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Busy Philipps Defends Naming Newborn Daughter Cricket

7/11/2013 9:54pm EDT
Busy Philipps
Cougar Town star Busy Philipps gave birth to her second child on July 2 and her rep announce that she and husband Marc Silverstein have named the baby girl Cricket Pearl.

The couple shared a photo of their new arrival last week, but hadn't decided on a name yet to go along with big sis Birdie Leigh.

The couple caught some flak online after the baby's name was revealed via E! Online, and Philipps took to her Twitter page to defend herself against critics of her daughters' names.

"It's weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names. Guys, my kids will be therapy for L...

Courteney Cox Dating 'Cougar Town' Co-Star Brian Van Holt

6/27/2013 12:00pm EDT
Courteney Cox
Less than a month after her divorce from David Arquette has been finalized, Courteney Cox is being linked to her "Cougar Town" co-star Brian Van Holt.

According to Us Weekly, the actress and her on-screen former partner Van Holt are dating. "They've been going out for about six months," an insider told the magazine.

It helps that Van Holt gets along well with Cox's nine-year-old daughter, Coco. "The girl was extremely comfortable with Brian," the source explained.

The TV pair brushed off rumors they were together after they were originally linked in 2010.

Cox and Arquette filed for divo...

5 Shows That Aren't As Popular As They Could Be Because Of Their Names

5/19/2013 10:05am EDT
New Girl
A title can make or break a TV show. When scrolling through the interactive guide, a TV viewer may stop at a show they've never seen because the title seems interesting. Likewise, a viewer may skip right over a show they would have loved, because the title doesn't hit their target market. Here's a list of five shows that are missing out on viewers because of their name.

Quick side tangent: let's hope this theory doesn't also apply to blog posts as well, because let's face it the title of this post is a little long winded.

"Cougar Town" - This is an obvious choice, and the show has accepte...

Courteney Cox Plans To Show Her Boobs More On 'Cougar Town' Now That It's On TBS

1/8/2013 7:05pm EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox's hit show Cougar Town has officially made the jump from ABC to TBS, and the actress spent a little time with Conan O'Brien on Monday night to promote the show.

The host, whose own show, Conan, made the move to the network three years ago, welcomed Courteney to the network, asking her if she'll be doing anything different on her show now that it's on a cable network.

"I feel like we could be a little racier..." she says. "...I was actually wearing my shirts lower because I felt like, 'now I'm on cable -- I should just show more boobs.'"

But in actuality, Courteney explained...

'Cougar Town' Finds A New Home On TBS

5/10/2012 6:41pm EDT
Cougar Town
Actors Courteney Cox, Busy Philipps and Josh Hopkins are celebrating after finding a new network to call home for their comedy Cougar Town.

The TV sitcom's future has been in jeopardy over the last few months, with Cox and Phillips famously launching independent promotional campaigns in a bid to boost ratings amid fears the show, which premiered in 2009, was facing cancellation.

The Friends star also took a stand against ABC network bosses and accused them of failing to properly market the series, but on Thursday, it was announced that executives had landed a deal with rival channel TBS t...

Christa Miller Sued By Her Manager

2/23/2012 8:21am EST
Christa Miller
Cougar Town star Christa Miller is embroiled in a legal battle with her manager over commission payments from her role in the hit TV show.

Jill Littman has filed suit against Miller, who is married to Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence, over allegations she helped the actress land a part in the show but didn't receive the agreed compensation for her efforts.

Littman filed documents at Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming Miller violated a verbal agreement to pay her 10 per cent of her earnings from the show and is owed almost $200,000 in commissions, according to

Miller ...

Busy Philipps: 'Please Do Not Airbrush My Moles Out'

2/15/2012 8:59am EST
Busy Philipps
Busy Philipps defied producers' orders to remove her trademark moles because she refused to alter her body just to win a role.

The "Cougar Town" star was just starting out in the business when TV bosses urged her to undergo treatments to make her skin blemish-free.

She tells New York Magazine, "I had been told early on by a (different) producer - this is no joke - that I should have all of my moles removed. And really, the thought is so f**king ludicrous. So I would have scars instead of black spots on my body?"

The actress stuck to her guns and admits she now flaunts her prized imperfec...

Courteney Cox On The Return Of 'Cougar Town,' Jennifer Aniston's Memory And Cool Music She Loves

2/13/2012 4:00pm EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox said she gave me the longest interview she’s ever done. At nine and a half minutes, I think she may be right. I’ve never seen her sit down with reporters for extended times. Now that Cougar Town is back, she’s been spending a lot more time talking about the show.

Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence has been holding events for fans where they could meet the stars of the show. The third season had not had an airdate for much of the year so he’s been rallying the troops to get back on the air. Cox mingled with reporters of the Television Critics Association so they could write abo...

ABC Cuts Seven Episodes From Third Season Of 'Cougar Town'

11/22/2011 10:21am EST
Courteney Cox | Photo Credits: Bruce Birmelin/ABC
Cougar Town's third season has been cut from 22 episodes to 15, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Courteney Cox Shows Off Her Inner Cougar In A Wetsuit

10/28/2011 10:02am EDT
Courteney Cox
Who says acting is all work and no play? We spotted Courteney Cox in a wetsuit as she filmed beach scenes for her show "Cougar Town" in Malibu, Calif., yesterday.

The actress was happy and smiling as she walked around the set.

Courteney and her estranged husband David Arquette recently sold a sitcom to ABC. The show chronicles the relationships surrounding a couple that splits after a 10-year romance. Courteney and David broke up after 11 years together.

TV on DVD: "Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season"

9/13/2011 4:22pm EDT
Cougar Town
Recently, ABC Studios released Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season on DVD. Here's a look inside of the three-disc, twenty-two episode set.

The Show

I'm going to be honest: I don't like sitcoms.

Yet Cougar Town doesn't feel like your average sitcom to me. It feels like going back to an old neighborhood, with all the familiar faces amongst its troupe. The whole thing is like one big "Hey, it's that guy/gal" moment. I'm not just talking about Courteney Cox. There's Josh Hopkins (Ally McBeal), Brian Van Holt (S.W.A.T.), and Christa Miller and Ian Gomez (The Drew Carey Show) in the cas...

Check Out 'Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season' On DVD Aug. 30

8/20/2011 7:00am EDT
Cougar Town
The idea of family isn't always traditional in "Cougar Town" and Jules Cobb's (Courteney Cox) not-so-quiet Florida cul-de-sac. Together with her teenage son, friends, neighbors and ex-husband, Jules and her crew manage the next stages of their lives together.

Earlier this year executive producer Bill Lawrence threatened to change the title of the series. He tweeted in May, "Research shows a large number of people who won't/haven't tried show out because of... The title. You ever tried to get someone to watch this show? 'I don't want to watch show about old ladies banging young guys.'"


'Mad Men' Wins 3 Awards At Critics' Choice Television Awards; See All Winners

6/21/2011 8:39am EDT
Jon Hamm
Hit TV show "Mad Men" was the toast of the inaugural Critics' Choice Television Awards in California on Monday, scooping three top honors.

The series won the Best Drama prize at the Beverly Hills ceremony, while its star Jon Hamm took home the Best Actor in a Drama award. Christina Hendricks rounded out their trio of honors by winning Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Best Actress in a Drama went to Julianna Margulies for "The Good Wife" and John Noble won Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his turn in "Fringe."

Tina Fey was also celebrating at the event after claiming the Best Actre...

'Cougar Town' Facing The Axe Over Poor Ratings

5/31/2011 8:06am EDT
Cougar Town
Actress Busy Philipps has reached out to her fans to help rename Cougar Town, after executive producer Bill Lawrence blamed the saucy title for the show's lack of viewers.

Lawrence admitted last year that TV chiefs are considering changing Courteney Cox's programs name after it moved direction as the plot progressed since its inception in 2009. And the TV boss is still eager to re-launch the series with a name change, as he's convinced the title is putting off viewers and jeopardizing its future.

In a series of posts on his Twitter page, he writes, "The ratings suck... and (the) show wi...

Katy Perry, Ashley Greene And Other Top Stars Hit The Coachella Music Festival (Pics)

4/17/2011 6:06pm EDT
Katy Perry
The first day of the Coachella Festival in California was a star-studded affair on Friday - and it had little to do with the acts onstage.

The crowds were littered with Hollywood celebrities and hot young couples smooching in the sun.

Vanessa Hudgens made her Coachella debut with her rumored boyfriend Josh Hutcherson, while Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky were spotted partying with Nicky's boyfriend David Katzenberg.

Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry were also among the music fans living it up in the desert, as were actress Kate Bosworth and her beau Alexander Skarsgard, reality TV star Whitne...

Daughter Slams Courteney Cox For Not Doing Charity Work In Haiti

4/15/2011 10:09am EDT
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox's young daughter has challenged her mom's decision to take a lavish holiday instead of joining husband David Arquette on a charity mission to Haiti.

The "Cougar Town" star, who recently took a trip to the Caribbean island of St. Barts with her daughter and co-star Josh Hopkins, came under fire from six year old Coco for vacationing while Arquette reached out to help victims in the earthquake-ravaged country.

During an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Wednesday, Cox said, "She (Coco) can come out with some mean ones, boy. I don't know if I should be shari...

'Scream 4': Another Movie, Another Dollar

4/14/2011 2:02pm EDT
Scream 4
With the release of "Scream 4" on Friday, April 15, Wes Craven will finally have an answer to the question: Can the "Scream" movie franchise be resurrected as easily as the ghost faced killer? It’s been over a decade since the last installment of the "Scream" series was released and now the old gang, at least what’s left of it, is back at it again. Given most of the original cast has been killed off and the remaining ones have aged disgracefully into “Cougar Town” and Betty Ford during the significant time lapse since the last film’s release, Craven has decided to the inject some ne...

Cheers & Jeers: 'Community' — My Dinner With Abed

3/25/2011 10:31am EDT
Danny Pudi, Donald Glover and Chevy Chase | Photo Credits: Lewis
Cheers to Community for its brilliant mash-up spoof of — excuse me, homage to — Pulp Fiction and My Dinner with Andre.

Want more Cheers & Jeers? Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

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ABC Announces Finale Dates

3/22/2011 4:52pm EDT
Ellen Pompeo and Teri Hatcher | Photo Credits: ABC
ABC has announced its finale dates that include a two-hour episode of Desperate Housewives and a one-hour episode of Cougar Town.

Fall 2011 TV scorecard: Which shows are returning? Which aren't?

Check out ABC's full list of season finales:

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Natalie Portman's Email Targeted By Hackers

3/21/2011 8:48am EDT
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has been named among a growing list of stars who have allegedly been targeted by a ring of internet hackers.

The Black Swan actress, Glee star Dianna Agron and Olympic athletes Lindsey Vonn and Carly Patterson are said to be among more than 100 celebrities and public figures who have allegedly had their email accounts illegally accessed, according to

The website reports officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are looking into the allegations but have not made any arrests.

The investigation is reportedly linked to the nude pictures of Vanessa Hud...

David Arquette Believed Courteney Cox Was Having An Affair

2/25/2011 8:54am EST
David Arquette
David Arquette feared his wife Courteney Cox was cheating on him as their 11-year marriage began to fall apart last summer.

The estranged couple were separated for months before news leaked about the break-up, but actor Arquette can still clearly remember how his wife fell into a deep depression after hinting the marriage was over.

In a candid TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired in America on Thursday, Arquette revealed he felt sure Cox had found another man.

He explained, "She said, 'I don't want to be your mother anymore'... (and then) she came down (stairs) really depressed o...

Ratings: Over 10 Million Viewers Check Out 'Mr. Sunshine'

2/11/2011 9:46am EST
Matthew Perry  | Photo Credits: Adam Larkey/ABC
How many friends does Chandler still have? Well, it turns out Matthew Perry had nearly 10.6 million who checked out the premiere of his new series, Mr. Sunshine.

Taking the timeslot (9:30/8:30c) usually occupied by fellow Friends alum Courteney Cox's sitcom, his show greatly improved on her numbers; last week, Cougar Town got 6.6 million. The last time ABC did so well during that half-hour was...

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Matthew Perry Talks About His New Show 'Mr. Sunshine'

2/9/2011 9:22am EST
Matthew Perry - Mr. Sunshine
Matthew Perry is joining his former Friend Courteney Cox on ABC. His new show Mr. Sunshine premieres this week on the same network as her Cougar Town. Perry plays the manager of a sports arena who’s trying to be nicer. That should be funny for the sarcastic comedian.

Perry met the Television Critics Association to preview his new show. He is writing and producing Mr. Sunshine as well as starring. Now the show is ready to air Wednesdays on ABC, as part of their comedy block.

Do you know any overly Sunshine-y people?

MP: I do have some friends that are remarkably happy and may not just und...

2011 Golden Globe Awards Fashion - The Hits & Misses

1/17/2011 9:07am EST
2011 Golden Globes Fashion
Strapless and shoulder-baring dresses were popular at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, and many celebrities walked the red carpet wearing all sorts of beautiful dresses.

Of course, there were a few duds as well, including "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen who showed a little nipple and Helena Bonham Carter who wore two different colored shoes.

Take a look at the photos below, and tell us what you think were the best and worst of the evening!


"Mad Men" star January Jones showed too much for such a classy event

Christina Aguilera

Sandra Bullock looks like she got stuc...

Courteney Cox Relies On 'Cougar Town' To Escape Personal Troubles

1/16/2011 7:00pm EST
Courteney Cox
Actress Courteney Cox has thrown herself into her work on hit comedy Cougar Town following the breakdown of her marriage to David Arquette, hailing the show as her "saving grace" as she struggles through her "crazy" personal life.

The former Friends star announced her separation from Arquette in October, although the couple insisted it was continuing to work on its marital problems.

Arquette checked himself into a treatment center at the start of the New Year in a bid to tackle his alcohol issues and the depression he's battled since the split.

Cox admits she's dealing with the increased...

ABC Renews Six Shows For Next Season

1/11/2011 9:45am EST
In an early vote of confidence, ABC renewed six series for next season. None of the choices is particularly surprising since none were on the bubble. The shows are:

‘Grey’s Anatomy’

‘Cougar Town’

‘Private Practice’

‘Modern Family’

‘The Middle’


Missing from the list? ‘Desperate Housewives,’ said to be held up by contract negotiations, but expect it to be back. Any series not on this list does not mean ABC will not renew it; the network has until May to make final decisions, and sometimes it goes down to the wire. Stay tuned.

Jennifer Aniston: 'I Love Reading About What My Love Life Is Like!'

11/3/2010 2:42pm EDT
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston often reads gossip columns because she enjoys catching up on the latest rumors surrounding her love life.

The Hollywood beauty has endured wild speculation about who she is dating ever since she divorced Brad Pitt back in 2005. She has romanced stars including Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, while wilder rumors have linked the actress to her The Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler and most recently, Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins.

And Aniston admits she often takes pleasure in reading all the stories - insisting they are far from the truth.

She tells Britain's OK! magazi...

Courteney Cox Offered $1M To Host 'Cougar' Dating Site

10/13/2010 11:28am EDT
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox has been offered a $1 million deal to become the face of a dating website for older women - just days after she announced her separation from husband David Arquette.

The former Friends star confirmed on Monday that the couple has decided to take a break after 11 years of marriage.

And the marketing executives at website are already seeing Cox - who stars in a TV series called Cougar Town - as the perfect spokesperson for women looking to date younger men.

According to, bosses at the website have offered the star $1 million to front the online agenc...

Poplopedia: ABC Is The Go-To Network This Fall For Exciting New And Returning Shows

9/24/2010 12:30pm EDT
Detroit 187
We’ve got some good news, some bad news and some greater news. The bad news is that summer is over although you’ve probably realized that already. The good news is that fall brings with it a bevy of new television programs to entertain us while we are stuck inside, hiding out from the nippy weather.

The greater news is that ABC has an exciting fall line-up of new and returning series that are not only entertaining, but are definitely must-see TV. With a few new shows that will cater to the reality television lovers and the scripted drama adoreres (courtesy of documentary style filming), gi...

Josh Hopkins 'Just Friends' With Jennifer Aniston

9/13/2010 8:52am EDT
Josh Hopkins
Cougar Town star Josh Hopkins has laughed off rumors he has pounced on Jennifer Aniston - insisting their recent 'date' was just a friendly meal.

The former Friends actress was reported to have fallen for the hunk's charms on the set of her best pal Courteney Cox's sitcom, on which she recently guest starred. The pair then fuelled rumors they had started dating after they were spotted enjoying a cozy two-hour dinner at Italian restaurant Madeo in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

Hopkins insists the relationship is purely platonic - but admits she's near the top of his list of dining co...