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Hours 5 & 6
A Russian defector claims to have evidence identifying Sasha, the mole within the CIA ranks. James Jesus Angleton pounces on this information and sets his sights on a prime suspect, none other than a high-ranking leader in the CIA. While Angleton begins a grueling, torturous interrogation, certain beyond all doubt that he has found his man, Jack is put into a tough position of deciding who he can trust. Meanwhile, the Cold War comes to a climax when a power struggle within the Soviet Union becomes extremely volatile just as KGB head Starik is ready to put his endgame plan into action, a plan he hopes will bring the American economy to its knees.

Hours 1 & 2 (Pilot)
Three idealistic young college friends are recruited into the spy business, Jack McAuliffe and Leo Kritzky working for the CIA and Yevgeny Tsipin working for the KGB. Years later, they find themselves on the opposite side of the Cold War as Jack and his mentor, The Sorcerer, seek out a mole that has been disrupting their missions. But when they finally have the mole cornered thanks to a series of complicated deceptions by The Sorcerer, intelligence expert James Jesus Angleton isn't convinced they have the right man and comes close to derailing their efforts. Meanwhile, when Jack is assigned to work with a beautiful ballerina and spy named Lili, he develops a strong emotional attachment to her, putting both his mission and her life in danger.

Hours 3 & 4
Jack is sent to Hungary to provide assistance to Hungarian rebels who are seeking to oust Soviet influences from their country. But all hell breaks loose when the Soviets push back and Jack is taken prisoner, along with Elizabet, an Englishwoman whose Hungarian husband was tortured and her daughter taken from her years earlier. Jack quickly becomes disillusioned after the United States refuses to provide military back up for Hungarian rebels, leaving them to be crushed by an invasion of Soviet tanks. Four years later, Jack is again in the thick of a CIA plan to aid rebels when he is sent to Nicaragua to help Cuban exiles stage an attempt to oust Fidel Castro from power. And once again, Jack is disappointed in his government when the United States fails to offer the full assistance necessary for success, setting the Cuban rebels up for certain defeat. Meanwhile, James Jesus Angleton becomes increasingly obsessed over a rumor that a mole has penetrated the CIA, and he will stop at nothing to hunt the mole down.

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