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Surviving Death
Kevin Corcoran, an Irish-immigrant cop in 1864 New York City, investigates crimes in the notorious Five Points area. In the opener, Corcoran searches for a child killer.

Husbands and Fathers
A figure from Corcoran's past returns to Five Points, and new questions arise about his daughter's death and his wife's disappearance.

In the Hands of an Angry God
An Irishman is hung to death and a black pastor is suspected, but Corcoran doubts the man's guilt.

The Empty Locket
Corcoran uncovers clues about his daughter's mysterious death and his wife's disappearance, and he learns the new evidence is linked to the murder of an infamous woman in Five Points.

La Tempete
A gang's scheme to rob some of the wealthiest families in New York is uncovered, and Corcoran is charged with protecting patrons at an upscale fund-raiser from the thieves.

Arsenic and Old Cake
Corchoran and O'Brien investigate a double homicide, and the evidence reveals that the crimes are a part of a revenge plot gone wrong.

The Hudson River School
Corcoran reassesses the decisions he's made about Annie while high-society people from outside the city present Morehouse with a one of a kind opportunity. As he evaluates this new investment proposal, he must facilitate some personal conflicts. Detective O'Brien's wife presses him about the rumor that New York City is in danger.

Better Times Are Coming
Friendships are tested on election day when Maguire takes the law into his own hands, and Corcoran is forced to make a difficult decision.

A Day to Give Thanks
It's Thanksgiving Day but the fallout from the recent murders and a shocking find have Corcoran struggling to keep it together. Robert Morehouse must act quickly to keep his father out of his latest business entanglements.

A Vast and Fiendish Plot
Corcoran joins forces with Morehouse, Eva and the coppers of the 6th Precinct when a large-scale fight breaks out.

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