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Just Can't Get Enough (Part 1)
When Mia is offered a MAJOR modeling contract in Paris, Peter decides he'll go with her. But he soon realizes he doesn't fit into her sophisticated world. At a posh party, feeling frustrated and insecure, an unlikely guest offers an escape, snorting something. Soon enough, Peter's 'trip' goes terribly wrong. Back at Degrassi, Alli is concerned when new girl Jenna focuses on becoming Clare's friend. There's no way this is going to end well - and no way Alli's going to let it.

Just Can't Get Enough (Part 2)
Peter learns the the cocaine that he took at Declan and Fiona's party was actually Meth. He promises Mia that he won't take it anymore. But he does, which ends his relationship with Mia. She leaves and he shows up at the Winter Beach Bash on the powerful drug, putting him at odds with his band as well. What will it take to get Peter of this drug? Holly J is planning the Winter Beach Bash. However, everyone wants her give them special privileges and get amazing stuff for the dance. When Blue promises a bit too much for Holly J to handle, she becomes completely stressed out.

Shoot to Thrill
Alli feels that her relationship with Johnny is going no where. In order to fix things, she decides to spice things up a bit- with sexy pictures. However, when she reveals a secret of Johnny's, he makes a decision that may put Alli's future in jeopardy. Fiona finds the male students at Degrassi rather repulsive. Until she meets Riley, who may just have a future with Fiona...if his past doesn't hurt it that is.

Close to Me
Jane loves Spinner but when the gorgeous new boy flirts, Jane keeps her distant and would never fall prey... would she? KC's new coach finally lets him play in a game. But when KC makes a mistake the coach freaks and KC sees it as a sign that he shouldn't be on the basketball team. Will he quit the team?

You Be Illin'
Alli insists she is over Johnny, but when he wants to "talk", she gets her hopes up. Is it love or is it a lost cause? Peter wants to regain his status s the lead singer of the Studz. But they've moved on and have recruited Jane. Will Peter make it back in the band?

Wanna Be Startin' Something
Jane and Declan are cheating behind Spinner's back and when Holly J finds out, her friendship with Jane is put to the test.

Beat It (Part 1)
Beat It Part 1- Riley is still desperate to prove he isn't gay and searches for a "de-programmer."

Beat It (Part 2)
Beat It Part 2- Riley is determined to sleep with the new girl Fiona to prove to everyone he's not gay.

Waiting for a Girl Like You


Heart Like Mine (Part 1)
KC and Clare begin to grow apart.

Heart Like Mine (Part 2)

Holiday Road
Emma and Kelly stop by Degrassi on their cross-country bike tour.

Start Me Up
Peter opens up a club above The Dot.

Why Can't This Be Love? (Part 1)

Why Can't This Be Love? (Part 2)

Innocent When You Dream
Clare's having sexy vampire dreams about Declan, but can she find an outlet for her raging crush? Not if Holly J has something to say about it.

In Your Eyes
Riley has been hiding his feelings for a long time, but will a cute new friend tempt him to try dating?

Keep on Loving You
Holly J and Declan are going strong, but when he can't say the L word, she takes it personally.

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