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Arctic Quest
The Northwestern sets out for arctic seas on a hunt for an elusive type of crab. Meanwhile, the Time Bandit has to pass through a giant storm to reach its offload point.

Glory Days
The ice storms rage on, putting all of the boats at risk. And Captain Phil leads the Cornelia Maria into the Bering Sea's most dangerous fishing grounds.

Bering Sea Swim Club
Sig and Phil attempt to retrieve their junior deckhands with a high seas transfer but there is a sudden change of plans when treacherous tides hit.

When Hell Freezes Over
The Cornelia Marie undergoes repairs after a collision with a reef while the other boats set course for the Opilio crab grounds. But a huge ice storm covers the boats with ice, forcing the captains to dump some pots or risk capsizing.

False Pass
A skipper risks mutiny in the hunt for a rare crab species.

Slow Burn
The 2009 king crab season begins with tensions running high.

Sea Tested
Phil and Sig's experiment in trading junior deckhands comes to a close on the third week of crab season.

Empty Throne
Captain Phil is flown to a hospital in critical condition. Jake goes with him to Anchorage, but Josh stays on the boat. Meanwhile, jealousy comes between the crew of the Time Bandit.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore
All the boats are getting hammered by the ice storm, with the crews struggling to bash ice off the pots. The crew of the Northwestern has trouble keeping pace with the captain.

The Darkened Seas
A storm in the Bering Sea leads to a daring helicopter rescue attempt. While Time Bandit and Cornelia Maria haul in record amounts of crab, the crew of the Hillstrand learns the hard way just how dangerous ice can be.

Breaking 'Em In
A greenhorn gets cramps after just a few pots. Two junior deckhands are tested on unfamiliar pots.

Blown Off Course
Jake reveals his addiction to his dad, Captain Phil. Later, Captain Phil suffers a massive stroke and his rushed to the hospital.

Cain and Abel
Captain Phil struggles for survival while his sons turn on each other. Meanwhile, terrible weather and heavy seas lead to tension on the boats.

Redemption Day
A power struggle rages on the The Time Bandit, while on the Northwestern, Edgar takes a drastic step. Meanwhile, another massive storm approaches while Captain Phil fights for his life.

Captain Phil Harris loses his battle with cancer, while the boats battle the worst storm of the season. Josh breaks the news of his father's death, and the entire fleet is saddened.

On the Northwestern, Edgar turns on his older brother Sig. Josh Harris returns to the Cornelia Maria for the end of the season.

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