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A mother is apparently abducted at gunpoint, but when she is found questions are raised as to whether the woman was in on it trying to extort her wealthy husband.

The Secret
A man in a tense marriage disappears, and his sister looks into his life to find out the secrets he kept.

Strangers On A Train
A beautiful young woman disappears after having an encounter with another woman on a train, and her family hires a team of detectives to find the truth of what happened to her.

Someone Was Watching/The Ballad of Mike and Dalia
A young mother is found dead in backyard hot tub, and a surprise witness comes forward. In Palm Beach County, Florida a seeming perfect couple hides dark secrets including a murder plot.

Deadly Retreat
Self-help author Arthur Ray throws a retreat, but tragedy strikes when attendees die of the heat in the retreat's sweat lodge, leading to a manslaughter charge against Ray.

The Player
A professional poker player leads many secret lives, having different wives in different cities, but he is exposed when he is accused of murder.

The Last Days Of Michael Jackson
Dateline takes a look at events surrounding Michael Jackson's death, focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray and his relationship with the pop star.

Crossing The Line
Two families are drawn together by a deadly car crash in Montana, but the case takes a turn when it appears that it may not have been a simple accident.

Mystery At Heath Bar Farm
A man finds his wife murdered but soon becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Missing In Paradise
A man who is suspected to be involved in the disappearance of a beautiful woman in Aruba speaks to Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz.

After Midnight
Keith Morrison reports on missing Utah mother Susan Powell, interviewing her husband about her mysterious disappearance.

The Case of The Missing D.A.
Lester Holt investigates the disappearance of a Pennsylvania District Attorney who was the first person to investigate Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky on sexual abuse allegations.

The Town That Jobs Forgot
Lester Holt reports from Millen, Georgia, a small industrial town that was devastated by the Great Recession.

Deadly Triangle
A man suspected of killing his lover's husband seemingly beats the system, until new evidence comes forward years later.


Jennifer Hudson, Ricky Gervais, Cee-Lo Green / Secrets In A Small Town
Dateline profiles celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo Green, and Ricky Gervais. Also, Dateline investigates the mysterious death on a dirt road of Teresa Mayfield.

Justice For Bonnie
The body of an 18-year-old girl is found in a park in Anchorage, and what at first looked to be a hiking accident becomes a murder investigation.

The Goldfinger Mystery
A husband and wife who were self-made millionaires find tragedy when the wife is murdered for her money.

The Bathtub Mystery
A young husband is arrested for murder when his wife drowns in the tub, but he continues to protest his innocence.

Buried Secrets
New evidence brings to light that famous con artist Christian Gerhartsreiter could be guilty of a murder from 1985.

Neighbors in an apartment building begin to suspect that a tenant there is a criminal mastermind guilty of murder.

A Family's Story
The story of a missing mother, Susan Powell, whose two sons were recently killed by their father before he committed suicide.

Dateline looks at Jon-Adrian Velazquez, who was convicted of murdering a retired NYPD officer, but might actually have been innocent.

Remembering Whitney/Mystery at Moon Palace
Al Roker interviews Aretha Frankling about Whitney Houston's death. Later, a Hollywood producer and his wife go on vacation to Cancun, but when she turns up dead at the resort, the Mexican police try to find the culprit.

Over the Edge
A man is shot in broad daylight in suburban Atlanta, and the police investigation leads to a surprising suspect.

Fr 2123

Su 2123

The Hansen Files: Day Care
Chris Hansen does an expose on the Day Care industry in America.

The Hansen Files: Drug Trials
Chris Hansen investigates the shortcuts the pharmaceutical industry takes in the testing of new drugs.

Internal Affairs
A young bride's murder is traced back to a suspect within the police department.

The Hansen Files: Lottery
Chris Hansen investigates how lottery ticket sellers sometimes hold onto winning tickets.

The Hansen Files
Chris Hansen reports on the dietary supplement industry and the lack of standards.

Fr 2127

Trayvon Martin / Hiring Our Heroes / Discount Health Insurance
A look at the Trayvon Martin shooting case, Tom Brokaw reports on an Iraq war veteran's post-war life trying to find work, and a report on discount health insurance.

Silent Witness
The story of a murdered 29-year-old woman, and the five year journey in bringing her killer to justice.

What Happened to Phoebe Prince?
Kate Snow looks into the suicide of Phoebe Prince and how it sparked a national movement against bullying.

A woman accuses her boyfriend of rape, but when he declares his innocence things degenerate to a case of "he said, she said."

Haunted Memories
Ron Mott investigates the story of a divorced mother who served 15 years for an accusation of child molestation but some claim never happened.


'My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'
Natalie Morales investigates how children handle strangers.

Day of Reckoning
A woman lives in fear when her husband tells her he has committed murder and she must find the courage to turn him in.

My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving
Natalie Morales investigates the dangers of teen drivers with hidden cameras.

Sean's Story
Meredith Vieira interviews 11-year-old Sean Goldman, who was kidnapped by his mother and taken to Brazil.

My Kid Would Never Do That: Cheating
Natalie Morales uses hidden camera to discover kids cheating on tests and showing the results to their parents.

While They Were Sleeping
Dateline details a story of a burglar breaking into s house and shooting a 36-year-old man while leaving his wife, sleeping next to him, unharmed.

My Kid Would Never Do That: Discrimination
Natalie Morales goes undercover to learn the discrimination that goes on between children, before revealing it to the kids' parents.



Keith Morrison reports on the murder of a prominent Nevada attorney.


20th Anniversary Special
Dateline looks back on its first 20 years.

An Iowa mother shoots a teenage boy to death that she claims was attacking her, but investigators have their doubts.

In The Middle of the Night / In An Instant
A college student is found brutally stabbed to death, and her case is reopened and solved years later thanks to calls to the police from her friend. Also, Keith Morrison investigates the death of a woman whose husband claims was killed by a spray on tan.

The Perfect Catch
Former 1990s wrapper Tim Dog dates online, but is accused by some of his dates of conning them out of money.

Who Killed The Radio Star?
A DJ's dream to sail around the world ends tragically when his body is found floating off the coast of California.

Shattered / Jerry Sandusky Verdict
A young woman is found dead of an apparent hit and run, but investigators learn of a secret life she had and find evidence that her death could have been a homicide. Also, with the guilty verdict coming in from the Jerry Sandusky child molestation trial, Dateline reviews the case.

Whispers In a Small Town
A high school valedictorian from a small town is murdered just days after her graduation, and Dateline reexamines the case over 30 years later.

Buried Secrets / The Last Dive
A Florida man's bones are discovered 20 years after his disappearance, and his family works with a young detective to solve the case. A man is accused of murdering his wife while on a scuba diving trip.

America Now: Lost In Suburbia
A look at three middle class families facing poverty in during the recession.

Deadly Connection
A woman disappears in Denver, and when another woman barely survives a vicious attack police suspect the same predator is responsible.

Finding Booker's Place / Deadly Conspiracy
A woman learns about her ancestor and his outspoken defense of civil rights during the era of segregation. In another story, a family investigates the murder of their patriarch.

Tragedy in Colorado / The Night Lynsie Disappeared
Dateline reports from the site of the mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater during a midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises." In another story, the case of a missing college student is solved with the help of "The Evidence Whisperer."

Tragedy In Colorado / Extreme Escapes Caught on Tape
Dateline continues its reporting from Aurora, Colorado, site of the movie theater shooting. In the second hour, incredible moments of human survival are filmed by eyewitnesses.

Tom & Katie / Josie's Story
A couple deals with their young son who feels like a girl trapped in a boy's body, and pursue gender reassignment. Dateline. Later, dateline looks into the details surrounding the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Written In Blood
A former model-turned flight attendant is found murdered.

Interview with Gabby Douglas/AC Repair Investigation
Lester Holt interviews Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. An investigative report on corrupt A/C repair companies.

The Confession
A mother tries to free the man who was convicted of her daughter's murder.

Episode #2168

Secrets In A Small Town
Keith Morrison investigates the case of a small town mother found dead in her car, and the unlikely suspect in her death.

My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger
Undercover cameras test children in how they react to strangers.

Episode #2171

Drew Peterson: Deadly Intent/The Inside Man
A report on the guilty verdict for former police officer Drew Peterson, convicted of murdering his third wife. A fast-talking criminal goes undercover into prison to reveal secrets of a serial killer.

The Devil and Bobbi Parker
An escaped prisoner is caught with the deputy warden's wife after 10 years on the run.

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