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Interview: Fan Favorite Danny Pudi Eating Up 'Community' And Webisode Roles

April 30th, 2010 9:52am EDT
Danny Pundi - Star Brow
Danny Pudi has easily become a fan favorite on NBC’s new sitcom hit Community, as Abed, a Greendale student with an interest in film studies and an encyclopedia of knowledge about pop culture in his brain, who may or may not have Asperger’s. Due to Pudi, Abed has become so much more than just a character pushed to the side, lost in a sea of louder, more veteran comedians.

"I'm very fortunate," Pudi admitted on a phone interview with Starpulse, "because I think the writers have given me so much to work on and expand on, and you kind of never know in comedy how these things will work out bei...

'Community' Recap: 'The Art of Discourse'

April 30th, 2010 9:10am EDT
Put on your homage-spotting caps, it's another new episode of Community.

After last-week's dead-ringer mafia movie/Scorcese parody, the writers took on the godfather of college hijinx flicks- Animal House.

It all begins with Abed, the catalyst for all the meta self-awareness in the Greendale universe, trying to complete his freshman year bucket list by recreating gags culled from classic college comedies.

Troy agrees to be his Morgan Freeman character and is promptly pantsed by Abed, who is disappointed Troy isn't wearing the traditional white heart-print boxers. Troy returns the favor (...

'Community' Recap: 'The Science Of Illusion'

March 26th, 2010 9:31am EDT
Two things Community does better than any show on television right now are holiday themed episodes and elaborate pop culture references. In tonight's episode, "The Science of Illusion," the writers reached new highs in both.

The episode begins with Dean Pelton reminding his students to keep April Fools' Day pranks safe and racially sensitive, via announcements and pamphlets. During this time of "heightened shenanigans," the school deputizes student security guards, an opportunity seized by Shirley and Annie, as well as Abed, who insists on watching and directing their buddy-cop comedy.


'Community' Recap: 'Beginner Pottery'

March 19th, 2010 9:42am EDT
This week's episode of Community, "Beginner Pottery," uses the same premise as "Introduction to Film," something the characters acknowledge when Jeff comes to them with a blow-off class suggestion.

Abed and Annie choose to join him, while Pierce shows up in nautical regalia in order to convince the group to take a one-week boating class. Shirley and Britta are on board, as well as Troy, who says, "A black person on a boat? I gotta see this. I'm in."

Nevermind the nearest body of water is more than two hours away, the school has recently acquired a sailboat, The Nose Candy, via police auct...

What's The Best Show On TV? Starpulse Writers Weigh In

March 15th, 2010 9:30am EDT
Best TV
What's the best show on TV right now? Several Starpulse writers tackle that very question and defend their favorite series as must-see TV. Do you agree with their picks? Take a look, and let us know!


Despite virtually no notoriety and severe initial undermarketing, the critically-adored "Modern Family" has picked up speed and is headed for a second season. Its approach is not unfamiliar, but it's greater than the sum of its parts. And don't let the unassuming name put you off.

The show follows one extended family on everyday occurrences like kids fighting in school, Fer...

'Community' Recap: 'Basic Genealogy'

March 12th, 2010 9:52am EST
Just when I thought Community could not get any wilder and awkward, family week at Glendale happened.

Abed brought his family, which was the punch line for many racist jokes by Pierce. Senor Chan brought his brother, who told Senor Chan how ridiculous his name sounds. Troy brought his grandmother, who was “old school”, and ended up whooping Britta with a “switch” (stick).

Jeff has no family, while Pierce brought his super hot ex-stepdaughter, which lead to a classic Pierce line, “Over the course of seven marriages, I've amassed some 32 stepchildren."

Things got a little weird as Pierce w...

'Community' Recap: 'Physical Education'

March 5th, 2010 9:10am EST
The best sitcom on network TV, Community, returned Thursday evening, and it continues it's hilarious run. Community has few detractors, but their main complaint is that the show is too reliant on pop-culture references.

The hyper-aware ensemble cast does seem to frame every situation in a convenient nod to 80s movies and TV shows, but viewers don't have to be rabid cable TV omnivores to get the jokes. Often, the references are broader than specific movie plots or character traits, instead they are send ups of played out sitcom cliches.

Though, as Abed points out, Jeff Winger is an amalgam...

'Community' At PaleyFest: A Taste Of What Being On Their Set Is Like!

March 4th, 2010 11:43am EST
Community Paley fest
My audio recording from last night's PaleyFest panel honoring the acting and producing talent of NBC's hit sitcom, Community, is pretty much nonsensical. Between the raucous laughter from the audience, creator Dan Harmon's long, rambling stories, and star Chevy Chase's Christopher Walken-like way of answering questions, everyone had a ton of fun but it became incredibly clear that the show is even more remarkable simply for managing to get scenes shot, despite the crazy off-screen behavior!

Prior to screening "Physical Education," tonight's episode which features Joel McHale in butt shorts...

'Community' Recap: 'Communication Studies'

February 12th, 2010 9:58am EST
This week on Community was a Valentine's Day theme and Jeff's girlfriend Michelle wanted a special holiday. Jeff, being the perfect boyfriend, obliged but had tons of questions on what the perfect boyfriend was to do to make his GF happy on such an important holiday.

Abed is always there for Jeff and had no problems helping but when Britta drunk dialed Jeff, things got interesting in his quasi-love triangle.

Jeff has always had problems juggling his love for Michelle and his deep friendship with Britta and the two conflicts met head on this week. It seemed Britta's suggestive drunk ...

'Community' Recap: 'Romantic Expressionism'

February 5th, 2010 8:35am EST
This week's episode of Community was a treat for fans, delivering on all the long-arc plotlines the first half of the season carefully built. As Britta and Jeff walk through the quad, we are briefly reminded

of Jeff's professor girlfriend when Britta points out the gold star on his fly, and she is scarcely brought up again.

They catch Annie talking to Britta's perpetually shirtless and shoeless ex-boyfriend (and Pierce's ex-bandmate), Vaughn. Jeff despises the over-earnest hippie, joking that he's surprised Vaughn "hasn't died from lack of service."

Anytime Eric Christian Olsen makes...

'Community' Recap: 'Interpretive Dance'

January 22nd, 2010 8:25am EST
This week on Community there were no guest appearances and a few characters had a few secrets and none of them wanted people to know about them.

The episode starts out by Annie requesting a change in time for their study group meeting because she has stuff to do instead of studying. The idea is quickly shot down by everyone including an adamant Troy and Britta.

Troy says he has a math class "or something" to do and cannot change his schedule but we find out he is taking Modern Dance and loving every minute of it. On the way to MD101 he is woofing it up with his football buddies, acti...

NBC's 'Community' Handles Jack Black And Other Guest Stars Well

January 15th, 2010 9:34am EST
During all the NBC internet chatter this week, I couldn't wait for new episodes of scripted comedy. The Thursday lineup was loaded with guest stars, none bigger than Jack Black's appearance on Community, which says one if not two things: the show is underperforming ratings-wise, and A-list actors want to be a part of a comedy they enjoy watching.

The question is not how the Kung Fu Panda would interact with the tight ensemble cast, but how the show's producers would buck the tired traditional sitcom celebrity guest tropes.

Viewers tune into Community because it takes familiar sitcom...

TV Year End Recap

December 26th, 2009 3:00pm EST
TV Year End Recap
Ah, the year has come to an end once more. Well, actually the decade has come to an end. But enough of all that end-of-the-decade nonsense. We still have a year in TV to discuss. A year that finally saw the networks once again deliver us some new shows worth watching, a year when several cable dramas took a massive step forward. A year when Paula Abdul wasn't the worst "Idol" Judge!

Yes, it was a strange year on the small screen, but a good one all the same. Here's the best, and some of the worst, of TV 2009.

Great Performances:

Jane Lynch in "Glee"

Sure, she's been hailed...

'Community' Recap: 'Comparative Religion'

December 11th, 2009 8:24am EST
The final episode before winter break for Community fits perfectly with the continuity of the program's plot, with the cast stressing over finals as well as the holiday season.

Shirley is upset with the "PC-ness" at Greendale Community College during Christmastime, a pun that would have been completely lost were it not for Jeff pointing it out to Pierce.

Troy, half a beat later, admits that he just got it, too, a mind-wrinkling wink at the audience. A new character is introduced during the opening, the school's middle-aged bully, Mike, played by Anthony Michael Hall, who dresses li...

'Community' Recap: 'The Politics Of Human Sexuality'

December 4th, 2009 8:49am EST
Welcome back Community fans! This week's episode starts out with an STD fair at Greendale CC and Annie is put in charge of demonstrating how to put on a condom. In a very cute scene Annie starts freaking out about how much she hates the "P word" and the appendage itself and I just think she is so cute, funny, and one of the best actors on the show.

Pierce was a focal point this week and was obviously creepy as usual and his objective is to go on a double date with Jeff, although he claims Jeff cannot get a date to save his life.

Jeff refutes Pierce's accusations and starts going thro...

'Community' Recap: 'Environmental Science'

November 20th, 2009 9:38am EST
First off, Community has become my most anticipated show in NBC's Thursday night lineup. The writers are not short on ideas, where other programs in the block will use NBC's "Green Week" to fill entire plot lines, Community gets over with in the opening, refusing to shoehorn an environmental message into their ambitious plotlines.

The extent of Green Week is Dean Felton, this time addressing the students by a boom box, temporarily changing the school's name to Envirodale Community College, as the 5,000 posters will no doubt remind students. Oh, and they booked a band named "Green Day" t...

A Chat With Joel McHale & Ken Jeong Of NBC's 'Community'

November 19th, 2009 9:46am EST
Joel McHale
Joel McHale may be one of the funniest men on television today, but he's eager to pass the title to everyone else in his ensemble of Community before taking credit himself for the success of the show.

"I think the scripts for the show are the sort of the strongest scripts on television…if we just get the scripts, and they're amazing, but on top of that, the Russo Brothers love improvisation, so it's like the best of both worlds, and that's why you do get dynamite performances out of Ken. Because he can do the page or he can improvise; he can do it all." A very un-Jeff Winger thing to s...

'Community' Recap: 'Debate 109'

November 13th, 2009 10:29am EST
Community opens with Pierce amid a half-hour long, ambiguously racist joke when Dean Felton comes over the loud speaker to drum up support for the big debate against City College.

Troy shows everyone Abed's short films on the schools website, starring a cast that is very similar to that of the very show we're watching, to which Troy offers the program's first bona-fide catchphrase, "This is wrinkling my brain!" Abed's Troy has spiky braids, but his Pierce is also named Pierce Hawthorne.

Pierce, the man of infinite talents, offers Britta his hypnotic services to help her quit smoking....

'Community' Recap:'Home Economics'

November 6th, 2009 9:43am EST
After a nearly perfect Halloween episode, this week's Community feels like a bit of a let down. Jeff appears topless right away, revealing himself to be living out of his car. Again, this show continues to mime the various aspects of the community college experience, this time the compromises one makes with his pride. Jeff still wants to be a superficial lawyer with a lavish condo and a Lexus, but in order to become a real person, someone Britta would date, he'll have to set his sights lower.

He moves into Abed's dorm (yes, some larger community colleges have dorms), where he learns the ...

'Community' Recap:'Introduction To Statistics'

October 30th, 2009 8:27am EDT
NBC announced late last week that Dan Harmon's Community will be picked up for a full season, despite schedule shifts resulting in declining ratings. In just six episodes, the ensemble cast has proven itself greater than the sum of its parts, each character has had a chance to interact with all the others quite differently, adding new dimensions with ease and proving the show doesn't have to rely on Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, because it isn't meant to. The main plot driving this episode is the Spanish class' Día de los Muertos celebration, aka Mexican Halloween, which Sr. Chang and severa...

'Community' Recap: More People Should Give This Show A Chance

October 23rd, 2009 9:34am EDT
I will happily admit it, I like NBC's Community but I have been reading the ratings are slow and I only know one other person who watches the show. Both of us enjoy it and a few weeks ago I watched it with a friend and she thought it was boring.

I do not take her opinion very seriously but I have noticed if you have not been watching the entire season the characters are hard to grasp. You have to understand Pierce, Troy, and Abed to get their very strange, very immature, and senseless jokes.

I think the writers do not give the occasional viewer a chance to fully grasp what each char...

New Fall TV: Keep It Or Kill It

October 21st, 2009 10:41am EDT
fall tv keep or kill
It's that time of year. You've checked out the new shows and by now you know if you love them or hate them. Networks are either ordering additional episodes of their fledgling series or quietly letting them burn off until nobody notices they are gone. And some networks stayed cautiously conservative by looking back to previous television icons and failing miserably (we are talking to you, NBC).

Check out the crop of new series and whether we think they should stay on the air or be put out of their misery. Let us know if you agree!


FlashForward - Keep it

ABC took a gamble o...

'Community' Recap:'Advanced Criminal Law'

October 16th, 2009 9:39am EDT
This week's Community begins like previous episodes, on Monday morning as Dean Pelton addresses students over the PA, this time to remind them of Friday's unveiling of a statue of Glendale Community College's most famous alumni, actor Luis Guzman.

John Oliver's Dr. Ian Duncan catches Jeff in the hallway and asks him if he and Britta are dating. Jeff says she's off limits and Dr. Duncan gets an opportunity to rep for Fawlty Towers, often cited by Brits on the Internet to be the best sitcom ever. This level of awareness could go a long way for Community, especially when writers use it for ...

'Community' Recap: 'Social Psychology'

October 9th, 2009 9:45am EDT
NBC wasn't lying when they advertised Community as a hit before audiences had even seen it. Three episodes in, it already has the buzz to secure a second season. In each episode, writers have found clever ways of allowing the talented ensemble cast to pair off and interact, revealing more about each character. The thirteen episodes of this season will likely color in these characters as the major and minor romantic plotlines flesh out.

This week, Jeff finds himself in the "girlfriend" zone trying to be cool as Britta tells him about her new boyfriend, Vaughn, a hackey-sacking hippie with...

'Community' Recap: Jeff Siezes The Day, Pierce Is A Total Moron

October 2nd, 2009 8:38am EDT
This week class on Community clown Jeff gets a great idea to sign up for a course that he has heard is an easy A (funny, I heard that same rumor multiple times in college), but Jeff quickly realizes Professor Whitman's course is not as easy as he had hoped for.

The course was never given a formal name but we find out the main objective is to cease the day. Professor Whitman quickly realizes Jeff is taking his class for the easy A and knows Jeff plans on coasting through the course. Whitman pulls Jeff aside after class and lets him know he will not be able to coast through this class and...

Michael Ausiello Q&A Part 2: Celebrity Status, His Dream Job, & Which Star He's Afraid Of Running Into

October 1st, 2009 11:04am EDT
Michael Ausiello
The first part of this interview focused on "Entertainment Weekly" writer Michael Ausiello's beginnings in the field of media journalism. We intended to look at his work and concept of celebrity, but it turned into something more.

The difference between a good journalist and a great journalist is a sense of humility. A great journalist sees each new assignment as a piece that must stand alone, rather than as part of a legacy. To the great journalist, their job is to serve the audience fresh interviews and articles. They are competitive, ambitious, and are not looking to have their ego...

'Community' Recap: An A- For The Tardy & Sperm Jokes

September 25th, 2009 8:00am EDT
The second episode of Community was funnier than the first, meaning I laughed a lot more and it actually tickled me at one point.

This week the ragtag study group anxiously awaits Jeff (Joel McHale), for whom they all have varying degrees of crushes. He shows up late, making the big entrance one would while trying to impress the only one in a crowd who doesn't already love you.

Jeff's indifference toward the band of misfits sets up Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase)'s first big laugh with a highly repeatable pun on the word "tardy." My man Abed makes a meta joke about his character's ten...

Meet The Cast Of 'Community:' Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, More

September 22nd, 2009 10:33am EDT
At the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, television fans lined up to get their first glimpse at NBC's new comedy, Community. The stars of the show previewed their first episode a week before it premiered. The show would become NBC's newest comedy hit when it debuted after The Office.

Joel McHale leads a ragtag group of community college students in a Spanish study group, including the Spanish teacher who you'll meet in this week's episode. We met the cast as they prepared to unveil their show.

Joel McHale - Jeff

The host of The Soup is now doing double duty on two shows. "I...

Pre-Season 2009 TV Report Card: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

September 21st, 2009 12:30pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
Since CNN has such a blast creating a report card to track the Presidency, we decided to have some fun with television. Which networks come out strong and which ones need to do better homework?



The Good: The dramas are what keep us coming back to ABC. Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, FlashForward, and V are worth looking forward to. The one comedy that stands out and may hold itself against NBC's stellar comedies, Modern Family, is worth a few episodes past the pilot.

The Bad: Dancing With The Stars is extremely popular, however sometimes too much of a ...

First Episode Of 'Community' Uneventful

September 18th, 2009 10:08am EDT
NBC's supposed smash hit Community got off to an inauspicious start as it premiered Thursday night immediately after The Office. Although NBC is relying heavily on a network television virgin, America is ready for Talk Soup's Joel McHale's career to take off.

A super star on the E! Network, McHale is a very talented comedian but has never played the leading role at any level as a professional. He plays Jeff, a snarky former lawyer who has to enroll back at the local community college because the state bar discovers his undergrad degree is erroneous.

Jeff is a good role for the shar...