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The Price is Wrong
Pam hears complaints from her old babysitter and other senior citizens that the local supermarket charges higher prices for poorer quality foods, forcing Pam, Lance and Charmaine to drive the women to a market further away. Pam and her friends help the senior citizens organize a protest in which the women pay for their groceries at the supermarket with nothing but pennies until their demands are met.

Cliff Gets Jilted
Sondra and Elvin move their housewarming party to the Huxtable house after their furnace breaks. Russell tells Cliff and Clair that he heard a rumor about Vanessa and Dabnis setting a wedding date. When Vanessa and Dabnis arrive, they tell Cliff and Clair that they have broken off the engagement because Vanessa is not ready for marriage; this upsets Cliff because he had started to really like Dabnis. Dabnis does Cliff a favor and fixes the furnace so that Sondra and Elvin have no excuse to move back in.

Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown
Rudy and her friends want to see their favorite rapper perform at a 16-and-over club. Rudy tells Cliff and Clair that they are going to a cultural center, but Cliff and Clair find out the truth from Pam and her friends. Pam, Charmaine and Lance are tasked with going to the club to keep an eye on Rudy and end up partying with the rapper. As punishment, Rudy and her friends must work at a retirement home.

Pam Applies to College
Pam wants to attend the same college as Charmaine and begins filling out applications, even though her school counselor tells her that she has little chance of acceptance due to her poor grades. Pam is resigned to the fact that she cannot get into a good school and decides to attend fashion design school in California after graduation. Work on the new kitchen progresses, even though Cliff interferes whenever possible.

And So We Commence (Part 1)
Theo's graduation from NYI is approaching, and Theo manages to get 10 extra tickets for the family. Much to Theo's chagrine, Cliff starts inviting a lot of people, but Clair tells Theo how proud Cliff is that his former 'D' student son is graduating college. Olivia prepares to move to Singapore to be with Martin and Denise, and Theo plans to go with her as his graduation gift.

Clair's Place
Cliff surprises Clair by finishing her privacy room early. The room comes complete with security code access and private phone. When it is time to bake Christmas cookies and hang the lights, Clair hides out in her room, forcing the children and Cliff to complete the chores.

Olivia Comes Out of the Closet
Cliff and Clair invite Miriam Makeba, a famous singer, to the house for dinner. Martin comes to visit Olivia and tells her that he has to return to his ship for a few months. Olivia hides in the closet from the family, thinking that her disappearing act will dissuade Martin from leaving. Miriam finds her and shows Olivia that she is very lucky to have a big family that cares about her so much.

Two is a Crowd
Vanessa shows up at the Huxtables and says that she needs some alone time to study. Dabnis arrives a few hours later and confronts Vanessa about setting their wedding date. Vanessa confesses that she is nervous and asks Dabnis to be patient with her. Kenny comes over to console Rudy after her break-up with Stanley. Stanley shows up and wins Rudy back, and Kenny tags along with them on their date.

Rudy's Retreat
Rudy is upset with Clair because she is not allowed to go to Danielle's house for dinner after giving short notice. Sondra and Elvin fill out their wills and want to make Cliff and Clair the twins' guardians if they die. Cliff and Clair tell them to pick someone younger, and they decide on Theo.

Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle
Looking for extra cash, Pam fills in for Cliff's assistant on a Saturday. One of Cliff's patients, Mrs. Minnifield, goes into labor and comes to Cliff's house rather than the hospital, forcing Cliff and Pam to deliver the baby in a taxi. To make Rudy jealous, Kenny invites their classmate Deirdre over to work on a school project with Rudy and Stanley. Kenny feels bad after learning that Deirdre has liked him for awhile and convinces her to give him a second chance.

There's No Place Like This Home
Cliff surprises Clair with plans to build a soundproof room in the house for her to be free from the children. Cliff and Clair co-sign a loan for Elvin and Sondra so they may buy their first house. When the sale falls through, Elvin and Sondra plead with Cliff and Clair to let them move into Denise and Martin's old room. Cliff decides to build an addition for the kitchen.

Theo's Future
Cliff and Clair are elated when Theo is accepted to graduate school. Theo attends a corporate recruiting dinner with his friend Tim and impresses an executive with his opinions on corporate management. The company offers to fly him to San Francisco to interview for a position. Theo wants to take the job so he doesn't have to live off his parents anymore, but Cliff and Clair have no problem paying his grad school tuition as it is an investment in his future.

Clair's Reunion
Clair and some of her college friends meet to plan a retirement dinner for Professor Capel, their old philosophy professor. They reminisce about their college days, particularly about the time Professor Capel and them demonstrated at a lunch counter that refused to serve blacks. Vanessa brings an exchange student home for the weekend, but Cliff doesn't like him because he misses Dabnis. Olivia and Winnie have a sleepover, and they give Cliff a touch-up at their "beauty salon."

Olivia's Field Trip
Cliff and his neighbor Jeffrey are asked to chaperone Olivia's class trip to the natural history museum. Theo plans a fundraiser for the community center and has an idea to put slogans on T-shirts and sell them at street fairs. He negotiates a great deal on the shirts, but when they are delivered, they have no neck holes. Clair steps in with her legal expertise and corrects the situation.

The Iceman Bricketh
Russell learns from a church friend that Vanessa is engaged to Dabnis and is shocked when he hears that Dabnis is 45. Russell and Clair's mom Carrie come for a visit and grill Dabnis about his age; Dabnis tells Russell that he gets confused for his older brother all the time. The grandparents are against the union but soften when Danis proves he is a good man by helping Cliff with household repairs. When the family asks Vanessa about the wedding date, she starts to panic.

The Getaway
The Huxtable family is excited that Sondra and Elvin are finally moving into their new home; Cliff refuses to be happy until it is official. Cliff watches the twins while Sondra and Elvin unpack; he tries to take a nap, but the twins will not let him sleep. During a game of hide-and-seek, Cliff breaks the grandfather clock. The movers agree to take it to a repair shop for him at no charge.

Some Gifts Aren't Deductible
While the Huxtables prepare their taxes with an accountant, Cliff is discouraged to learn that he cannot claim some of the people under his roof as dependents for various reasons. Kenny buys his girlfriend Deirdre socks for her birthday but plans a last-minute party at the Huxtable house after realizing that socks are not a good gift.

With This Ring?
Vanessa shocks her parents when she announces that she is engaged to a young man whom her parents have never met. Vanessa invites her fiance, Dabnis, over to the Huxtables, and Cliff and Clair are further surprised by the fact that he is in his late 20s. Clair tries to talk Vanessa out of her plans, but Vanessa insists that she is in love. Dabnis begins to grow on Cliff when he reveals that he is a homeowner, meaning that he and Vanessa will not have to live with the Huxtables.

Cliff and Theo Come Clean
Theo decides to go to graduate school rather than accepting the corporate job in San Francisco. Olivia and Marlon want to write about Cliff's childhood for a school project and get some true stories from Russell. Theo's student Rahim finds a wallet full of cash and ponders keeping the money. After talking it over with Theo and the class, Rahim gives the money back even though his family could use it.

And So We Commence (Part 2)
As the family prepares to head to the graduation ceremony, Denise calls to congratulate Theo and tells Clair that she is pregnant. When the Huxtable family finds their seats, Cliff reminisces about the time he told Theo to work harder so he could go to college. Later that night, Cliff and Clair share a dance alone in the living room and proceed off the set, as the series comes to an end.

Eat, Drink and Be Wary
Clair is asked to attend a law conference in Washington, D.C.; before she leaves, she searches Cliff's hiding places to make sure that he won't eat junk food while she is away. The children are surprised when Cliff cooks a healthy meal for everyone. Sondra comes to visit just as a pizza delivery man arrives, and Cliff feels guilty and does not eat the food. Rudy and her friends want to take the subway to see a movie, and Cliff allows it as long as Pam and Charmaine chaperone.

You Can't Stop the Music
Cliff and Clair go to a radio station as part of the Pan-American Music Festival. While Clair provides some last-minute legal aid for the station, Cliff sits in on a live broadcast with some of his favorite musical performers. They leave Kenny in charge of babysitting Olivia, and when Theo comes to check on them, he finds Kenny passed out from exhaustion.

Particles in Motion
Theo is nervous about his first parents' night at the community center and practices one-on-one conversations with Cliff and Clair. He is attracted to the mother of one of his students, but when she asks him out, he declines because he feels it would be inappropriate. Rudy is asked out by Stanley, and a jealous Kenny comes to the Huxtables to try and sabotage the date.

For Men Only
Theo asks Cliff to teach a course to young men at the community center. The class devolves into a sex education lecture, and a couple of the students talk about having kids out of wedlock. Cliff gives the young men advice on surviving in the real world. Russell babysits Olivia and her friend; he becomes obsessed with video games after watching them play.

It's Apparent to Everyone
Cliff and Clair are frustrated with Sondra and Elvin because they let their children run wild in the house; when Cliff and Clair confront them, they use the children as part of their guilt trips. Sondra is furious with Cliff when he puts Winnie and Nelson in an upside-down playpen while he cleans up their latest mess. Cliff tries to pawn Sondra and Elvin off on Russell, but the plan fails.

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