Cowboy Bebop Summary

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Follows the exploits of the ship "Bebop" and its bounty hunter crew as they take on various assignments. The series takes place in the future when the population of Earth has migrated into space. The show follows the exploits of bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, as they roam the galaxy with their dog, Ein, taking on various assignments and tracking down criminals in a hyperspace run rampant with crime.

Once a member of the Red Dragon mafia, Spike Spiegel is now a bounty hunter travelling the universe in search of the next criminal whose capture might result in a paycheck. Although he appears to be a slacker and often requires Jet to bail him out of trouble, Spike is a strong and powerful opponent. Jet Black, Spike's partner, is the pilot, chef, mechanic and probably the most reliable inhabitant of the "Bebop." A former space police officer, Jet occasionally calls upon his contacts to help out both himself and the "Bebop" crew.

A fellow bounty hunter and "Bebop" crew member, Faye Valentine will stop at nothing to get a bounty. Aside from being a card shark and having accumulated an extremely large debt, very little is known about the beautiful and mysterious Faye. Another crew member is Ed, a genius hacker who manages to talk the crew into letting her tag along despite her youth.