC has an exciting fall line-up of new and returning series that are not only entertaining, but are definitely must-see TV. With a few new shows that will cater to the reality television lovers and the scripted drama adoreres (courtesy of documentary style filming), gi...

Poplopedia: 'Detroit 1-8-7' Recap (Pilot)

9/22/2010 9:35pm EDT
Detroit 1-8-7
With an Emmy Award-winning show on their hands courtesy of "Modern Family", the ABC network is of course looking to multiply the success of their primetime hour by adding dramas that can compete with the shows (mainly reality) offered on cable networks.

One of those new ABC shows is "Detroit 1-8-7."

Last night, Detroit 1-8-7 premiered on ABC adding yet another cop series to television. If you are one of the many that automatically assumed that "Detroit 1-8-7" followed the same formula as other crime drama series’, within minutes of its debut you realized you were positively wrong.


Michael Imperioli Took Classes In Interrogation For 'Detroit 1-8-7'

9/22/2010 5:00pm EDT
Michael Imperioli
Actor Michael Imperioli was so determined to pull off his portrayal of a police detective in new police drama Detroit 1-8-7, he enrolled in a training course to learn proper interrogation techniques.

The former The Sopranos star plays Detective Louis Fitch on the TV series and he reveals he turned to the professionals for tips on how to perfect the character.

Imperioli says, "He (the teacher) was a veteran detective, teaches law enforcement people interrogation (techniques). One thing he said was... when someone commits a crime, it's normally a cry out for something, for need, out of lo...

ABC's 'Detroit 1-8-7' Might Be The Detective Show You're Looking For

9/21/2010 11:27am EDT
Are you a fan of detective shows and looking for an authentic, gritty, credible series with twists and well-timed humor? ABC's "Detroit 1-8-7" might be the place to look.

Advanced reviews are coming in positive for the new cop drama, which is filmed exclusively in Detroit, Michigan. See what some critics are saying:

"They really captured the look and feel of Detroit with solid acting from a good cast," said Daemon TV's writer who is also a Michigan native.

"Fans of police dramas will appreciate the show’s various plot twists, which lead to some interesting conclusions. Its well-timed hu...