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'Deadliest Catch' Spoilers: Capt. Keith's Rough Season

4/26/2016 1:48pm EDT
Deadliest Catch
"Deadliest Catch" season 12 continues with another episode Tuesday and it will shed more light on Capt. Keith Colburn's storyline.

At the beginning of the season, the skipper was seen fighting his emotions as he prepared to set sail from Dutch Harbor to the Bering Sea aboard The Wizard. He was deterred by his personal struggles in the aftermath of his divorce. Now he's single and his only identity seems to be as captain.

Capt. Keith spoke with Monsters & Critics to share what viewers can expect on "Deadliest Catch" this season.

"There was so much that went down this season. It was really...

Former 'Deadliest Catch' Cast Member Arrested

4/24/2016 9:10am EDT
deadliest catch
A former cast member of “Deadliest Catch” has been charged with child pornography.

KXLY 4 News in Washington reports that Paul Albert Edgren was caught with child porn that contained girls as young as 5 and 7-years-old engaging in sexual activity.

Edgren faces one second degree charge of possession of child pornography and three counts of first degree possession of child pornography. Each of the first degree charges are Class B felonies, which could carry a 14-month prison sentence.

The Spokane County resident “was in the middle of a sex chat and came to the door visibly aroused” when ...

Elliott Neese Works On Another 'Deadliest Catch' Boat

4/23/2016 6:30am EDT
Elliott Neese
“Deadliest Catch's” Capt. Elliott Neese will work on another boat that was once featured on the show. Neese is letting fans know that he has a summer gig in Alaska this summer, and you can see him if you're traveling up that direction.

Elliott tweeted on Friday that he'll be working on an Alaskan crab tour boat in Ketchikan.

“Everyone check out and follow @AleutianBallad my new job for the summer I will be with my friend & crab legend Derrick Ray #superstoked,” Elliott tweeted.

Everyone check out and follow @AleutianBallad my new job for the summer I will be with my friend & crab legen...

What Does Jake Anderson Say About Elliott Neese?

4/16/2016 10:00am EDT
elliott neese
Capt. Elliott Neese of the F/V Saga was replaced by Jake Anderson on season 12 of “Deadliest Catch.” Last season Elliott experienced serious obstacles with substance abuse and is now taking time to focus on himself.

In a Q&A session held by Jake on Tuesday, he addressed the subject of Elliott when asked what he's doing now. Jake said that he heard Elliott is doing a few different things when it comes to fishing. He shared that from what he knows, Neese is running a boat, working the rails, and still keeps busy in the fishing industry.

There was a moment right after that in which Jake made...

'Deadliest Catch' Spoilers For Episode 3

4/12/2016 11:36am EDT
Deadliest Catch
In a new video released by Discovery, Tuesday's episode of “Deadliest Catch” shows Capt. Sig Hansen enjoying his current streak of crab. Large crab in big numbers keep pouring in and he's ready to close out King season before focusing on Bairdi.

Sig Hansen needs 10,000 more crab before he hands The Northwestern over to his brother, Edgar Hansen. They're looking ahead to Bairdi where they can rake in more crab quota.

In the preview clip seen below, the crab pots are yielding a quite an overhaul for the captain and crew.

Capt. Sig is having a phenomenal crab season so far and he's more tha...

'Deadliest Catch' Captains Unsure Of Who Adele, Kardashians Are

4/9/2016 3:41pm EDT
Deadliest Catch
When you spend a lot of time out at sea, your priority isn't watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

In a fun video clip, the “Deadliest Catch” captains were asked about today's biggest names in music and reality television. The answers are hilarious.

Perhaps the most shocking is Capt. Sig Hansen saying he doesn't know “what an Adele is.” He wanted someone to sing a tune of one of her songs so that it may help him identify her music. When he heard “Hello,” he had no clue. He joked that someone should ask him about Willie Nelson or Paul McCartney because he says those are "no-brainer...

Which 'Deadliest Catch' Star Can't Swim?

4/5/2016 11:42am EDT
Deadliest Catch
Would you believe one of the “Deadliest Catch” stars is actually “afraid” of the ocean and is unable to swim? Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern admitted to TMZ on camera that he's the “last guy” who wants to go into the ocean.

“I'm afraid of the ocean,” Sig said. “The last guy that wants to go in there is ME. I can't swim.”

That's one for the ages. An ocean boat captain who can't swim? You'd think there might be some kind of test for that you have to pass in order to be a certified captain. Apparently when you're a fisherman it's not a requirement.

Sig was also asked how he was ...

'Deadliest Catch' Season 12 Spoilers For Episode 2

4/4/2016 6:54pm EDT
Deadliest Catch spoilers
“Deadliest Catch” season 12 spoilers for the second episode reveal that Capt. Sig Hansen of the Northwestern and Capt. Jake Anderson of the Saga are officially going head-to-head in getting the upper hand this crab season.

In last week's episode, Sig overheard Jake getting a tip on hot spot to drop his crab pots. Not to be outdone, Sig decided he'd venture in the same direction and see how his luck would pan out. When Jake caught on to Sig's plan, he decided to get back at his mentor by sabotaging his crab pots. Now it's game on for these two captains.

“I've seen a lot of captains succeed...

'Deadliest Catch' Spin-Off In The Works

4/2/2016 12:58am EDT
deadliest catch
“Deadliest Catch” has been ratings gold for Discovery the last 12 seasons and now a new series is in order that the network hopes viewers will find just as appealing.

Deadline reports that Original Productions, the creators of “Deadliest Catch,” will bring a second fishing-themed reality series called “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove.” The series will revolve around the lives of fishing families in Newport, Ore. and the sacrifices they make. It mirrors the original “Deadliest Catch” in that it's about crab fishing, but “Dungeon Cove” details the fishing of Dungeness crab versus Alaskan King ...

'Deadliest Catch' Star Admits Rookie Mistake On Premiere Episode

4/1/2016 12:30am EDT
Johnathan Hillstrand
On the season 12 premiere of “Deadliest Catch,” Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand admitted he made a “rookie” mistake when his crew of the Time Bandit lower the first crab pots into the Bering Sea water.s

Hillstrand's crew dropped the pots at 11:20 p.m., but they were suppose to wait until noon. A nervous Capt. Hillstrand watched overhead as a Coast Guard helicopter kept hovering around his boat. He wasn't sure they knew his pots had already been dropped, but he wasn't taking the chance of being fined $250,000.

"I thought it was noon, and I got excited and I had the guys drop a pot," Hillstrand ...

'Deadliest Catch' Season 12 Sneak Peek Released

3/29/2016 12:35am EDT
Deadliest Catch
“Deadliest Catch” season 12 premieres tonight with a lot of additions to the show. The veteran fishermen will be sharing the Bering Sea with young newcomers eager to show what they're made of.

In the beginning of the preview video, various scenes of the veteran captains are shown in their younger years as budding fishermen.

Capt. Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern reveals in the sneak peek that the new captains aren't displaying the level of fear they should.

“When I look around at the new guys, there is a lot of opportunity but not a lot of promise,” said Hansen “I don’t see as much fea...

Jake Anderson Takes Over Elliott Neese's Boat On 'Deadliest Catch'

3/28/2016 2:40am EDT
deadliest catch
Jake Anderson will captain the F/V Saga in season 12 of “Deadliest Catch.” As viewers know, Elliott Neese is the main captain of the Saga, but this season Anderson is taking over while Neese is absent from the show.

In an interview posted on Discovery, Jake Anderson said he changed everything he could on the Saga. He replaced the captain chair with one of his own and added more people to the crew.

“I made every change that I possibly could with the money that I had at the time,” Anderson says. “The first thing I changed is this frickin' captain's chair and the crew. There's only one thing...

Will Josh Harris Be Replaced As Captain On 'Deadliest Catch'?

3/28/2016 1:00am EDT
Josh Harris Could Be Replaced As Captain On 'Deadliest Catch' If
Josh Harris could face being replaced as captain of his boat on “Deadliest Catch” season 12. Harris plunked down about a million dollars to give the Cornelia Marie a complete overhaul and now he must pay back investors the money he borrowed to update it.

According to a sneak peek clip posted on Discovery, after years of having patch work done, the Cornelia Marie has been renovated with all new electronics in the wheelhouse, a large crane, a ramped up engine room, and a new galley. It all came at a big price and now Capt. Josh Harris, Capt. Casey McManus, and the whole crew must have a grea...

Captain Sean Dwyers Newest Cast Member On 'Deadliest Catch'

3/26/2016 2:00am EDT
Deadliest Catch
Captain Sean Dwyer is the newest addition to “Deadliest Catch” who will head the Brenna A.

According to Discovery, Dwyer, 24, is the youngest captain to appear on the show. He's been a commercial fisherman since he was a young boy alongside his dad, Pat. He spent 3 years on the Brenna A's sister vessel, the Jennifer A, where he was the engineer … Sean has a degree in Diesel Engine Maintenance.

Sean has “established himself as a firm, but fair, leader of a misfit crew with minimal fishing experience. Though they're still getting up to speed, Sean has a soft spot for his crew -- affectionat...

Freddy Brought Aboard Time Bandit On 'Deadliest Catch'

3/26/2016 1:00am EDT
Deadliest Catch
Freddy Maugatai returns to “Deadliest Catch” season 12. After being fired by Captain Monte Colburn on the Wizard in season 11, things didn't look good for Freddy, but he's back and this time he'll be on a different boat.

Prior to being a crew member on the Wizard, he was a deck hand on Cornelius Marie. He's now ready to give it another shot on the Time Bandit.

As Discovery writes: “Now the Wizard's loss is the Time Bandit's gain. Coming aboard the already crowded deck, Freddy's expertise at the rail could disrupt the hierarchy established among the young crew. Freddy's positive energy and...

Elliott Neese Officially Off 'Deadliest Catch' Season 12

3/25/2016 7:00am EDT
Elliott Neese Officially Off 'Deadliest Catch': Discovery Confir
Capt. Elliott Neese is officially off “Deadliest Catch” season 12 and Capt. Jake Anderson will take over the Saga.

According to a tweet by Discovery, Neese won't be on this season. The network wrote on Twitter Thursday: “It's official: Elliott's out, Jake's in: 5 days til #DeadliestCatch”.

In an interview Elliott gave recently, he said he wasn't going to be on “Deadliest Catch” so he could focus on himself after his stint in rehab. Last year he battled serious alcohol and drug problems and it affected his work aboard the F/V Saga. He was seen throwing temper tantrums and taking his frustr...

'Deadliest Catch' Star Recoving From Heart Attack

3/11/2016 1:00am EST
sig hansen
“Deadliest Catch” star Sig Hansen is recovering from a heart attack he suffered last week while filming season 12 of the show. He attempted to keep on working, but he was hospitalized and treated.

Sig spoke with TMZ Live to give an update on his condition. According to the captain, his heart attack was a huge wake up call. As fans of “Deadliest Catch” are aware, Hansen is a big smoker. This latest health scare has made the veteran fisherman take a second look at his habit. He reveals that he's trying to quit his smoking habit … gradually.

Two things the doctor told Sig Hansen to avoid whi...

'Deadliest Catch' Star Has Heart Attack

3/4/2016 1:00am EST
'Deadliest Catch' Star Has Heart Attack: Sig Hansen Falls While
Captain Sig Hansen of “Deadliest Catch” suffered a heart attack on Wednesday while fishing for crab. The veteran fisherman and reality show star was on deck his boat, F/V Northwestern when the incident happened.

According to TMZ, the 49-year-old captain was on deck when the crew reports Sig “experienced chest pain at sea during taping.”

Sig came to not long after he fell unconscious and tried going back to work, but his crew made sure he got the medical attention he needed. He was airlifted to a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska for treatment and had a series of tests done.

Sig's daughter, M...

'Deadliest Catch' Star Fined For Illegal Crabbing

3/1/2016 11:02am EST
Monte Colburn
Captain Monte Colburn from "Deadliest Catch" got fined for crabbing in a region he shouldn't have been venturing in.

TMZ reports that Monte Colburn was in an off-limits area back in November during the taping of “Deadliest Catch.” The captain almost got away with it until Fish and Game officials inspected his catch once his boat was docked at Dutch Harbor. Officials discovered a species of crab – Opilio crab – that's protected during that time of year.

“The Deadliest Catch” star was slapped with a $750 fine that he just paid.

As the report adds, Monte was busted for the same reason last ...

'Deadliest Catch' Star's Cause Of Death Revealed

8/12/2015 8:20am EDT
Deadliest Catch
"Deadliest Catch" star Tony Lara died unexpectedly at age 50 over the weekend in Sturgis, South Dakota, and authorities now believe the cause of death was a heart attack.

A pathologist performed an autopsy and discovered scar tissue on the fishing captain's heart -- an indicator of a heart attack, Meade County Sheriff told TMZ.

The sheriff, Ron Merwin, says the cause of death will be confirmed once toxicology results are verified.

Drugs and alcohol didn't play a role in his death.

Lara was found Saturday morning at a home in Sturgis where the famous motorcycle rally takes place every ye...

TV Producer Shot To Death Outside His California Home

7/25/2015 4:21pm EDT
Former 'Deadliest Catch' Producer Killed In Shooting
TV producer Joe McMahon was shot and killed outside his California home on Friday. The former "Deadliest Catch" producer was found lying on the street outside of his property in Pasadena in the early morning of July 24.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies responded to reports of gunfire and found McMahon, 25, on the ground with multiple gun wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

McMahon was an associate producer on several 2013 episodes of the Discovery channel show.

The network said in a statement: "We are heartsick about this tragedy - our thoughts and prayers go out to his fam...

9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel

8/20/2014 7:00pm EDT
9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel
The one thing about reality television is that for the most part, it is completely unscripted (or so the networks would like us to believe.) What happens on camera is usually a reaction to something another cast member did and therefore, causes lots of juicy ammunition for others to keep the perpetual fires lit. Reality has become a hotbed of catcalls, catfights, bad behavior and image-wrecking scenarios. Still, there are some bright lights in the genre. Some of the best reality show moments have made us cry, held back our disbelief and ran us straight to social media to talk about it with ...

Check Out The 100th Episode Of 'Deadliest Catch' April 10

3/31/2012 10:15am EDT
Deadliest Catch
Fishing's fearless are back as "Deadliest Catch" returns celebrating its 100th episode with the season premiere on Tuesday, April 10, at 9 p.m. e/p on Discovery.

Captains Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand (F/V Time Bandit), Captain Sig Hansen (F/V Northwestern), Captain Keith Colburn (F/V Wizard), Captain "Wild Bill" Wichrowski (F/V Kodiak) and returning newer skippers Captain Scott Campbell Jr. (F/V Seabrooke) and resident badboy, hot shot Captain Elliott Neese (F/V Ramblin' Rose) take to the icy Bering Sea searching for their own version of buried treasure – the highly prized Alaskan king ...

'Modern Family' Dominates The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards (See List Of Winners)

9/19/2011 7:41am EDT
Modern Family
Modern Family came full circle at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, winning the very first honors of the night and closing the show by topping the prestigious Comedy Series category.

Mad Men looked set to dominate the night, going in with 19 top nominations, and it continued its winning streak for the best drama title for the fourth year in a row.

But the stars of the period drama didn't fair so well - Jon Hamm was a four-time loser for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series - Kyle Chandler claimed that prize for his role in Friday Night Lights, while Julianna Margulies beat t...

'Deadliest Catch' Star Found Dead

2/23/2011 11:30pm EST
Deadliest Catch
Justin Tennison, one of the stars of reality TV fishing drama Deadliest Catch has been found dead, a year after castmate Captain Phil Harris passed away.

Police discovered the body of engineer/deckhand Tennison in a hotel room in Homer, Alaska on Tuesday; and reports that drugs and alcohol were found in the room.

He was 33.

An autopsy is due to be performed on Wednesday afternoon.

Tennison's death is the second to hit the popular Discovery Channel reality show, about the fishing industry in the dangerous waters off Alaska.

Deep-sea fisherman Captain Harris died after suffering ...

Notable 2010 Celebrity Deaths

12/31/2010 8:00am EST
2010 Celeb Deaths
Fortunately, 2010 wasn't a big one for celebrity deaths. In 2009, several notables died, including Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett.

May was a particularly bad month, in which stars such as Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper passed away.

Casey Johnson, Johnson & Johnson heiress and fiancee of reality star Tila Tequila, died January 4 from diabetic ketoacidosis.

"All My Children" patriarch James Mitchell died on January 22, weeks shy of his 90th birthday. The cause was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by pneumonia.

"Poltergeist" star Zelda Rubenstein di...

Three Stars Leave 'Deadliest Catch' Over Lawsuit

9/30/2010 5:00pm EDT
Deadliest Catch
Capts. Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand and Capt. Sig Hansen are leaving hit Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch after the channel sued the Hillstrands for allegedly backing out of a spin-off.

Discovery sued the two brothers for $3 million over a show titled "Hillstranded." The complaint says "The Hillstrand Defendants determined that they would reverse course, dishonor their promises, and refuse to render the services necessary to complete 'Hillstranded.'"

"We have been through a lot over the past year and unfortunately given the current situation with Discovery we are unable to conti...

Patrick Swayze Jinxes Himself In... Today's Links

1/8/2009 7:00pm EST
Deadliest Catch
Check out some of the best links we found around the web today. And be sure to visit our Daily Links section where we're constantly pouring in the best stuff from around the web.

Hollywood out of ideas: Discovery channel's "Deadliest Catch" to become a movie - The Live Feed

The only thing worse than nearly falling off a ski lift is having your pants ripped off in the process and dangling upside down for all the world to see - Bitten & Bound

Cindy Crawford bans "Hannah Montana" from her home; says it's a bad influence. Just like posing for Playboy back in '98 was - Allie Is Wi...