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'American Idol's' Katharine McPhee Joins NBC Musical Drama

2/14/2011 10:07am EST
Katherine McPhee | Photo Credits: Paul Archuleta/
American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has been tapped to co-star in Steven Spielberg's TV musical drama Smash, reports.

Report: Debra Messing to headline NBC's musical pilot

The NBC pilot centers on ...

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TV Holiday Roundup: Check Out Your Favorite Holiday Shows

11/25/2010 1:00pm EST
Grinch and little Cindy Loo Hoo
The Christmas season is upon us. That means holiday specials abound! Here’s a roundup of the classic – and the new – TV material coming soon to help you celebrate the holidays.

Here are some highlights for the holiday season. All times are Eastern. Watch your local listings, as many of these specials will air more than once, and on more than one channel.

‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ – ABC, Nov. 25, 8 PM

In this classic holiday special, Charlie Brown must juggle obligations between family and friends – namely, Peppermint Patty, who is set on spending her holiday with Chuck. Watch...

'Community' Recap: 2x09 - 'Conspiracy Theories And Interior Design'

11/20/2010 2:32am EST
Community Annie
Community rocks, and if you’re not watching it then you are missing 22 minutes of weekly awesomeness. The latest episode, Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design does not disappoint. When Dean Pelton audits Jeff’s schedule, he discovers a class that doesn’t exist: Conspiracy Theories in US History, taught by none other than Professor Professorson (“It’s Dutch! I think it means professor!”).

True to the episode title (and to Jeff’s character), Jeff has been lying and Professor Professorson doesn’t exist. So when Professor Professorson (played by the hilarious Kevin Corrigan) shows up, Je...

Joel McHale To Host The 2011 Spirit Awards

11/17/2010 2:24pm EST
Joel McHale-TSB-002747.jpg
Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, announced today that Joel McHale will serve as host for the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The 26th edition of the awards will be held at the beach in Santa Monica on Saturday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. The ceremony will air exclusively on IFC in primetime on February 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

As previously announced, nominees will be revealed on November 30th by Eva Mendes and Jeremy Renner at The London West Hollywood Hotel.

"The Spirit Awards is not only a celebra...

Hilary Duff Talks About Her 'Mean Girl' Role On 'Community'

11/4/2010 1:51pm EDT
Hilary Duff Community
As a former child star, Hilary Duff has been in the spotlight for a big chunk of her life. After becoming a star on the Disney Channel show “Lizzie McGuire” and the subsequent movies, Duff has bounced between film roles and guest spots on TV shows including “Law & Order: SVU” and “Gossip Girl.”

For her guest performance on NBC’s “Community,” Duff got to try something a little bit different. “It was fun for me to get to play a mean girl because it is so different from anything I’ve done before,” the actress says. “Being the most popular girl at a community college is important to her. I tho...

'Community' Co-Stars Talk Season 2 and Chemistry 101

9/23/2010 8:40am EDT
betty joel
Before tuning in for the premiere of “Community” this Thursday on NBC, we were lucky enough to chat with co-stars Joel McHale and Alison Brie about going back to school for a sophomore season and all the crazy chemistry on the set of their hilarious hit comedy.

Fan favorites, Joel McHale and Alison Brie play the study group’s de facto leader, Jeff Winger, and its most studious pupil, Annie Edison. After their characters shared an unexpected kiss in a mid-season episode, the blogosphere was buzzing about the pair’s great chemistry. However, their romantic reunion on the season finale was de...

NBC Fall Season Preview: Spies, CIA Plots And Outsourcing

9/20/2010 11:45am EDT
NBC Fall Preview
NBC is likely getting tired of being referred to as "fourth place NBC." Last year's Jay Leno experiment was clearly a disaster and served as a boon for TBS, which won the Conan sweepstakes. This fall, NBC has fresher programming. With aging favorites and risky new underdogs, does the network have a shot at moving up the ratings ladder, even to third place? Time will tell. Stranger things have happened. Here's a look at what new shows could make the grade and what's in store for old favorites.

New shows

September 20 at 10 PM EST
In this gritty crime drama from (you guessed it)...

Believe It Or Not, 'The Hangover's' Ken Jeong Is A Licensed Physician

9/15/2010 11:46pm EDT
Ken Jeong
The Hangover star Ken Jeong can still practice medicine in California after renewing his license this summer - despite finding fame in Hollywood.

The quirky Asian star, famous for jumping out of a car trunk naked in the film and coining the phrase "Toodle-oo, motherf--kers," was a qualified doctor when he kick-started his comedy career in 2005 and reveals he recently re-applied for his medical certification.

He says, "I just renewed my license in June. I'm still technically a medical doctor. You never know.

"I worked at Kaiser Permanente (hospital) in Woodland Hills (in California) for a...

Jessica Alba's Sparkly Silver Dress - Hot Or Not?

9/13/2010 6:30pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba wore a shimmering silver dress to celebrate "Fashion's Night Out" in New York on Friday.

We think she's pretty hot, but a new end-of-summer survey ranked Jennifer Garner ahead of her as "Hollywood's Hottest Mama." Not fair!

We just discovered that Jess is starring in "Spy Kids 4" alongside Joel McHale. The two will play the parents of the new spy kids. We're not sure this is a good career move, Jess.

She will also appear in "Little Fockers," in which a birthday party for the twins gives Greg (Ben Stiller) an opportunity to redeem himself after he takes a job that raises the...

What's Back In TV Land: Our Favorite Returning Fall Shows

8/24/2010 4:32pm EDT
Vampire Diaries, CW
It's that time of year again, when we all set our DVRs and get ready for a night in with our favorite returning TV shows! Here's just a few to look forward to when September finally rolls around.

The Vampire Diaries, CW

Thursday, September 9, 8/7c

When "The Vampires Diaries" aired last fall it managed to become much more than just the supernatural "Gossip Girl'' that many had expected. It was a well-written, well-acted series that was intriguing enough to make you want to tune in every week. Its first season was a sexy, violent ride that once a week made the new vampire craze a little...

When Does Your Favorite TV Show Return?

8/21/2010 11:05am EDT
shit my dad says
There are a lot of TV shows returning and premering in the fall. Start making room on your DVR now because there are many can't-miss series on the boob tube.

I spent hours last weekend clearing out tons of space on my DVR. I know it can be a chore, but it's so refreshing afterwards! (Did that sound like a body wash commercial to anyone else?)

Check out the list for your favorite shows, mark your calendars and get ready for a long winter with some great TV.

Shows marked with an asterisk (*) are new and all times are ET/PT.

Tuesday, Sept. 7
Sons of Anarchy (FX), 10 p.m.

Wednesday, Sep...

Survey Says 'Hawaii Five-O' Is Fall's Most Anticipated New Series

8/17/2010 3:09pm EDT
Hawaii Five O
As the summer sun begins to fade and fall becomes more and more of a reality, the one redeeming certainty remains the anticipated fall TV season that lies ahead.

To usher in America’s favorite shows, Comcast recently announced the findings of its second annual "TV Pulse Survey" that revealed America’s most-anticipated new and returning primetime series.

When asked about several of the new TV series that are creating the most buzz, consumers ranked the following shows in order of preference, including:

· Hawaii Five-O (40 percent)
· No Ordinary Family (23 percent)
· ...

Betty White To Play An Unhinged Anthropology Professor On NBC's 'Community'

7/14/2010 2:07pm EDT
Betty White
Betty White will guest-star in the season premiere of NBC's hit comedy "Community." She will play professor June Bauer, an esteemed, but slightly unhinged anthropology professor.

White was recently nominated for another Emmy for her work as host of a "Saturday Night Live" in May.

White is best known for her performance as Rose Nylund on NBC's "The Golden Girls," the beloved comedy series that aired from 1985 to 1992. Previously, she co-starred as Sue Ann Nivens in the classic comedy series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

2010-11 TV Lineup

5/20/2010 9:05am EDT
2010 Fall TV Lineup
The big networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox & CW) unveiled their schedules for the 2010-11 season this week at their various upfront presentations. Several shows were canceled (such as "Heroes," "Ghost Whisperer" & "Law & Order"), while many new series were added to the lineup ("Hawaii Five-O" & "The Event.")

Check out the schedule to see if your favorite shows made the cut and to find out which new series are coming your way:


8 p.m. House
9 p.m. Lonestar (new)

8 p.m. Glee
9 p.m. Raising Hope (new)
9:30 p.m. Running Wilde (new)

8 p.m. Lie to Me
9 p.m. Hell's Kitch...

'Community' Recap: 'Modern Warfare'

5/7/2010 12:23pm EDT
This is the episode of Community viewers have been waiting for since the first preview showed up online last summer.

Spoilers abound, but if you're reading this without having already watched it, what the heck is wrong with you? Watch it online, torrent it, break into a home with quality DVR, just WATCH COMMUNITY NOW.

As Jeff and Britta casually walk down the hall, the show's Sam and Diane begin to argue over who's less fun. The study group complains that their constant bickering was cute at first but has grown tired, to the detriment of the supporting characters.

Abed once again provide...

Interview: Fan Favorite Danny Pudi Eating Up 'Community' And Webisode Roles

4/30/2010 9:52am EDT
Danny Pundi - Star Brow
Danny Pudi has easily become a fan favorite on NBC’s new sitcom hit Community, as Abed, a Greendale student with an interest in film studies and an encyclopedia of knowledge about pop culture in his brain, who may or may not have Asperger’s. Due to Pudi, Abed has become so much more than just a character pushed to the side, lost in a sea of louder, more veteran comedians.

"I'm very fortunate," Pudi admitted on a phone interview with Starpulse, "because I think the writers have given me so much to work on and expand on, and you kind of never know in comedy how these things will work out bei...

'Community' Recap: 'The Art of Discourse'

4/30/2010 9:10am EDT
Put on your homage-spotting caps, it's another new episode of Community.

After last-week's dead-ringer mafia movie/Scorcese parody, the writers took on the godfather of college hijinx flicks- Animal House.

It all begins with Abed, the catalyst for all the meta self-awareness in the Greendale universe, trying to complete his freshman year bucket list by recreating gags culled from classic college comedies.

Troy agrees to be his Morgan Freeman character and is promptly pantsed by Abed, who is disappointed Troy isn't wearing the traditional white heart-print boxers. Troy returns the favor (...

'Community' Recap: 'The Science Of Illusion'

3/26/2010 9:31am EDT
Two things Community does better than any show on television right now are holiday themed episodes and elaborate pop culture references. In tonight's episode, "The Science of Illusion," the writers reached new highs in both.

The episode begins with Dean Pelton reminding his students to keep April Fools' Day pranks safe and racially sensitive, via announcements and pamphlets. During this time of "heightened shenanigans," the school deputizes student security guards, an opportunity seized by Shirley and Annie, as well as Abed, who insists on watching and directing their buddy-cop comedy.


'Community' Recap: 'Beginner Pottery'

3/19/2010 9:42am EDT
This week's episode of Community, "Beginner Pottery," uses the same premise as "Introduction to Film," something the characters acknowledge when Jeff comes to them with a blow-off class suggestion.

Abed and Annie choose to join him, while Pierce shows up in nautical regalia in order to convince the group to take a one-week boating class. Shirley and Britta are on board, as well as Troy, who says, "A black person on a boat? I gotta see this. I'm in."

Nevermind the nearest body of water is more than two hours away, the school has recently acquired a sailboat, The Nose Candy, via police auct...

What's The Best Show On TV? Starpulse Writers Weigh In

3/15/2010 9:30am EDT
Best TV
What's the best show on TV right now? Several Starpulse writers tackle that very question and defend their favorite series as must-see TV. Do you agree with their picks? Take a look, and let us know!


Despite virtually no notoriety and severe initial undermarketing, the critically-adored "Modern Family" has picked up speed and is headed for a second season. Its approach is not unfamiliar, but it's greater than the sum of its parts. And don't let the unassuming name put you off.

The show follows one extended family on everyday occurrences like kids fighting in school, Fer...

'Community' Recap: 'Basic Genealogy'

3/12/2010 9:52am EST
Just when I thought Community could not get any wilder and awkward, family week at Glendale happened.

Abed brought his family, which was the punch line for many racist jokes by Pierce. Senor Chan brought his brother, who told Senor Chan how ridiculous his name sounds. Troy brought his grandmother, who was “old school”, and ended up whooping Britta with a “switch” (stick).

Jeff has no family, while Pierce brought his super hot ex-stepdaughter, which lead to a classic Pierce line, “Over the course of seven marriages, I've amassed some 32 stepchildren."

Things got a little weird as Pierce w...

'Community' Recap: 'Physical Education'

3/5/2010 9:10am EST
The best sitcom on network TV, Community, returned Thursday evening, and it continues it's hilarious run. Community has few detractors, but their main complaint is that the show is too reliant on pop-culture references.

The hyper-aware ensemble cast does seem to frame every situation in a convenient nod to 80s movies and TV shows, but viewers don't have to be rabid cable TV omnivores to get the jokes. Often, the references are broader than specific movie plots or character traits, instead they are send ups of played out sitcom cliches.

Though, as Abed points out, Jeff Winger is an amalgam...

'Community' At PaleyFest: A Taste Of What Being On Their Set Is Like!

3/4/2010 11:43am EST
Community Paley fest
My audio recording from last night's PaleyFest panel honoring the acting and producing talent of NBC's hit sitcom, Community, is pretty much nonsensical. Between the raucous laughter from the audience, creator Dan Harmon's long, rambling stories, and star Chevy Chase's Christopher Walken-like way of answering questions, everyone had a ton of fun but it became incredibly clear that the show is even more remarkable simply for managing to get scenes shot, despite the crazy off-screen behavior!

Prior to screening "Physical Education," tonight's episode which features Joel McHale in butt shorts...

'Community' Recap: 'Communication Studies'

2/12/2010 9:58am EST
This week on Community was a Valentine's Day theme and Jeff's girlfriend Michelle wanted a special holiday. Jeff, being the perfect boyfriend, obliged but had tons of questions on what the perfect boyfriend was to do to make his GF happy on such an important holiday.

Abed is always there for Jeff and had no problems helping but when Britta drunk dialed Jeff, things got interesting in his quasi-love triangle.

Jeff has always had problems juggling his love for Michelle and his deep friendship with Britta and the two conflicts met head on this week. It seemed Britta's suggestive drunk ...

'Community' Recap: 'Romantic Expressionism'

2/5/2010 8:35am EST
This week's episode of Community was a treat for fans, delivering on all the long-arc plotlines the first half of the season carefully built. As Britta and Jeff walk through the quad, we are briefly reminded

of Jeff's professor girlfriend when Britta points out the gold star on his fly, and she is scarcely brought up again.

They catch Annie talking to Britta's perpetually shirtless and shoeless ex-boyfriend (and Pierce's ex-bandmate), Vaughn. Jeff despises the over-earnest hippie, joking that he's surprised Vaughn "hasn't died from lack of service."

Anytime Eric Christian Olsen makes...

'Community' Recap: 'Interpretive Dance'

1/22/2010 8:25am EST
This week on Community there were no guest appearances and a few characters had a few secrets and none of them wanted people to know about them.

The episode starts out by Annie requesting a change in time for their study group meeting because she has stuff to do instead of studying. The idea is quickly shot down by everyone including an adamant Troy and Britta.

Troy says he has a math class "or something" to do and cannot change his schedule but we find out he is taking Modern Dance and loving every minute of it. On the way to MD101 he is woofing it up with his football buddies, acti...

NBC's 'Community' Handles Jack Black And Other Guest Stars Well

1/15/2010 9:34am EST
During all the NBC internet chatter this week, I couldn't wait for new episodes of scripted comedy. The Thursday lineup was loaded with guest stars, none bigger than Jack Black's appearance on Community, which says one if not two things: the show is underperforming ratings-wise, and A-list actors want to be a part of a comedy they enjoy watching.

The question is not how the Kung Fu Panda would interact with the tight ensemble cast, but how the show's producers would buck the tired traditional sitcom celebrity guest tropes.

Viewers tune into Community because it takes familiar sitcom...

TV Year End Recap

12/26/2009 3:00pm EST
TV Year End Recap
Ah, the year has come to an end once more. Well, actually the decade has come to an end. But enough of all that end-of-the-decade nonsense. We still have a year in TV to discuss. A year that finally saw the networks once again deliver us some new shows worth watching, a year when several cable dramas took a massive step forward. A year when Paula Abdul wasn't the worst "Idol" Judge!

Yes, it was a strange year on the small screen, but a good one all the same. Here's the best, and some of the worst, of TV 2009.

Great Performances:

Jane Lynch in "Glee"

Sure, she's been hailed...

'Community' Recap: 'Comparative Religion'

12/11/2009 8:24am EST
The final episode before winter break for Community fits perfectly with the continuity of the program's plot, with the cast stressing over finals as well as the holiday season.

Shirley is upset with the "PC-ness" at Greendale Community College during Christmastime, a pun that would have been completely lost were it not for Jeff pointing it out to Pierce.

Troy, half a beat later, admits that he just got it, too, a mind-wrinkling wink at the audience. A new character is introduced during the opening, the school's middle-aged bully, Mike, played by Anthony Michael Hall, who dresses li...

'Community' Recap: 'The Politics Of Human Sexuality'

12/4/2009 8:49am EST
Welcome back Community fans! This week's episode starts out with an STD fair at Greendale CC and Annie is put in charge of demonstrating how to put on a condom. In a very cute scene Annie starts freaking out about how much she hates the "P word" and the appendage itself and I just think she is so cute, funny, and one of the best actors on the show.

Pierce was a focal point this week and was obviously creepy as usual and his objective is to go on a double date with Jeff, although he claims Jeff cannot get a date to save his life.

Jeff refutes Pierce's accusations and starts going thro...