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Size Matters
Susan's dinner invitation to Steve is dissecting by both of their friends for hidden meaning. Sally is intrigued by talk of Patrick's endowment.

Susan and Steve fear that treating each other to sex after the other person buys a meal is paying for sex in a way. Patrick decides to buy a new ride when a picture reveals his current car to be unflattering. Jane wants her stalker to try harder.

Steve's attempts to dump his girlfriend, Jane, meet with a wall, which hurts when he meets Susan and develops an interest in her. Sally takes a date with Susan's ex-fun buddy Patrick.

Sex, Death and Nudity
When Jane asks Steve to pretend to be her boyfriend at her aunt's funeral, the invite circle spreads to all six of the friends who unfortunately start to giggle at inappropriate times. Jeff tries to get over his interview nerves by picturing people naked.

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