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Michael Chiklis Credits Burt Reynolds For Saving His Career

July 11th, 2007 9:39am EDT
Michael Chiklis
Michael Chiklis will always be grateful to Burt Reynolds - for saving his career at a time when Hollywood had all but blacklisted him. Chiklis found himself out of work following his disastrous movie debut as John Belushi in 1987's Wired, a biopic of the late comedian.

But the 43-year-old will never forget Reynolds for casting him in TV show "B.L. Stryker."

He tells Maxim, "I've been up and down and out. It was a tough time, but then Burt Reynolds stepped up when nobody else would and gave me a job on a show called 'B.L. Stryker.' That was a godsend, because the television world...

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